On this page you'll find information about the many updates that weve made to the Your Move website so you can keep track of the changes that affect you most. Keep an eye out on this page to stay up to date with changes as we make them!

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Select one of the months below to see a description of how we've been improving the website for you, or click on Version History at the bottom to totally geek out and see all the details about the improvements we've been making to the website.

January - February 2019

We really hit the ground running in January 2019 with a long list of functionality added including implementation of smart form fields at signup to identify and separate Your Move intensive program residents (currently Town of Bassendean) from regular website users.

We also added some major updates to the invite only 'Local Government Portal' such as the ability for LGA officers to see a contact list of all other ‘Champions’, the LG Forum is now the homepage with smarter pagination, the ability for LGA officers to submit events to 'What's On' and smarter automated emails.

For a better user experience across the website for all users we made many bug fixes and improvements such as fixing the login bug when users click on links to stories in emails, we fixed various What’s On’ - Issues such as dates on re-occurring Events and ‘Get Directions’, fixed an issue on the Activities page with links to stories as well as adding the ability for web admins to add retrospective activities to a story in the backend.

Stay tuned for more exciting upgrades coming soon…

November - December 2018

Development during this period was mainly concerned with consolidation, code clean-up and speed optimisation. We implemented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and our developers started an audit and clean-up of the complex points system as well as setting up the points system ready for the biennial redeemable points expiry. We also continued to work through various bug fixing such as a pesky caching issue whereby activities that had been deleted were still appearing on a user’s Activities list.

September - October 2018

September saw a few key upgrades as well as minor bug fixes to the Journey Planner, the Activities page and Stories interface. We updated the ‘Create Organisation’ registration form and the Workplace Travel Survey to allow champions to include names of other work sites.

Due to all the complex work completed previously on the activities page, the database needed a major upgrade to make it faster and easier to find things , so we completed a ‘Major database refactor’ to bring them all together into one efficient database.

July - August 2018

July saw the fruition of many significant changes.

To increase the transparency of the activities you complete now we have added the approximate points value for each activity in your activities list.

Also in the interest of communicating activities more clearly, now the activity linked to your story will show up as a link below the story title. As well as this, on your Activities Page, when you are browsing your own list of planned activities, you’ll be able to retrieve stories that have been written by others who have done it; the plans and execution of said activity. You’ll also have an easy link to the story that you wrote against each of you your completed activities.

Workplace champions will be pleased to know that you can now view and test the Workplace Survey template, before you create one for you own organisation. Workplace champions can also now add extra questions to workplace Travel Surveys, a feature often requested by our users!

On the topic of surveys, now school champions can save a template of their classes so that you don’t have to add the class rows in each time.

You’ll have noticed a few other changes to your Results Page – namely the new graph that displays how your organisation’s active transport use has changed over time. This is based on data from the surveys that you complete, so if you want it to be updated, run a survey today!

May - June 2018

From June you can now update your organisation’s population from the Edit Profile page. In fact, we encourage you to. For Workplaces, you can make a quick update right before you create a workplace survey, providing a more accurate idea of the response rate. We also built in the functionality so you can add a document to a story if you already have a Story saved in draft mode. Once your happy with it, you can publish it.

In June, we implemented some super-exciting changes to the Rewards Shop. You can now search, filter, and sort the shop list to find what you are looking for. We also improved the pagination down the bottom to make browsing between shop pages much easier. Keep an eye out for a new type of item in the shop coming soon: Grants will soon be available first for Schools, and then for Workplaces down the track.

Check out 'Version History' below for full details.

March - April 2018

In March, rather than new features you can see in the front end, we've been working on back-end changes to help us manage Your Move more effectively and give you a better user experience. We fixed ‘User uploaded documents’ so they now correctly attach to stories as a link, we fixed the backend 'CMS Points Report' data that we use to monitor the website analytics and we added handy automated emails for all commenters on a story to keep the conversation going.

Check out 'Version History' below for full details.

February 2018

Due to feedback that it was difficult to see which other schools and workplaces are currently taking part in Your Move, we improved the leader board at the bottom of your Dashboard to search for any and all organisations that have registered to the website.

We also changed the 'Help' menu to 'FAQ', and added it to the top navigational menu for non-logged in users. Other than that, in February we made a host of changes to the back-end of the website, which probably wouldn’t interest you 😊.

Check out 'Version History' below for full details.

January 2018

In January 2018 we began to implement some exciting changes to make it easier for you to say what you want to say in this community.

We understand that you are all very busy people, and can’t always pump out a whole story in one session. That’s why we added the ability to save stories to draft which allows you to come back as many times as you need to before you’re happy to hit ‘publish’.

Alongside saving stories to draft, we also made a change to allow you to upload PDF, Word and Excel documents to Your Move via stories. These documents now appear as a link on your story, and will appear in the Resources page, under the category “Tools and ideas from our Champions”. (If you already have a Story saved in draft mode, as of June you can now add a resource to it before you publish it).

In January, we also made some significant changes to the way your Activities page looks an operates. You may have already noticed that you can now search for activities by their name, bypassing the need to look through our categories (although this is still a great way to meander through if you’re seeking inspiration).

Check out 'Version History' below for full details.

Version History

Click here for a detailed history of all updates, bug fixes and website upgrades.

Version 1.6 January - February 2018

  • Website speed optimisation and clean up release 2
  • Community Portal Upgrades 1 - smart form fields to identify/separate LGA residents from regular website users at signup
  • Local Government Portal: Ability for LG Champions to see contact list of all ‘Champions’
  • Local Government Portal: LG Forum is now the homepage with smarter pagination
  • Local Government Portal: Ability to submit events on the 'What's On' calendar.
  • Local Government Portal: Smarter Automated emails for LG portal users
  • Fixed login bug when users click on links to posts/stories in emails
  • Fixed Organisation Performance Index being locked
  • Fixed member navigation not showing due to no accreditation
  • Fixed ability to add retrospective activities to a story (in backend) based on user’s activity list
  • Fixed issue with link “There are presently no stories written about this activity.“
  • Fixed ‘What’s On’ - Issues with dates on re-occurring Events and ‘Get Directions’
  • Fixed Resource Audience Filters not working as per specifications
  • Minor text copy changes, patches and bug fixes

Version 1.5 November - December 2018

  • Major points audit, biennial points rollover and clean up release
  • Functional Specifications documentation update
  • Fixed caching issue whereby activities that had been deleted still appeared on a user’s list
  • Minor text copy changes, patches and bug fixes

Version 1.4 September - October 2018

  • Updated Registration form and Workplace Travel Survey to include names of other work sites
  • Major database refactor completed
  • Fixed issue whereby Activities not being added to an organisation
  • Fixed Journey Planner route planning issue
  • Fixed Accreditation bug
  • Fixed issue with adding retrospective activities to a story
  • Fixed Story bug whereby ‘Contributors’ stories not uploading to feed
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version 1.3 July - August 2018

  • Added ability to add extra questions to workplace Travel Survey
  • Fixed 'Organisations' link on Dashboard & story pages
  • Fixed issue whereby user added activity but no points added
  • Fixed "Oops" error when reviewing story
  • Fixed ‘Upload a video’ on stories page
  • Fixed CMS Points Report and Purchase Report not aligning
  • Fixed Workplace Travel Survey distance calculation
  • Fixed Auto Emails not being sent & notifications issue
  • Minor text copy changes, patches and bug fixes

Version 1.2 May - June 2018

  • Major upgrades to ‘Rewards Shop’ interface
  • Added ability to upload documents after saving a draft story
  • Ability to update organisation population on profile page and create survey page
  • Fixed CMS Points Report and Purchase Report syncing
  • Hands Up Survey – Ability to save a School’s custom template for future use
  • Fixed Total Commute Trips text for month data in LG Portal
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version 1.1 March - April 2018

  • Updated shop auto-emails
  • Coloured icons for file types in user uploaded documents
  • Fixed bug with ‘User Uploaded Content’ page
  • User uploaded documents now attached to stories as a link
  • Fixed CMS Points Report data
  • Added ability to tag ‘Type of organisation’ in the CMS (Content Management System)
  • Added automated emails for all commenters on a story
  • Fixed ability to permanently remove a user from an organisation in the CMS
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version  1.0 – January - February 2018

  • Added ability for users to upload documents to their stories
  • Added loading spinner on story submissions and database entries
  • Added ability to save story as a draft
  • Added ability to remove surveys from CMS
  • Created a central repository of all user generated documents
  • Ability to search for an activity in the ‘Activities’ page
  • Shop and Purchasing Report generation
  • Changed Help to FAQ, and added FAQ to non-logged in header
  • Added ability to retrospectively add points for activities in stories details (CMS)
  • Ability to search all organisations from leader board on Dashboard, Schools and Workplace landing pages
  • Fixed leader board refresh issue
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version  0.9 November - December 2017

  • Implemented bi-annual organisation points rolling system
  • ‘What's On’ Map updates and general enhancements
  • Updated "Whats On" events base map to a Google based map
  • Added "To:" data in turn by turn Journey Planner results
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version  0.8 September - October 2017

  • CMS Data output bug fixes
  • Added additional column to CMS export
  • Survey Output - Workplace travel survey updates
  • Survey Output – School Hands up Survey subtotal updates
  • Auto rotate user uploaded images to correct orientation
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version  0.7 July - August 2017

  • Fixed auto email workflow
  • Fixed reports ‘Behaviour change’ data issue
  • Fixed PDF download issues
  • Upgraded Journey Planner engine to TripGo based API
  • Enhancements to CMS Data export
  • Added ability to export Workplace travel survey report from CMS
  • Minor patches and bug fixes

Version  0.6 May - June 2017

  • Fixed iFramed form mobile issues
  • Fixed ability to search in ‘Organisations’ (CMS)
  • Fixed non-logged in content not having full navigation
  • Added ability to manually edit each organisations points balance in CMS
  • Renamed “Types of Resources” categories
  • Ability in backend to remove ‘Login gate’ for certain stories
  • Added (start and end) Survey activity and data export upgrades to CMS
  • Fixed the Travel Survey displaying in ‘Stories’ activity dropdown

Version  0.5 March - April 2017

  • Major improvements to workplace Travel Survey
  • Improvements to embedded Forms
  • Implemented Facebook Pixel in backend
  • Additional changes to workplace travel survey
  • Fixed lightbox video issue when viewing stories
  • Added ability to export all data from CMS in an Excel format

Version  0.4 January – February 2017

  • Fixed user experience issues with creating a story
  • Added a 'date added' field in CMS for publishing old stories
  • Manual date field added in CMS for awarding of points to story
  • Register organisation form - ability to only display specific activity categories

Version  0.3 - December 2016

  • Your Move website launched