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Breakfast walking club

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To kick off our first breakfast walking club a group of enthusiastic walkers met in Kings Square at 8am to combine a stroll back to our office with learning about how the Kings Street extension road has created a new link between Northbridge and the CBD. We were privileged to have our very own Lyndsay Hammond walking with us to tell us about the role Arup played in delivering the Perth City Link project. We reflected on the historical significance of the area and the way that the public realm had been designed to represent that very first meeting between the Whadjuk people and the European settlers at Manatj Park. It was also great to see so many other people walking and cycling through from Northbridge to the CBD - Perth City Link a great project for increasing connectivity through the City. Back to the office in time for breakfast!

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Emma Forde

Commit to change in wellness month

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After the positive feedback we received from our employees for our October’s Mental Health Month, Arup Perth’s Wellbeing Co-op has organised a suite of activities in an effort to further promote physical wellbeing.

The 6 Week Wellbeing Challenge is running from Monday 30 April – 8 June 2018 and focuses on physical wellbeing (eating for health and moving more), presented in a fun and interactive way.


By the end of the 6 weeks, we hope that employees will have a better understanding of how to incorporate sustainable nutrition, movement and connection into their lives:

Nutrition: Fueling your body the right way is key to both mental and physical health and has the power to take you from merely surviving, to thriving.

Move: Being active (in nearly any form) floods your body with happy endorphins, acting as nature's finest stress relief.

Connect: Enjoying quality time with friends, family and colleagues is critical to our ongoing health, personal growth and happiness.


Team Step Challenge: In teams of four, employees will encourage each other and compete with other teams to increase daily step count, aiming for an equivalent of 10,000 steps a day to reach weekly targets. For those with a competitive streak, the weekly results will be added to a running total, and whole range of AWESOME PRIZES are up for grabs for most steps and most improved team and individuals.

Motivation Mondays: Start off the week with positive intentions and learn about managing stress, exercise, relationships and wellbeing so that you can maintain a balanced lifestyle

2-Litre Tuesdays: Education and healthy samples(!) about eating for a healthy heart and healthy digestive system. Flavored water hydrations stations are also on offer.

Walk It Wednesdays: Get moving with 8am walking club and breakfast to ease into your work day or challenge yourself with a weekly Jacobs Ladder Visit

Thank you Thursdays: Make some time for self-care with free yoga

Fun Fridays: Funny, lighthearted bursts of activity, brought to you by Social Club.

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Emma Forde

Mindful Meanders with Arup

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During the month of October we encouraged our employees to consider what the benefits are of taking a few moments out of each day to enjoy the fresh air, clear your head and talk in a different environment to colleagues.

Every day, as part of a wellness month in conjunction with Mental Health Week we organsised a mindful meander around some of the beautiful surrounds outside our Perth Office.

If they could not attend one of the organised walks we encouraged them to organize a walking meeting.

A walking meeting is much the way it sounds! Team members leave the office to take a relaxed stroll around the streets or a nearby park, and discuss agenda items and various topics as they walk. Walking meetings give team members the opportunity to take a break from the office environment, get some fresh air and physical activity, all the while maintaining productivity.

We identified some of the benefits of walking meetings to be:

  • Easy Exercise - the average office worker spends an astonishing 5.41 hours per day chained to their desk! So if nothing else at least a walking meeting gets people out of their chair, gives their eyes a rest from the computer and some fresh air. Just 30 minutes a day can potentially reduce the risk of developing debilitating conditions.

  • Better atmosphere – being out in the fresh air can lead to a fresh perspective. Walking side by side reduces the risk of awkward eye contact or feeling like all eyes are on you when you are talking. Therefore employees may find it is easier to voice opinions or tackle sensitive issues.

  • Focused time – helps to set periods of focused time which mean you can be productive with the time allocated.

A great success and we are looking to extend the walks to include longer lunch time sessions.

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