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Carmen Van der Linde

Bike Donation

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Ashfield Primary School was lucky enough to work alongside a Team Building company who works with corporate groups and one of the programs they run is called a “Charity Bike Build”. With this program their corporate groups build kids bikes and then find deserving kids to receive them. They work closely with Manna Inc to find children who are deserving of receiving such bikes and may have no other means of buying one themselves.

As our school also works alongside Manna Inc as part of our Breakfast Club Program, we were able to connect to the Charity Bike Build program. We identified that bikes are one of the best ways for our students to come to school, especially when they need to travel a long way or have limited funds for public transport. Our school completed a survey regarding the ways students come to school and who owns bike/scooters. By using our survey data and comparing these to attendance levels as well as distance travelled to school, we were able to select a handful of students that fit the criteria for the program. A few weeks later, we were able to deliver 5 bikes and helmets to our students' houses and they have been enjoying them ever since. I would highly recommend for schools who work with Manna Inc, to inquire about this program as it is valuable in many ways. Below is a link that may be helpful in accessing this charity group directly. Please feel free to contact our school if you need more guidance to get involved in similar programs.

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Carmen Van der Linde

Ashfield Primary School's Walking Mondays

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As part of Ashfield Primary School's new focus on the environmental, physical and social wellbeing of staff and students, a term plan was created. A goal for environmental wellbeing was to take our students outside of the classroom more often and when we joined Your Move, a perfect opportunity arose. By comparing our Your Move initial plan (attached) and our school wellbeing planner, we were able to create an idea which would teach students road safety (an identified concern) while also allowing them to engage socially, environmentally and physically.

We decided to implement an ongoing Monday routine whereby the whole school meets at an allocated area at 8.45am and walks around the perimeter of the school. Each week has an allocated goal which includes crossing the road safely and mapping safe areas to cross the road. Next year, when our students are used to the new routine, we will expand the perimeter of their walk to local areas where they often cross the road, for example IGA, local park and even the river.

Our students have absolutely loved Walking Mondays, especially because they get to walk with students from other classrooms. See attached some photos of our school enjoying our new whole-school approach and a document which outlines the procedures that may help other schools set up a walking day.

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Carmen Van der Linde
Ashfield Primary School

Year 2/3 Students Taking Charge

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This week we have started implementing our school's integrated D&T and Civics program that was designed to prepare our students to become Your Move Leaders, while also covering the curriculum. It was a huge success! We started off with a brainstorm (see attached photo) of ideas to reduce traffic. The students mentioned finding different modes of transport such as skateboards, tricycles, walking or using public transport. We then posed the question, "How do we do this?" The students, before getting to know Your Move, mentioned some fantastic ideas. These included: show kids that walking is fun, show the pollution cars create by using videos, class points for using clever ways to get to school, showing them how to cross the road and teach kids about other transport by using puppet shows or map activities. We then went through an introduction Power Point of Your Move activity suggestions (see attached). These slides were laminated and distributed across groups where partners worked through rotation stations to answer four questions for each suggested activity. Who is involved, what are their jobs, what equipment do they need and why is this important? The templates for this D&T and Civics activity has been attached as well as samples of what students responded with. It was absolutely brilliant to see that students were involved 100% as the lesson was about something that they will be involved in. We had many students coming in the next day offering puppets for the puppet shows, bikes for the obstacle course, other ideas they spoke to their families about, offering to paint the rewards token for homework and everyone wanted to know if they could be a Your Move Leader. I highly recommend getting students involved in this way as it becomes something that they are proud of!

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Carmen Van der Linde

Getting Excited About Your Move

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We recently got to meet the Your Move Team face to face to discuss the problems our school faces and the solution for these. The delicious cookies that were provided helped us stay focused and we were able to walk out of the meeting with a range of ideas to engage our students in Your Move, a year plan and full stomachs! Our school is excited to implement the plan and our students share this excitement as they proudly stated, "We actually get to be in charge!"

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Carmen Van der Linde

Forward Planning Your Move

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In order for students to understand the organisational side of Your Move, our school integrated D&T and Civics with the Your Move program to create a forward plan for the term. This is to prepare our Year 3s to step in to the role of Your Move Leaders next year as Year 4s. The outcomes are based on Year 2 and 3 curriculum and can be viewed in the attached plan. We cannot wait to start our program!

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