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Ride2Work Day at Parliament

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On national Ride2Work Day, the Australian Cycling Promotion Foundation (ACPF) together with Senator for Victoria, Janet Rice, organised a small breakfast at Parliament House in Canberra. With some fresh pastries, fruit and juice on offer we had Parliamentary cyclists, both elected and those working in the House, call by and share a brief moment at the start of another busy day in the House. The full crew below:


Supported by the Parliamentary cycling group, Riders on the Hill, which is organised by the Australian Cycling Promotion Foundation's Stephen Hodge, we managed to snap a few pics to record the event on what was a stunning day in the nation's capital. Here are some of our Parliamentarians, workers and friends with their bikes!

The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Shadow Attorney General (below), is one of our regular riders and often commutes in to the House when in Canberra.

IMG_1348_1600px.JPG (1)

Senator Janet Rice is a keen transport cyclist and today's event was organised on her initiative, just like 25 years ago when she was the first Coordinator for Bicycle Victoria's brand new initiative 'Ride2Work Day'.


Julie Owens MP is a long serving Member of Parliament and is one of the original members of Riders on the Hill. She was proud to show off her Vivente touring bike which she regularly uses to commute in to Parliament House.

IMG_1351_1600px.JPG (1)

Ross Vasta MP has a collection of vintage Chinese and Japanese bikes - this is one of the Chinese 'Flying Pigeons' he owns and keeps in the House beside his desk, with others in the foyer, in the staff room ...

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