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New Year, New Goals

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After we conclude our Hands Up Survey this week, we plan on monitoring this in Health classes by taking weekly surveys to find the class which rode/walked or scooted to school the most during that month. At the end of the month, the year group that was the most active will be given a certificate for the month to display in their classroom. The names of the students that rode/walked/scooted will also go into a draw to win a prize associated with being active.

There will be a year calendar in the Health classroom to keep track of the class that wins the most 'monthly awards'.

This idea came from the Ride2School site as they have the certificates ready, as you can see below.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.53.37 am.png

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Jess Sinclair

Waste Free Lunches

As part of becoming a healthier school we are starting Waste Free Wednesdays as part of our war on waste.

This not only reduces our waste, it also naturally encourages our students to bring healthier food. A lot of the naturally healthier foods have their own 'wrappers' such as fruit and veg or are made at home such as muffins or home made museli bars.

Classes will be competing against each other over the term to see which class can bring the most waste free lunches. Teachers will record the number of students each Wednesday and students who are bringing waste free lunches will also go into a prize raffle.

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Jess Sinclair

RAC Community Education - Primary Sessions

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RAC Community Education - Primary Sessions

Earlier in the year, I heard about some curriculum based sessions that RAC was running free of charge. Luckily, we got in early so that all of our primary classes from year 1 - 6 were able to participate in one hour sessions each over two days.

Tarryn, our presenter was absolutely fantastic. The content and program was age appropriate, engaging and informative. The sessions were hands on and I believe a great success.

Each year group focused on a different aspect of road safety.
Year 1 - Crossing the road safely
Year 2 - Crash investigation (What causes crashes and how can we reduce them)
Year 3 - Injury to the brain and preventing them, also looking at the bike and ‘building a bike’.
Year 4 - Eggsperiments - Looking at seatbelt safety by experimenting with eggs and toy cars.
Year 5 - Risk assessment and being a distractive passenger.
Year 6 - Using battery or solar energy to power cars (build your own) and how cars are built to keep us safe.

This was a brilliant program that I am hoping to book each year!
Would love to see their upper high school programs as well.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.17.30 pm.png

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Jess Sinclair

RAC In-school bike skills sessions

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Our wonderful local project officer at the city of Albany contacted us offering some RAC In-school bike skills sessions. This was a fantastic opportunity to get kids riding even in the cooler / wetter seasons.

Year 4 - 6 participated in the program and the RAC bike skills presenters were great. The program focused on basic skills such as wearing protective gear, checking out bike is safe, breaking (stopping), indicating, turning corners and focusing on our surroundings whilst riding.

Despite so many students riding, everyone stayed safe and had a great afternoon on their bikes.

rac bike sesh3.JPG
rac bike sesh.JPG
rac bike sesh2.JPG

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Jess Sinclair

Walk to School Day 2018

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National Walk 2 School Day

This Year Bethel Christian School participated in the National Walk/Ride 2 School day. Not surprisingly for Albany, it rained. Despite the weather, we had a great number of parents and students join us in walking, riding and even a couple of scooting!

To encourage students we included a healthy breakfast for those who participated. We served English muffins, fruit, weetbix, muesli and yoghurt.

We are blessed at Bethel to have parents who were willing to jump in on the toasters and help out with the clearing up too.

As part of our journey on our war on waste - All plastic plates, bowls & cutlery were washed by our year 4 team ready for reuse or art projects.

Walk to school day.png

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Jess Sinclair

Bethel starts your move!

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Here we go.

Bethel Christian School is tucked away in the South West of Australia and it is a great community to be involved with.

I'm interested in getting Bethel involved with the Your Move site to help track our progress as we look to become a healthier school. As the Primary School Health teacher it is a great way to look at what is currently happening and what are some ways we can improve.

It looks like a great platform to get some ideas as well!

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