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Chiara Muzzin

Meet Cardno WA's regular "Ride to Work" riders

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What do these Western Australian Cardno engineers all have in common? They ride to work on their pushbikes!

Our regular peddlers from our Perth office enjoy the flexibility of not having to rely on their cars to get to work and the chance to stretch their muscles, get some fresh air and start the day with a great sense of achievement.

Graduate Civil Engineer, Kirsten Chick rides to and from work every day, travelling up to 10km (25minutes) each way. Traffic Engineer, James Dracup travels 3.6km to get to work taking approximately 15 minutes. Jumping on the bike and getting active on the way to work helps these riding commuters feel more productive and focused during business hours.

Aside from the health and environmental benefits of having less cars on the road, riding to and from work also creates a strong sense of community and purpose, which encourages social sustainability and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

At Cardno, we encourage those who haven’t ridden to work before to give it a go and help normalise the idea of riding to work and building a more sustainable future.

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Chiara Muzzin

Walk to wellness – A healthy and sustainable cause

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This Friday 5th October, Cardno will be supporting Walk to Work Day, an initiative helping employees build regular walking into their daily routine and at the same time, support and raise awareness for Diabetes Australia.

At Cardno, we recognise the importance of walking on a regular basis and how walking influences the day-to-day lives of our employees. Walking is a great way to improve our physical and social health, as well as our mental wellbeing. For Walk to Work Day, Cardno will endorse the following;

  • Walk as much as we can on Walk to Work Day. Walk part – or if we can, all – the way to work.
  • If our employees can’t walk all the way, we can get off the bus, train or tram a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way, park our cars further way, or take a half-hour walk at lunchtime.
  • Walk in a group or individually – all walking helps support the cause.

Cardno's Graduate Civil Engineer, Nuzra Davahir from our Western Australian team commits to walking to and from work every day, travelling up to 2km each way.

"The best part about walking to work is that it helps me start the day better. As I walk, I try to immerse myself in nature that surrounds - the trees, flowers, leaves and breathing in the fresh air," she said.

“Being stuck in traffic can impact your mood in a negative way and can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. If you want to get into a more positive commuting routine, leave the car at home, skip the short bus ride, avoid the elevator and treat yourself to a leisurely walk.”

Walking is also a mode of transport that is sustainable in the senses of environmental, social and climate impact and is freely available to us all.

“Walking can reduce the demand for fuel, it reduces the number of cars used by sole drivers and decreases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the air and noise pollution,” Nuzra said.

“Sitting down less and applying just that little bit of extra movement to our day is what we should all be striving towards in the workplace and broader community.”

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Chiara Muzzin

In for the ride - Cardno WA supporting the Your Move campaign

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Cardno is a global provider of integrated professional services, which enrich the physical and social environment for the communities in which we live and work. Our team of multidisciplinary specialists has more than 70 years’ experience in designing, developing and delivering sustainable projects and community advancement programs. Our Western Australian team, including our Traffic and Transport sector, deliver and create transportation infrastructure to help connect people throughout Australia's metropolitan and regional areas. Since we offer our clients services in the transport sector, it makes sense for us to 'walk the talk,' and so we joined the 'Your Move' campaign. Many of our WA team members already cycle to work, or use alternative transport to get to and from the workplace on a regular basis. We wish to increase these numbers however, and continue to encourage our team and new comers to our workplace to engage in more sustainable transport methods. Cardno Western Australia is located on Harvest Terrace in West Perth.

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