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Active Travel Be Rewarded

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The City of Belmont has had an annual ‘Active Travel Be Rewarded’ program running for a few years now.

This 12 week workplace program encourages City staff to use active travel means (walking, cycling, public transport and even carpooling) to get to and from work and provides a reward for reaching their goals.
With 23 participants this year we clocked up nearly 1400 active transport trips and it was fantastic to see some keen new faces take up the challenge.
Our program is open to all staff so it entices both new people to try active travel, but also rewards those who are already using these means.
It does cost a bit to run though and we allocate around $3500 to the ‘reward’ component of the program which are shop vouchers relating to the mode of travel and Smartrider top ups.
While achieving the top category (4 or more days a week) can net you $200, rewards do reduce all the way down to $20 for one day a fortnight.
Tara took her $200 bike shop voucher and put it toward her sweet new Electric bike ensuring that she will be able to keep on active travelling for the rest of the year.
If you would like to know any more about this workplace program please let me know J

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Crawford Connell
City of Belmont

TravelSmart to Work Breakfast text

There’s nothing like a full stomach and a full bike cage to get the day off to a great start.

Trying to avoid a clash with the Perth CBD Ride2Work breakfast event we held our Ride2Work inspired event for City staff today. Rather than focusing on just those who Ride2Work, anyone who didn’t drive to work by themselves is welcomed along. With our staff travelling from far and wide we tend to do this on all our event days as it's more inclusive.

Between them 15 hungry participants ticked off all the active travel modes to get to work with cycling (as usual) being the most popular.

Sustenance came in the form of freshly made pancakes with AMAZING berry coolie, yoghurt, muesli and fruit.

I am told that tasty food and good company make for a good event…. but one with a coffee van would be considered even better :)

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