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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Cockburn Community Trek/Bike Month

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Jillian on Graces bike.jpg

I was lucky enough to try out this wonderful electric assist orange cargo bike as we packed up after our successful Bike Month community event. Bike Month is an ideal time to try out different bikes and encourage more people to get on a bike and have a go. Thanks to Wellness on Wheels for trusting me with her bike. I have been on six different bikes during Bike Month now.

Staff and local residents were invited to join in the Cockburn Community Trek which is held in November each year. Over the past few years this event has been extended to walk, ride and roll around Bibra Lake as we all need to “share the path like we share the fresh air”.

We made a video at Bibra Lake with comedians Matt Storer and Famous Sharron to help encourage more people to slow down and share. Famous Sharron even joined us one year for the Community Trek and rode around the lake with us.

This year we include bicycles and Trishaws for Bike Month WA. This year we had 20 Urbi Bike Share Bikes, four Cycling Without Age Trishaws, 2 Cargo Bikes (thanks to BikeWise and Wellness on Wheels) and many personal bike riders attend the event and ride around the lake sharing the path with the Heart Foundation walking groups that attended.

Mayor and Tim on Cargo Bike.png

Despite the 38 degree weather forecast, Mayor Logan Howlett, Directors and Senior Managers attended the event. Staff were encouraged to attend for as long as they were able. An informal format enabled them to pop in on the way to work. Some had a walk meeting around the lake, others rode there with on their rostered day off, with one bringing their child on the back of her bike. Over 100 people attended the event in total.

It was a perfect opportunity to showcase sharing the path with path users. Staff walking were able to see bike share bikes and Trishaws in action. Bike advice was given to many local residents and staff by BikeWise. Some lucky attendees also had their bike checked and tuned while they waited.

People who wished to ride were able to borrow the Urbi bike share bikes and test them out around Bibra Lake. Staff were able to trial the bikes with the view of introducing bike share to areas such as Cockburn Central in the future, where the Council has several offices, within a km or two of the train station and shopping centre.

Wellness on Wheels.PNG

Wellness on Wheels provided massages to the various bike riders that attended. The massages were also used to reward the volunteer trishaw pilots who were busy riding around the lake with passengers on board.

Karen Jillian and Nalalie on Trishaw.jpg

Thanks to Cycling Without Age Australia – WA, Urbi Bike Share, BikeWise and Wellness on Wheels for assisting with this event run by City of Cockburn.

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Dusting off my Road Bike for Bike Month

Recently I decided I needed to have a lighter bike that I could transport more easily on my car so I could drive part way and ride part way, since I live quite a distance from my workplace.

I registered for Bike Month WA and wanted to ride more often and encourage others at work to do the same.

I bought a bike around 10 years ago and rode it for a while but it has been sitting in my shed gathering dust. It is a great bike, light weight and was easy to ride when I bought it. I have had knee, back, neck and arm issues over the past few years and found that it was too hard to ride now. I had the bike adjusted but still preferred riding other heavier bikes that allow a more European style upright posture.

Jillian on Specialised bike.PNG

I dusted off the bike a few weeks ago and thought that I would try it again after many years of not riding my road bike. I had to take the bike to my local bike shop and get the tubes replaced as one had perished over time. I decided it was better to replace both as rather than get a flat tyre when I am out riding. I don't have the strength in my hands to fix a flat tyre myself and ride with many people who would be able to help me, but it is still an inconvenience if you get a flat tyre. (I always bring a spare tube with me and a smartrider so I can get on a train if all else fails.)

I took my road bike out this weekend and went for a ride. I was glad that I had my smartrider with me as I needed to use it as my wrists and neck were complaining by the time I reached the next train station. I still had a 14 km ride, checked out my bike and was able to get back to the start for coffee but I was glad I had the option. I took my bike to my local bike shop when I got home. They are going to put in a handlebar riser so I have a more relaxed posture when I ride, with less pressure on my wrists. If this does not work, they will change the handle bars so they are the old fashioned European upright style as racing style or flatbars put more pressure on my wrists.

The road bike did go a lot faster, but it was not as comfortable. I will be back on my heavier slow bike for a while, until the road bike is upgraded. I don't race, so I have changed my road bike slowly over the years to make it a more comfortable transport bike, with a kickstand, mirror, pedals that I can get on and off easily and a carrier/pannier bag. This makes it easier for me to ride to work or any destination I wish.

Bike Friendly Cockburn 2.JPG

In the meantime, I will be riding my bike with a basket. It may be heavier and slower but I can actually go further as it is a more comfortable ride. While my work bike is electric and better for going up hills and against headwinds, it is not something I can put on the back of my car and I always make sure the battery is topped up so I don't run out of power part way on my journey!

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

How often do you tell the good stories?

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So many times people tell stories of when things go wrong – when they are stuck in traffic or bad behaviour occurs on the train. The time of day and day of the week will certainly contribute to whether your transport experience is pleasant or ends up being a bad start to the day.

I love walking to the station to catch the train to work and leaving my car at home. Most of the time I arrive at a station, a short walk from where I need to go – just enough steps for me to reach my daily incidental physical activity steps for the day.

Cockburn Business and Trade 2016_04(1).jpg

Wednesday however, when I was sitting on the train, there was an announcement saying that there was a power outage on the track ahead and the trains were delayed. The driver announced we could get off walk 500m and catch the bus or stay on the train and wait for 20 – 40 minutes until we arrived in Perth. I stood up, followed some passengers out the door and looked at the queue of people in front of me. I ended up returning to my seat. My fellow passengers gave me words of encouragement as I was physically affirming their decision to stay on the train. “I’m not in that much of a rush to get to work!” said one laughing, another said “shame I didn’t bring my book today” we all nodded and agreed – I said I was glad I had mine. We were all able to let go of the stress. We were not moving but it was comfortable on the train.

The train started again, after waiting around 10 minutes. The doors opened at the next station and a work colleague entered my train carriage and sat directly opposite me. What were the chances! We knew that we were going to the same Your Move Forum, so automatically we were both relieved that we were not going to be the only one arriving late.

We were both able to email our colleagues that were attending the same meeting, advise them that we were going to be late and relax. We were even able to do some work emails on the train while we waited.

I arrived 30 mins late (instead of 30 mins early) due to public transport service disruption and delays. What could have been a negative story was able to be changed to a positive story.

I'd much prefer to be stuck on a train with others reading and emailing/messaging than stuck in a traffic jam and still have to find parking once the traffic starts moving again.

The Forum was a good session to highlight the way you can change perceptions via the power of story telling. We had a story that we could tell about how pleasant our train trip was and we shared that to the 50 other people. It was interesting sharing the story as the group were advised that we had been delayed. If we had not shared our positive story, they may have perceived it negatively, just remembering other stories they have heard about unpleasant trips on public transport. Having used public transport for many, many years I have my fair share of interesting stories, but 99% of them are simple friendly things like sharing an umbrella with a fellow passenger, meeting friends on the train unexpectedly or having conversations with total strangers about bike riding (if I have my bike with me) or a good book that I am reading.

Kate and Jillian.JPG

We sat on the train opposite one another and were able to sit opposite one another at the Forum and also share our story with others.

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Would you like a bike for Christmas?

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\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Vicki's Christmas bikes montage.PNG (1)
Decorating the work bikes was a good way to promote cycling in my workplace. I have had a couple of people interested in trying out our ebikes, especially when path and roadworks near our office are completed early in 2019. It was also a great opportunity to promote our Sunday bike rides.
In December each year we decorate our work areas to celebrate the coming of Christmas. Each area displays a message that shows the good things that we have done and what you intend to do in 2019 to help improve the community further. Our CEO uses this opportunity to visit all work areas, inspect displays and discuss with staff what they have achieved throughout the year.

I was asked by the Engineering Manager to include a display of bicycles to highlight my work. Using a mix of merchandise, awards, Moon Deck samples, bike figurine (gift from a friend), Christmas tinsel and a Christmas tree from home, I decorated the office and the work ebikes.

I distributed some merchandise such as teeshirts and small tyre gauges that I had stored under my desk by swapping them for smiles.
\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Bike for Christmas.jpg

The responses to the decorated bikes were the best, with many staff passing them everyday. I hope they were inspired to buy a bike for themselves or for someone they love.

Is this how you felt when you were given your first bike? I received my first bike one Christmas. I still love riding around on Christmas Day and during the holidays, seeing children (and grownups too) riding their new bikes. Thanks Bike Friendly Cockburn and Humans on Bikes for the inspiration. Christmas time is a great time to give someone a new or preloved bicycle but don't forget to give them a helping hand if they have never ridden a bike before.
Christmas morning and the summer holidays are perfect times to get out and gain more confidence on a bike. Pick low traffic areas - quiet bike friendly streets or even start on a flat oval with shortgrass initially. There are many basketball courts, tennis courts and of road paths you can also practice on. Early in the morning is generally best.

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Healthy Competition Between Councils

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\Downloads\How do you get to work 3.PNG

The City of Fremantle and the City of Cockburn share a border and also share drive and passion to make their city and their workplaces more bike, walk and public transport friendly. I used healthy rivalry to encourage more staff to participate in our annual travel survey.

We hope to earn 50 Your Move points by doing so and hopefully the satisfaction of being the top Your Move workplace for 2018 and beat the City of Fremantle who were currently sitting in top place! Initially I emailed the survey link to staff, but since I posted on the intranet, the number of people completing the online survey have doubled. 73 staff have completed the survey so far, so I am hoping it encourages a few more to do so.

We have completed a number of travel surveys over the years. Everyone that completes the survey will go into a prize draw. I will distribute some of the rewards we have earned via Your Move.

I will use the survey data to help plan the workplace travel strategies for 2019.

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Installing Public Bike Racks for Visitors

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For more information on how to do this, click here
\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Bike shed bike parking.jpg

Bike Lockers are fine for staff to use when they ride to work. We also have bike racks for visitors next to the library and a bike fix station. Bike parking is closer than car parking and it gets used pretty frequently as you have good passive surveillance as it is near a window and also adjacent to the main access from the car park.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike racks at library.jpg

We have been installing racks for staff and separate racks for visitor access at our newer workplaces at the Operations Centre and Cockburn ARC. Bikes for visitors tend to be outside the fence so they are easy for visitors to access while staff racks are within the fenced area. They are covered by electronic surveillance as well as passive surveillance as they are near main entries.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike racks for visitors.jpg

Visitor racks provided at the Cockburn ARC (Aquatic Recreation Centre) have electronic surveillance and are near the main entry. Additional racks are also available nearby.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Cockburn ARC bike parking.jpg
\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Bike Parking Omeo Reserve 2018.jpg

Demand for bike parking is increasing at workplaces and also various places we want to go throughout the City of Cockburn. The latest place that we installed public bike parking is at the northern end of Coogee beach - ready for Summer. This location is primarily for visitors to Port Coogee to look at the Omeo Diver Trail and is adjacent to the new stairs at Omeo Reserve. As more and more people ride, we will be adding more bike parking.

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Promoting Cycling in the Workplace

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\Downloads\Scott with his bike.jpg

I seized this opportunity to promote cycling in normal clothes when we had a photo shoot at the City of Cockburn. They obliged when I asked if the photo could be taken near the bike racks as it was appropriate and related well to Your Move Awards. The resulting photograph was included online in October and also appeared in the latest issue of the paper on December 4!

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Cockburn Gazette photo bikes Scott Jillian.jpg

It is great to see the bikes in the background normalising riding to work. Scott was happy to stand next to a colleagues stylish bike when I asked. I wanted to increase the number of bike photographs in our media library which can be used in the future. While it was not actually his bike, it was a bike that had been ridden to work by another staff member and he was happy to pose as a Vogue model for me!

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Engaging Comedians to Engage Others

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The City of Cockburn engaged Perth comedians Famous Sharron and Matt Storer to highlight some of the conflicts between the various path users and to use comedy to help change attitudes. Staff were involved with the making of the video that has been shared internally as well as to the community.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\Downloads\Share the Space intranet post.PNG

There have been over 2,000 views so far via social media and the full song was played on ABC radio last week since it has such a catchy tune.

Comedians Famous Sharron and Matt Storer produced a bike video for Bikeweek 2017 and were also involved in the 2017 City of Cockburn Community Trek to promote how to share the space graciously.
There are key tips to sharing the space whether you are riding a bike, walking or driving a vehicle
  • Ringing your bicycle's bell when overtaking pedestrians
  • Walking and riding on the left hand side of paths
  • Giving way to others when turning
  • Avoiding being distracted while driving, walking or riding
  • Paying attention when backing out of driveways
  • Walking your dog on a short lead and on the left hand side of paths
  • Allowing plenty of room when overtaking other people riding bicycles
  • Bike riders slowing down on busy shared paths
  • Bike riders and people walking moving to single file to allow others to overtake, when it is safe to do so.
    To help us all enjoy walking, cycling and driving in Perth, we encourage you to talk about these road rules and footpath etiquette and help us all share the space.
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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Urbi bike share at Bibra Lake

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    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Urbi bike Bibra Lake.jpg

    While I attended the Bike Share Masterclass in July and a workshop about bike share recently, I had shared information with others (at work, colleagues and friends), but I still had not travelled to Joondalup to try out Urbi Bikes. Jeremey from Urbi sat next to me at the Your Move Awards, so we ended up organising a trial of Urbi bikes at Bibra Lake in the City of Cockburn.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Urbi bike riders Bibra Lake.jpg

    It was a great way to not only try out the bikes myself but also give others the opportunity to do so. We ended up riding the bikes around 10 km as we rode around the lake and then did a bit of local exploring to spot some beautiful birds. I found the bikes surprisingly comfortable and easier to ride than the Melbourne bike share bikes. Perfect for short trips. Planning is required to make sure that any bike share bikes are well located and used regularly. Bibra Lake is the perfect spot for a recreational ride.

    We had the bike present to help promote Share the Path messages with the local Heart Foundation Walking groups, Bicycle Groups and invited guests including MP Chris Tallentire, Mayor Logan Howlett, Councillor Philip Eva, RAC, Curtin University, council staff and community members.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Share the Space MP Mayor Cr.JPG

    Talking about Bike Share can help enthuse more people. Showing more people the bikes and letting people have a ride on them is a great idea. You need more people to talk about it, use it and want it to make it happen. Activating the bikes is important. When you see more people ride them, more people ride them. The trip to Joondalup to try out the bikes and see how the docking stations are set up is my next step in this plan. If I am unable to get a group together, I will just check them out myself when I am able. It sounds like a good day trip.

    Planning is required before any bike share is introduced, so I want to see how it is working in Joondalup and plan for any future bike share opportunities for Cockburn. Bibra Lake was the ideal location for a trial of the bikes and to showcase the playground, skate park and natural beauty of the area as we rode around on the quiet path away from any traffic.

    Bike Share Bike Share Bike Share.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Urbi Bike stop playground.jpg

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Smartriders for Managers

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    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Your Move Champion HERO IMAGE#4.jpg
    What can you do when all the Corporate Smart Riders you have are not enough? Following the Your Move Awards ceremony, my CEO and Directors were motivated to catch the train to a meeting in Perth. They decided that the Senior Managers should join them. I had a request for 23 SmartRiders! We had participated in a fun activity highlighting public transport, walking and cycling at the Awards function and they listened to presentations about using alternatives to the car, when possible, so I think it was a great outcome.
    I had been slowly expanding the number of SmartRiders we had for the City of Cockburn as the original four cards did not go far when everyone needs to attend a conference or meeting in Perth. I also found it difficult providing SmartRiders to staff that worked in other locations and particularly difficult when I moved work locations so that I am around 5 km from most other offices and expanded my holding of cards to a total of 15 so that there are generally cards available when people need them at the major staff locations.
    Fortunately I had accrued points on Your Move and had just received an email prompt saying I needed to use some of them up before they expired. It was a logical solution to my problem and a good way to have more cards available for Senior Management. I ordered 10 cards preloaded with $20 via my points. I logged in to Your Move from home one night and placed my order. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the cards at work the next day! It was a simple matter of walking to the train station after work and tagging each card on and off so they were activated and then registering the cards online.
    I gave them to the PA to the CEO along with SmartRider policy information and a sign-up sheet. We decided that the easiest way to manage the additional staff catching the train on the day was to buy DayRiders to use in addition to the new SmartRiders. This was easily done at the train station by the PA just before they travelled.
    This was a good way for senior staff to trial public transport. The CEO, Directors and Managers all have council vehicles. By travelling by public transport rather than driving to the Perth CBD, they saved money in parking, avoid traffic congestion, were able to continue talking on the train and alighted from the train in a convenient location to attend their meeting. From all reports everything went smoothly and they will be encouraged to use public transport in the future. Plans are underway to move our Administration offices to a location within walking distance of the Cockburn Central Train Station, so I think more staff will be using public transport more often in the not too distant future.

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    It is worth winning Your Move Awards

    It was an honour to be recognised as a Your Move Local Government Champion as well as to obtain the Local Government Innovate Award for the City of Cockburn for the Moon Deck glow in the dark project we implemented this year. There are so many people doing so much in this space, only a few are lucky enough to get the awards but there are so many people out there making a difference every day in the filed of active and sustainable transport.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\Downloads\Your Move Awards Cockburn Gazette.PNG

    It takes years before behaviour change occurs in a significant way. It is a pleasure to see the changes happening now and to see so many people collaborating and making it happen. So many people are positively influencing the travel behaviours of others. For more information about some of the champions see

    I feel lucky to have found my current dream job where my passion for active transport is appreciated and I am able to make a difference and help more people be able to walk, ride or use public transport. Attending the Your Move Awards ceremony with my Mayor, CEO and Director ensured that they saw all the wonderful work that everyone is doing and has made them even more supportive of the work that I am doing.

    Winning Your Move Awards has an ongoing effect as it not only encourages me to keep doing what I do but also encourages others to consider how they travel as it gives recognition to the overall active transport program within my organisation and local community.

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Motivation to share rides more

    Yesterday I attended an informative session that has motivated me to share rides more and reconsider my need for a car in the future. There are more terms for sharing vehicles now as there are more ways to do it. Organisations and individuals can save money as you don't need to buy so many cars or provide so much parking. Most cars are underutilised, sitting idle 95% of the time and take up so much space in parking - at home and at work.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\Downloads\car sharing.PNG

    Shannon Savage, Curtin University, Kate Debenham, Uber State Manager (WA & SA) and JJ O'Brien, Business Development at Liftango gave presentations to let us know our options in regards to the future of car and ride sharing in the workplace and in general.

    Multimodal transport is becoming an even more viable alternative when it is made seamless and affordable. Rather than parking your car at a train station and leaving it all day, using technology, you can choose other easy ways to get there. Ride share, car share and ride sourcing all have apps these days, which make it easier to match people and rides. I was amazed to see how many people use Uber to get to the train station.

    It was also interesting to hear about mobility as a service, how automation might impact the future of transport and how Uber Air is closer to reality with test flights commencing in 2023 in Dallas and LA with Sydney/Melbourne shortlisted for the 3rd trial city world wide!

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Go for a walk or ride (North Lake)

    This story is related to Promote bike facilities

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\North Lake path.JPG (1)

    Find a quiet place to escape to and recharge your physical well- being by going for a walk or ride during the day. It may be at lunch time, before or after work, on the weekend or whenever you have a day off. If you walk or ride to work you may be lucky enough to go through a tranquil spot like this on your way to work, rather than being stuck in traffic. Like most people, I prefer the sound of water, wind blowing through the trees and birds singing, rather than traffic noises. Go with a friend and double the fun, but be sure to stop and listen to the birds along the way.

    The path around North Lake is mainly rough limestone but fine for walking or for riding a mountain bike. I needed to check out the path for work but have ear-marked it as a local place worth revisiting.

    I shared some video footage I took during my walk, with the Cockburn Bicycle User Group to help inspire more people to visit this less well known lake and encourage more people to explore their local area by foot or by bike.

    Have a listen to video. Are there similar green places that you like to visit and unwind? Share your favourite spots with your friends and family. It is also a great way to get more people walking and riding.

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Walking on the Moon

    This story is related to Suggestions to Local Gov for pathway improvements

    Glow in the dark Moon Deck treatment on paths is helping to activating shared paths at night by helping walkers, runners and bike riders find their way in the dark by following the glowing line marking through coastal dunes. It is a surreal feel, when you see and walk on the path - much like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz following the yellow brick road when you go Walking on the Moon.

    S:\Engineering and Works\Engineering\Transport Engineering\TravelSmart\Your Move Awards 2018\MoonDeck Tim Burns - DSC_2458.jpg (1)

    We were lucky enough to be part of the product trial in WA. Staff from parks, environment, engineering, geographic information systems, events and communications were initially consulted to determine whether the product could be trialled and where would be appropriate and over a year of planning and investigation was conducted.

    Edge line and centre line Moon Deck treatment marking has been installed on various paths in the City of Cockburn as a trial, to help people be able to find the edge of the path in the dark and avoid obstacles. The product is only effective when it is dark. If there is any light source, it just looks like normal white line marking. The product absorbs the light and releases it slowly over 12 hours. It spikes brighter if you shine a torch on it or expose it to sunlight and reaches its full brightness after 14 days exposure to sunlight. The product is very difficult to photograph but this was achieved by photographer Tim Burns. We rode the path together just after it had been installed on a night where there was no moon as this makes it glow more.

    The path winds through the sand dunes and it is difficult to ride or run without good personal lighting. The shared path links Port Coogee to South Beach and is a popular path for bike riders to ride into Fremantle at night or to attend the popular South Beach night markets in summer and avoid busy roads. I experienced the difficulties riding along the path one night, riding back from a Bikeweek Glow Ride with several people who did not have good bike lights. It was very difficult for them to avoid the sandy edges of the path and I assisted them with my brighter bike light.

    S:\Engineering and Works\Engineering\Transport Engineering\TravelSmart\Your Move Awards 2018\riding MoonDeck trees.JPG

    Installing Moon Deck in these areas has been supported by the local community and helps to activate dark paths and facilitate safe, efficient, connected and sustainable movement around the City. The project was the first glow in the dark path project in WA.

    Lighting a dark path through natural areas is always difficult in local government. The City of Cockburn has many areas around the wetlands as well as the coast, where artificial lighting is not possible as it affects wildlife breeding cycles and behaviour.

    The innovative product has been used in NSW (2013), ACT (2015) and Qld (2017) to transform dark paths into a safer and more user-friendly glow-in-the-dark path for pedestrians and cyclists, but had not been used in WA until the City of Cockburn trial in July 2018.

    Moon Deck initially presented information about the product to staff. A number of locations with lighting issues were identified by staff and inspected over several nights to determine locations where the product could be installed effectively for a demonstration project. We were interested in seeing the product in use and are considering using it in other difficult to light areas throughout the City of Cockburn, to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.

    The treatments have been installed at locations recommended after night-time onsite visits:

    1. Glow in the dark edge line and centre line marking along the coastal shared path from McTaggart Cove to Rollinson Park;

    2. Glow in the dark treatment on the vertical surface of a concrete retaining wall that is on the edge of the path at Rollinson Park;

    3. Glow in the dark edge line and centre line marking along the North Lake Road shared path from Discovery Drive to Bibra Lake Drive;

    4. Glow in the dark warning/wayfinding sharrow on a small local path in Coogee

  • Moon Deck product specifications and properties are:

    • Environmentally sustainable passive form of illumination;

    • NATA certified Australian Slip resistant AS4586-2013 Class P5;

    • Glow intensity and duration for up to 12+ hours with regeneration;

    • Harnessing light can be done via incandescent or daylight including shaded areas;

    • Designed for a generational life span and long service life;

    • Used for safety solutions in both emergency and areas of no light;

    • Applications for line marking, paths, floor coatings, stairwells, ramps or any need for hazard identification;

    • High tensile strength with flexibility that exceeds commonly used quality epoxy paint coatings;

    • Comprise of safe biologically and chemically inert natural minerals;

    • Can be applied to any suitably prepared concrete, asphalt, timber, composite or suitable prepared and primed ferrous or non-ferrous metal substrates.

  • The warmer spring weather will soon make it more pleasant to go for a walk or ride on the Moon. Check it with your family or friends and see it for yourself.

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Making it fun - Its Your Move - lunchtime walking group

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Touch the pole walking group.JPG

    No where to walk to near your workplace? We made it fun and set simple achievable lunchtime walking goalposts. One was simply - touch the pole. We walk around 15 minutes to touch the pole and walk back. It is a simple walk and safe as there is a shared path along that side of the road. Our workplace is in the middle of an industrial area, with no shops, parks or places to go.

    It is important to get active during the day and fit in a walk when you can, especially when you have a sedentary computer based job. The Heart Foundation provides assistance to individuals and walking groups. I have noticed others using the paths more in our area. Some walk and others ride. Once you start activating the area, so many others think that it is a good idea too. It takes just one or two to start the movement. Its Your Move.

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bike registration and D Locks

    This story is related to Promote active travel

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\d lock giveaway snip.JPG

    200 free D locks have been distributed to local residents that rode to various events in the City of Cockburn over the past year. Local residents can complete the registration form and forward it to the council or Details provided can be useful to help reconnect owners with their bikes, if they are recovered.

    The City, in conjunction with WA Police and Public Transport Authority, are promoting the use of D-locks on bicycles in Cockburn to help prevent theft.
    D-locks are much stronger than a regular chain lock and are a much greater deterrent to thieves when used correctly. A D-lock should be used to lock the front wheel and the bike frame to the rail. Never lock just your frame or wheels. Secure any accessories such as helmets and lights, or take them with you.

    Part of the project involves registering your bike details to our database by completing the form, with serial numbers, description and your contact details. This information will be retained by the City, and will be accessible by WA Police should a bicycle be recovered, to assist with identifying the owner.
    You will also be given the opportunity to receive information about the City's TravelSmart scheme.

    PTA have excellent videos showing how to secure your bike well, when you ride to the train station. Remember, if you don't use a D lock, it is not locked.

    Read more about Bike registration and D Locks

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Celebrating Completing Grants EOI

    This story is related to Apply for a grant

    For more information on how to do this, click here

    How do you celebrate when you complete projects or reach milestones? I reward myself, to keep me motivated. The rewards vary - sometimes with something as simple as going for a bike ride.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike grants.jpg

    Missing sections of path make it much harder for people to ride in the local area so I have applied for infrastructure grants to help more people ride to work, ride to the shops and ride to school. The paths were identified as part of our bike plan and I have been investigating them over the past year. I walk and ride the route, take photos, discuss with key stakeholders, determine what type of path is possible, develop maps and complete the application forms. Council approval is obtained from various areas along the way as well as other stakeholders. Permissions need to be granted and services located. It is a long process and that is just the concept design process. Detailed design is then required and the work needs to be prioritised and budgeted for. Funds need to be obtained and a WABN grant can help with obtaining up to 50% of the cost. Completing a WA Bicycle Network Expression of Interest grant application is a milestone in a long process so I like to reward myself for doing so and will be having a flexi day off to celebrate, after submitting my applications yesterday. It is very gratifying to walk or ride along a path that you have been involved with creating, especially when you see local residents enjoying it as well.

    Read more about Celebrating Completing Grants EOI

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Making Walkers Happy

    This story is related to Start a walking group

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\walking socks.JPG

    Somebody loves you - was the comment as I was handed an envelope with a pair of socks and a certificate of appreciation from the National Heart Foundation and Volunteering Australia for National Volunteer Week 21-27 May 2018.

    The words on the certificate are simple - Give a little. Change a lot. Certificate of Appreciation Thank You - your volunteering is helping to make Australia a better place. The words on the socks are even better. I will walk today (with tomorrow - crossed out)!

    I appreciated the certificate and socks I received for setting up the walking group and they arrived just at the right time. We had not been walking so often as it had been raining. I will wear the socks and they will prompt me to walk today and more often generally. The small tokens prompt me to want to do more. I will pay it forward and reward others in a similar way. It definitely is a way of making this walker happy. I am glad that I set up a walking group in my workplace. Thank you Heart Foundation Walking.

    Read more about Making Walkers Happy

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Making Bike Riders Happy

    This story is related to Install bike parking


    "Many thanks for organising the bike racks to be installed. They are fantastic. Phoebe parked her bike outside last night when she attended a meeting and was very pleased that it was under shelter and did not get wet. She also commented that they were well positioned allowing movement around them."


    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike racks HHCG small.JPG

    It is great to get positive feedback from bike riders like this - it motivates me to do the extra work involved. I shared the above comment with the roads work crew involved with the installation. We were innovative and used existing u rails for bike parking. The bike racks are now highly visible as well as functional. The Funky racks are perfect at this community building where meetings are often held. It is easier to get there by bike now and the bikes can be seen via the window. It took a lot more work to do the installation, in conjunction with the users, making sure that their needs were met, that there was ample space around the racks, walking paths were not obstructed and that passive surveillance and shelter was available. The window turned out to be a sliding door, but the building manager and the users agreed that the door could be blocked as it was not used and they wanted people to access the building by the front door. A u rail was removed to steal a bike recently, in the local area, so we made sure that the rails were cemented in securely and a bolt linking all rails was installed underneath. A job well done and making local bike riders and others happy.

    Read more about Making Bike Riders Happy

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Come Ride With Us

    This story is related to Run an event

    Staff, local residents and friends were invited to join People on Bicycles for a free guided bike ride exploring Cockburn Central and Cockburn wetlands and artwork.
    Meet at 9am on Sundays at Mooba Cafe, opposite Cockburn Central Train Station. This is an explorer ride travelling at a slow/medium pace with stops at points of interests and/or photo ops. No rsvps required, just turn up and bring your happy self (and bike and helmet)!

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Cockburn Central bike rides 29 7 2018.jpg

    Read more about Come Ride With Us

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Engaging Others Workshop

    This story is related to Attend Professional Development workshop

    I attended the Engaging others: How to build momentum at your workplace or school workshop yesterday. It was a great opportunity to be motivated and meet other champions from workplaces and schools that are trying to get more people walking, cycling and using public transport more often. Dr Jane Genovese has spent the past seven years engaged in research on behaviour and value change and shared some of her knowledge with us.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Your Move Forum 15 8 2018.JPG (1)

    Read more about Engaging Others Workshop

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Making it fun and being approachable (1)

    This story is related to Making it fun and being approachable

    I have been involved in promoting active transport for many years, at Curtin University, City of Gosnells, BikeWest , the Department of Transport and in my role as TravelSmart Officer at the City of Cockburn.

    Today I arrived at work and found a lovely gift at my desk. A toy bus to be added to my collection. It certainly put a smile on my face and has made me wonder who placed it there. It made my day. I stuck it on the divider above my computer screen so it can be seen by everyone when they enter the floor.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\toy bus Your Move.JPG (3)

    I make sure people know that I am the TravelSmart Officer at work by wearing bike earrings and shirts, decorate my bike, have models of buses, bikes, cars and even a helicopter in my work area. I reward behaviour by giving out merchandise to people that walk or ride and free smartriders to those who wish to use the bus or train for work .

    I have fun at work and enjoy my job, especially after I discovered the Fish! Philosophy years ago.

    The Fish! Philosophy was modeled after the Pike Place Fish Market and is a technique to improve work and life. It involves four concepts: choose your attitude; play; make someone’s day; and be there. Some workplaces and schools adopted these ideas back in 1998 but I think that these concepts are still valid today. Check the film or book out so you can learn more.

    Make walking, cycling, using public transport, carpooling fun. Make it a good experience so people want to do it again. Help people who are uncertain and not sure whether they can do it, where to walk, where to ride or how to go about catching a bus or train, using a smartrider or how to start car pooling, even just for meetings.

    I am still wondering who gave me the bus and hope I find out soon so I can tell them that it made me laugh and it made my day.

    Read more about Making it fun and being approachable (1)

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    We Won! (Gaining Recognition)

    This story is related to Gain more recognition for Active Transport

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Road and Active Transport Safety AwardJW.jpg (1)
    Recently it was announced that the City of Cockburn were the overall winners of the PHAIWA Children’s Environment & Health Local Government Policy Awards. We won the category for Road and Active Transport Safety with an A+ rating.

    ‘It is positive to see that measures to promote safe and active transport are embedded in the planning documents for the City of Cockburn. Partnering with the Department of Transports ‘Your Move’ program is a great initiative to encourage residents to choose active modes of transport to get to their workplace or school.’ Being a Your Move Champion and encouraging local schools and workplaces to get involved definitely helped us win the award. Both the Mayor and CEO are now even more aware of the work that we are doing. The awards were shown and discussed at the council meeting and will be hung proudly on the walls where we can see them and be inspired to 'keep up the good work'.

    The City of Cockburn also received commendation awards for Aboriginal Child Health, Shade in Public Places and Smoke free Environments. It was great to receive the recognition collectively with many of my work colleagues and to raise the profile of Your Move.

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Award winners.JPG

    36 Local Governments nominated in the 2018 awards (an increase of 11 from 2017) with 9 first time entrants. The awards were presented by Minister David Templeman at The Perth Convention Centre alongside the WALGA Convention before over 140 Mayors, Elected Members, Local Government Representatives and supporters.

    The City of Cockburn was the Overall winner also excelling in the Aboriginal Child Health, Road and Active Transport, Smoke free Environments and Shade in Public Places categories.

    First time entrant The Shire of Waroona won the Regional Award and was also recognised in the Aboriginal Child Health, Healthy and Safe Food and Nature Play Categories.

    Read more about We Won! (Gaining Recognition)

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Building the Momentum

    This story is related to Promote travel options to new and existing staff

    For more information on how to do this, click here
    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike helmets and jacket.JPG

    Sharing the love by giving away free merchandise to people who walk, ride or use public transport is something that I have done for years.

    When we moved buildings last year I discovered merchandise I never knew I had. One of the items were lightweight waterproof jackets with a City of Cockburn wetlands to waves TravelSmart Program logo. I had many jackets so I rewarded people in my work area with a jacket, as well as my Directors, Councillors and people who rode to work. Jackets were only given to those that wanted them and distributed slowly over a period of a few months, so they were given to individuals and valued.

    I found that many people appreciated the jackets and other merchandise as well as advice and support. The merchandise creates an opportunity for further discussion and feedback such as these comments which helped to make my day and motivate me more.

    ‘I really appreciate all that you do to keep the bike riding community at the City informed and engaged. And thank you for the jacket (when it arrives).’

    ‘Thank you again for your kind support. You are doing a great job of promoting the City’s bike and public transport options.’

    It is a joy to see the staff using the jackets and promoting the TravelSmart ethos when they are on their way out to meetings as well as by just having the jackets in the workplace ready for the next light shower, next to our corporate orange City of Cockburn bike helmets.

    I invited more people to join me at the next forum so we can build the momentum at our workplace and invited others to join our Your Move team. I hope this helps to slowly grow our team.

    Read more about Building the Momentum

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bike Share Bike Share Bike Share

    This story is related to Attend Bike Share Workshop

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Melbourne Bike Share.JPG

    Since trialling my first Bike Share Bike in Melbourne back in 2009 I have tried several Bike Share schemes around the world and saw some of the schemes that work and some of those that have failed.

    I am keen to have an effective Bike Share scheme in our local area, so I attended the Bike Share Masterclass by Dr Elliot Fishman at the Department of Transport yesterday, along with a likeminded colleague from the City of Cockburn and many others who also can see the benefits of Bike Share.

    This is the first step. I will share information from the Masterclass to others at work. I will also visit the City of Joondalup and activate their Urbi Bike Share more with colleagues and friends. Just attending the Masterclass does not make it happen. Just saying the words does not make it happen.

    Planning and taking action can help it happen. Talking about Bike Share can help enthuse more people. You need more people to talk about it, use it and want it to make it happen. Saying the words may help it happen, if more people give it a go. Bike Share Bike Share Bike Share. 

    Read more about Bike Share Bike Share Bike Share

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Making bikes visible to other staff

    This story is related to Bike Parking at the Operations Centre

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Emma's bike plus work 2.jpg

    Parking bikes in secure locations that are visible to other staff is a good way of promoting cycling further. People see the bikes and the bike riders and ask questions about riding to work or riding in the local area.

    Emma, a new staff member, messaged me asking where she could leave her ebike if she rode it to work. I answered her questions and encouraged her to bring it inside so it was secure and mentioned that there was a powerpoint that she could use there if she brought her recharger. I took a photo the first day she rode in.

    We have bike racks outside too but there are no powerpoints. Currently there are a few people that are riding regularly, rain or shine. It is always exciting to see a new bike arrive in the bike parking areas and trying to work out which staff member it belongs to.

    Read more about Making bikes visible to other staff

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Promoting travel options to staff

    This story is related to Promote travel options to new and existing staff

    The City of Cockburn recently produced a video 'Getting to School'. Many staff live locally and have children that attend local schools. The video was shared internally as well as to the wider community to help normalise walking and riding for short trips.

    Read more about Promoting travel options to staff

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bike Dr Australia Day

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Mothers Day 2016 Bike Dr (14).jpg

    The Bike Dr is coming to Coogee Beach from 8 - 10am for the Australia Day Celebrations Friday 26 January 2018. They will be available to check all types of bicycles and scooters for free. This is a great time to get help to take those trainer wheels off, get help with a flat tyre or help with sticking gears. Bring the whole family. Cockburn staff, residents and visitors are welcome. We just want more people out riding and enjoying our paths by bike.

    Join the Cockburn Bicycle User Group and you will find out more places where the Bike Dr, BikeWise and People on Bicycles will be in 2018.

    Read more about Bike Dr Australia Day

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Smart riders - Smart staff

    This story is related to Smartriders for corporate travel

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\smartriders.jpg

    Some City of Cockburn staff have used the corporate smartriders for work travel to conferences, workshops and meetings during the year. We have smartriders at different workplaces. They can be booked online by staff - just the same as booking a work car. We also use a paper copy to help keep track of the cards and the approximate card balances.

    There is always a rush on the cards when people are attending a conference in Perth as travelling by train is so much better than driving to Perth and finding parking. Perth is by far the most popular destination that people want to go via public transport. The rush on cards comes as staff tell others about the corporate smartrider cards.

    So far this year our corporate smartriders have been used for 219 journeys, replaced 6,204km of vehicle travel, and reduced the need for reimbursing paid parking for around 100 of those journeys. I collate this data so that I can include it annually in our quarterly reports.

    The CEO is aware of the benefits of using a smartrider and is leading by example as he and staff from his office regularly travel by train to meetings. Staff from parks, roads, traffic, building services, media, communications, GIS, environment, records, health, governance, finance planning, human resources and community development have all signed the registration sheets and seen how many different people are using public transport rather than driving, even when they do have a work vehicle available.

    Read more about Smart riders - Smart staff

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Workplace Walking Group

    This story is related to Start a walking group

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\walking.JPG

    I am officially a volunteer Walk Organiser as I completed the Heart Foundation Walking volunteer Walk Organiser online training. This is the first step in forming my workplace walking group at the Operations Centre in the Industrial Area. If we can have a walking group, I think you can just about do it anywhere. I was a member of the walking group at our Administration Building and thought that I could just replicate this at the new worksite. We are more isolated, with no local shops but some staff just want to get outside and walk as they sit at their desks all day.

    I have called it ROC as I have noticed some of the staff from Roads have been walking during their lunch break now and then despite the area being fairly unwelcoming. There are few trees and few paths. We will walk together and explore the local area. There are two industrial area cafes nearby and some others a bit further away. Currently few people walk in the area. We will try and change that. There will be safety in numbers if we walk together. We are more visible to others and company is always welcome. We may even be able to problem solve as we walk and improve some of the paths in the area.

    Read more about Workplace Walking Group

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Getting Cycling on the Cover

    This story is related to Bike Parking at the Operations Centre

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Splash cover v 2.JPG

    To help keep cycling on the agenda and interest more people at work in bike parking, I took a copy of the Splash Magazine to the Netherlands with me. Staff are encouraged to submit photos for the cover of the staff magazine, with a photo of themselves with a cover of the previous edition.

    I managed to get a few people at work interested in bike parking and aware that I was fortunate enough to attend a Dutch Study Tour looking at active transport in the Netherlands. They commented that the bike parking did not look like it was over here in Australia.

    I was one of nine Australians on a Dutch Study Tour organised by the Cycling Promotion Fund in June 2017, similar to the 2014 Netherlands Influential Tour

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Amsterdam study tour.JPG

    Following that I joined the 150 people at the Scientists for Cycling Colloquium and caught up with some of the European Cycling Federation members I met at the last Colloquium in Adelaide in 2014. I also joined 25 Australians at the Global Velo-city 2017 conference in Nijmegen for 1500 people from all over the world. We shared information about best practice cycling facilities and programs and how to make changes to improve bike parking and bike paths. Our aim is to enable more people to cycle more often and more easily.

    I returned to Australia with renewed enthusiasm, motivation and ideas. I have been gradually implementing them where I can and submitting grant applications for additional funding to support more bike riding in my local community. Building a network of supportive enthused bike advocates has helped with my work as a TravelSmart Officer as we continue to share ideas and problem solve globally.

    Read more about Getting Cycling on the Cover

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Replacing Work Trips

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Amsterdam 1970.JPG (1)

    This photo is from the City of Amsterdam in 1970. Replacing car trips can move just as many people, but in a more efficient way. If every person continued to drive as a single occupant in a vehicle and drove for every trip they did in a day, we would be in a constant state of gridlock in some areas. Replacing road trips can be done in many ways. While you may not be able to replace all car trips, you generally can replace some.

    At the City of Cockburn we have taken the following steps to help staff members replaces some car trips some of the time:

    • Flexible work times mean that we don't drive one in ten working days.
    • Staff generally car pool to attend most meetings.
    • Some meetings are conducted electronically, webinars, email, phone etc. without the need for everyone to be in the same room.
    • A phone call or an email is often all that is required, rather than a face to face meeting with the associated travel time.
    • Teleconferencing is being set up at our offices so we can reduce some car travel when we can.
    • The seniors bus is stored securely offsite overnight and is used as a staff shuttle bus to pick up staff each morning and afternoon and transfer them to and from the train station.
    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\50 people going to work.jpg

    Read more about Replacing Work Trips

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bikes vs Bins

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\rubbish bins and bike racks.jpg (1)

    I had a problem with rubbish bins being placed in front of the bike racks when we first moved into our new building. The racks were also placed outside the secure compound. I had a bike stand on my bike so I placed my bike inside the compound away from the bins and where I could see it. I contemplated locking my bike to the fence or to a pole if I needed to park my bike for longer here. I did not want to leave my bike here all day while I was inside working.

    After a few meetings with the building manager and other staff, plus completing a customer request form stating my request, the bins are gone. The bike rack has now been removed and placed in a better location, inside the secure compound, under shelter, away from the bins and with good passive security. Bikes can be parked either side of the fence now depending on how much security you would like. Both racks are under shelter. Bins are gone and bikes are starting to appear. Just need to test the new rack location to make sure it has not been placed too close to the wall. I will follow up with bike riders in my workplace and also keep track of how many bikes start appearing, just like this one. I will keep a photographic diary as that is even better than a bike count.
    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike parking op centre Dec 2017 2.jpg
    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike parking op centre Dec 2017.jpg (2)

    Read more about Bikes vs Bins

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Start a Bike Buddy Scheme

    This story is related to Implement a Bike Buddy scheme

    S:\Engineering and Works\Engineering\Transport Engineering\ACTIVE TRANSPORT\Bicycle and Footpath Plans\2016 Bicycle and Footpath Plan\WABN grant\Rocky Road Bikeway\photos\Rockingham Rd  8 10 17.jpg

    I started my first workplace Bicycle User Group by linking up staff members to more experienced bike riders to build confidence of bike riders. It does help to get more people riding in the workplace and to share the knowledge of local paths and roads. I provide extra support and advice to staff in my workplace to help them get riding, but I am also provide more support to the wider community so they can ride too. In this way, the workplace bike group expanded to a community bike group. The City of Cockburn is planning to run a series of bike buddy sessions supported by bike coaches so staff and community members can gain the skills and confidence to ride to work and ride with their families on the weekend or to school.

    The City of Cockburn has gone one step further and is linking Bicycle User Groups so we are Bike Group Buddies. Bike groups from the City of Cockburn and the City of Gosnells have joined with the City of Fremantle to ride together exploring bike paths and working out the best bike routes in the local area. Doubling the number of people riding in the local area is easy if you bring a friend, even easier if you bring a group. Safety in numbers is another benefit as you are more visible when you ride together rather than riding alone. Most people that ride have some local knowledge of quiet back streets and paths that link areas so you can avoid riding near or along busy roads. Bike Buddies and Bike Group Buddies are ideal for sharing this information and making new friendships. My new Bike Buddies also help advocate for improving missing links in the path network, identify places where bike parking is needed and can advocate across the border in neighbouring councils so paths are better connected.

    Read more about Start a Bike Buddy Scheme

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Grants, grants and more grants

    This story is related to Apply for a grant

    S:\Engineering and Works\Engineering\Transport Engineering\ACTIVE TRANSPORT\Bicycle and Footpath Plans\2016 Bicycle and Footpath Plan\WABN grant\Rocky Road Bikeway\photos\copy Rockingham Rd missing paths 6 10 17.jpg

    Grants are useful to help implement some of your plans. Missing sections of path make it much harder for people to ride in the local area. I have put in for infrastructure grants so that more people can ride to work, ride to the shops and ride to school. The paths were identified as part of our bike plan. We asked for community input and support for the paths and found that people do want more shared paths so that it is safer when they walk and ride. Many people do not want to be so reliant on cars to get around. I walk and ride the areas I want to have improved and take photographs to keep a record of conditions or problems. The bike rider on this road was riding past just at the right time. Less confident riders do not ride in this area as there are no paths on this busy road. There are many obstacles that you need to overcome to install paths. There is generally a reason why the paths are missing. It could be the land is privately owned; plans are in place for future development; land is very steep or rocky; there is a lack of space between property boundaries or on the road. If we are successful in obtaining grants, we are able to spread the $$ put aside for shared paths further and connect more shared paths so more people can walk and ride without needing to ride on busy roads.

    I am also applying for Bike Week grants and other grants to help activate the existing paths and conduct some bike skills courses to get more people on bicycles recreationally at Bibra Lake, Manning Park and Coogee Beach as well as riding to the stations at Cockburn Central and Aubin Grove. I hope to see you and your family and friends out walking and riding on the many paths in the City of Cockburn.

    Read more about Grants, grants and more grants

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Industrial Area Travel Survey

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Commute trips Op Centre Sept 2017.JPG

    I moved offices earlier this year to Bibra Lake Industrial Area and conducted a travel survey of all staff in my new workplace. There were no surprises to me that 94% of the nearly 100 staff members drive their car to work, as the car park is always full. I was surprised that despite the fact that the local area is a relatively hostile environment, there are a few people who do walk or ride to work. I was also surprised how far people drive to work as 60% live more than 10 km away and half of those more than 30km away. They are unable to use public transport due to their work hours and their work location.

    I will work on improving the hostile environment by improving the paths in the area as much as I can. There are currently many missing paths. A staff shuttle bus comes past twice a day, but this is only useful to staff that work specific hours, not those that start early or finish late. There are no buses within 1 km and no linking paths. This is not unusual in industrial areas. It does created a TravelSmart black hole though and makes the challenge to get more people walking, riding and using public transport difficult in this area. Lucky I like a challenge. A quarter of those surveyed live within 5 km. I will do what I can to make it easier for those wanting to walk and ride in the area, by improving the existing paths, putting in grant applications to build additional paths and seeing if a tree or two can be added to improve their journey through this hostile area.
    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Distance commute Ops Sept 2017.JPG

    Read more about Industrial Area Travel Survey

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    CoBug (Cockburn Bicycle User Group)

    This story is related to Create a bicycle user group (BUG)

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Ride to Work 2 red.PNG

    CoBug (Cockburn Bicycle User Group) is a co-operative, collaborative, community Bicycle User Group in the City of Cockburn and consists of local residents, staff members and others that ride or are interested in riding a bicycle in the local area. The group started many years ago but became more active in 2016 when I joined the group.

    The aim of CoBug is to:
    • Normalise bike riding to work, to school, to the train station/shops or for recreation.
    • Increase the number of people on bicycles (from 8-80) riding on safe, connected and attractive bike paths within the local area.
    • Encourage more people to be interested in starting to riding bikes or finding new places to ride in the area.
    • Provide information to the City of Cockburn staff and residents, Main Roads, the Department of Transport, consultants and developers so that best practice bike paths are developed and existing routes are maintained or improved.
    • Encourage bike skills training and bike maintenance sessions to be held in the area.
    • Encourage informal social rides for everyday riders visiting places of interest, artwork, parks, cafes and beaches within and around the City of Cockburn.
    • Promote to individuals, workplaces and schools.
    • Promote the Department of Transport's online hazard report form for reporting any hazards on paths or roads.
    • Connect to interested local bike shops, bike mechanics and bike friendly cafes.

    Read more about CoBug (Cockburn Bicycle User Group)

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Learning to share the space

    This story is related to Start a Your Move Working Group

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Famous Sharron Bibra Lake.jpg

    Famous Sharron joined us on a bike ride around Bibra Lake, helping everyone learn how to share the space while they walk or ride around the lake. She did not wear quite so much bling when she rode and she did wear a helmet. We had a fun morning spreading graciousness, being highly visible and sharing the path. We modelled behaviour such as slowing down on your bike when approaching other path users. Being friendly by ringing our bells politely, saying hello and thanking people for keeping left and enabling us to safely pass. The event was primarily for walking group members, but anyone that was at Bibra Lake at that time was treated to seeing Famous Sharron riding past in her gracious flamboyancy.

    Read more about Learning to share the space

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Share the Space when you walk or ride

    \\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Famous Sharron nutcase helmets.jpg

    Famous Sharron will be riding with us on Friday morning 17 November 2017 at Bibra Lake from 8.45 to 11am. Meet at Progress Drive (opposite Gwillam Drive) for a 3km or 6km walk, roll, ride or scoot.
    We would like to have a few bike riders to attend the session to show how to share the space graciously. Slow riding, a bit of bell ringing and friendly hellos may be required.
    This year we are celebrating “Share the Space” as more people are using the paths these days. People are welcome to walk, roll, ride, or scoot 3 or 6 km. We encourage walking (W), cycling (C), public transport (PT) and carpooling, rather than single occupant driver (SO) to get to the event.

    Read more about Share the Space when you walk or ride

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bike Dr Maintenance Workshop

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    H:\My Documents\New folder\photos\Bike Dr Atwell 2017 and bike parking\20170422_102026.jpg

    Organising a bike maintenance session on a school oval during a community festival sounded like a good idea and plenty of people were interested in coming along. I wondered how I could attract attention on the day so people could find us. I came up with a good idea. Just wear my red Nutcase helmet and high visibility jacket. It was easy to pick me out. I just walked around and spoke to everyone I saw with a bike and headed them in the right direction. It did not take long until we had a circle of the riders that had signed up in earlier, working away on their bikes. Several families participated in the event. It was good seeing fathers and sons working together to maintain their bikes but even better seeing sisters working on their bikes. Having it on the weekend was a good way for staff members and community members to be able to have the time to participate.

    Many other people at the community festival saw the bike circle and came over and watched for a while. I was able to talk to them about bike issues and I am sure many of them went home and pumped up their bike tyres and went for a ride. I gave out many maps and encouragement to ride to school and to work. Combining a workplace and community event was a good way of organising an event where otherwise I would have had limited numbers.

    I will let you in on my secret. This time, I did not ride to the event as it was on the weekend and far from my home. The work vehicle I was using did not have a towbar, so I did not bring a bike. By wearing my helmet and high visibility jacket, everyone assumed I had ridden. There were so many bikes around, no one even noticed as they assumed that it was tied up nearby. Instead of using my bike basket to carry merchandise, as I usually do, I used a folding shopping trolley bag. I kept my helmet in that as well, until I needed to wear it for shade and to be spotted.
    Lessons learnt
    • I recommend that you have one person that watches and talks to anyone that approaches the 'circle'. Bike maintenance participants registered in advance and paid a small fee to participate. Several festival patrons, not aware of this, wanted the Bike Dr to check their bikes, like they do for the Pop Up sessions we organise. I was able to keep the onlookers back so they could still listen but not get in the way of those hard at work maintaining their bikes under the guidance of the Bike Dr.
    • Ask for some shade to be provided. Trees, awnings, shadecloth, umbrellas all would have been useful. I liked the location as it helped the event to be a very visible activity but it became quite hot by 12 noon.

    Read more about Bike Dr Maintenance Workshop

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Competition - for schools & workplaces!

    Your Move 30 8 2017 comp.jpg

    I'd love to see more schools and workplaces in the City of Cockburn join Your Move and via and win $1,000 for bike racks or other useful items that help make it easier to ride. Check out if your school or workplace is enrolled yet. You have to be in it to win it. You may also learn some good tips so that it is easier for people to walk and ride.

    Read more about Competition - for schools & workplaces!

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Making Two Wheels Work Today

    City of Cockburn TSO forum pic.jpg

    Great panel session today. Thank you to all the speakers. You had our full attention with many good questions and answers as we are all keen to get more people on bikes, riding to and from work, going to meetings, riding to the local shops or joining in social rides. We look like we are glued to our seats!

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    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Your Move Induction Day

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    I'm at Your Move Unwrapped today to help get the City of Cockburn staff, schools, workplaces, residents and visitors walking, cycling and using public transport more often. Your Move has a network of over 60 champions representing Perth Schools and Workplaces here today. Join us! #YourMove #OnBoard

    Read more about Your Move Induction Day

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bike Dr Maintenance at Cockburn

    Bike Dr Harmony.jpg

    Bike Maintenance 1 Course at the Cockburn Cultural Fair

    A hands on 2 hour bike maintenance session, covering the "need to know" basics. Learn bike parts, bike servicing, puncture repair and how to clean and maintain your chain. We believe enabling people to work on their own bike, with the guidance of a mechanic, is the best way to instill mechanical knowledge. It’s essential that participants bring their own bike. BikeDr will provide the rest. Registrations essential.

    When: Sat. 22 April 2017 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

    Cost: $15.00 for City of Cockburn residents and staff, $25.00 for others (plus booking fee)

    Where: Harmony Oval, Harmony Avenue, Harvest Lakes, Atwell. Register via

    Read more about Bike Dr Maintenance at Cockburn

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    Bike Week - Giro 'd Perth

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    H:\My Documents\New folder\Giro d Perth Jillian.jpg

    The City of Cockburn Wellness Committee are encouraging staff to join in the Giro’d Perth event as part of Bike Week 2017. Giro ‘d Perth is not a race from Geraldton to Perth as some people have presumed.

    Get out your Hawaiian shirts and fancy frocks and you may win a prize for Glamour or Best Decorated. Cockburn’s very own Jillian Woolmer, Travelsmart Officer, is one of the judges for the event!

    Giro’d Perth is a backlane bike odyssey! It’s all about bike love and it’s a lot of fun! The ride is a clue finding meander around Perth. There are back lanes, bike lanes, quiet roads and avenues of trees. Grab your map, ride off and find the clues - take a photo, have a look, grab a coffee, find new places and explore.

    At the end of a fun discovery ride, you’ll reach the finish piazza with food, refreshments and more. Get a photo at the "Photo Booth", see stalls by fellow bike lovers, get your bike repaired, try "Honey I Shrunk the Bikes" and put your bike in the racks to win a prize. Stick around and enjoy the morning!

    Pick up map and ride off 7am - 10am
    Finish Piazza from 9.30am
    Bike judging 11.15am - 11.45am
    Presentations 12 noon

    It is not a race but a way of getting more people to start exploring the local area by bike,

    How to register:
    Firstly, decide whether you’d like to ride for 11km, 17km or challenge yourself to 31km. Register as a solo participant or as a group at, provide proof of purchase and bank details to HR then you will be reimbursed by EFT payment. Simple. I am sure other workplaces or local governments could form similar teams, if they have not already.

    Read more about Bike Week - Giro 'd Perth

    Jillian Woolmer
    City of Cockburn

    The right place at the right time

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    I have managed to get a few staff to test ride e-bikes by placing the bikes in highly visible areas where people are gathering or walking past. Many people are interested in them but have not had the opportunity to ride one. Staff member Michael was just walking by and happened to be in the right place at the right time when I was testing some e-bikes to add to our bike fleet. He was keen to have a go as he had never been on an e-bike before. I am a bike coach so I gave him a quick e-bike overview. I had organised for a photographer from our communications team to take a few photos for the local media so our conversation and ride were captured.

    I am riding "Cruisy Suzy" (our older style heavy e-bike) and we bought two more e-bikes after testing bikes from many bike shops. This photograph turned out well as we were in the right place at the right time, perfect weather, authentic smiles as we were really having fun and we managed to get the City of Cockburn signage in the background. The photograph has been used many times now and I have set up many more e-bike speed dates to see if the bike and the bike rider get along. People find it less intimidating as they just have a quick go and see what it is like to ride. Around 20 staff have had a go in this way. Some of them are now using the e-bikes to attend meetings and inspect bike paths. Others have started riding more and bought their partners bikes so they can ride together.

    H:\My Documents\New folder\photos\2016 City of Cockburn TravelSmart Wins\Admin Building new ebikes.JPG (1)

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