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Ruth Behn
City of Melville

CEO chooses pedal power for work commute

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On your bike!

City of Melville CEO, Marten, thought it a bit embarrassing taking his electric assist bike for the 4km round trip commute to work, but as it is our quest to get our employees using sustainable transport, Marten certainly leads the way!

“Getting the electric assist has actually made it more viable for me to bike every day – walking took 20 minutes, biking takes me just a tad longer than the car. With the bike I can also wear my work attire and it gives me a first-hand view of safety for cyclists on our roads.

Jumping on the bike after a long day at work is refreshing, and I encourage more people to give it a go.” Marten Tieleman CEO, City of Melville

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Ruth Behn

What commute?

I’m writing this from my iPhone so apologies for any formatting issues. Started with a walk with my dog and a friend at 6.30 am and back home to bacon and eggs cooked by my ISO husband.

Into work by 8 am at my home study desk and straight into the tasks of the day. Not a bad routine on reflection; and very lucky to have a job. If I have to go into the Civic Centre, the journey takes 10 minutes on my bike as the roads are calm and easy to cross. Life’s good.

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Ruth Behn
City of Melville

Murdoch Drive Shared Path

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In June 2019, the City of Melville activated the new Murdoch Drive shared path from Leach Highway to South Street. The path follows the western side of Murdoch Drive adjacent to Piney Lakes reserve and wends its way through the local suburb. Cyclists from West Cycle, the City of Melville staff and councillors, the Mayor, representatives of the TravelSmart/Road Safety working group, local residents and school students all helped to promote the activation and participate in the video. A number of people cycled a broad portion of the path as others walked. Spot interviews were conducted with the cyclists and pedestrians for the video. A licensed drone was dispatched to provide aerial footage of the new path. Together with video clips and still photography the back drop for the short film was created. Comments about the new amenity were recorded and sound bites were later extracted to add to the videography which resulted in an upbeat, informative promotion for the shared path.

Follow this link to YouTube to see the video.

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Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

Let's GLOW Riding - Melville

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There are many types of bike events you can run and each of them attracts a different type of rider.

Running a GLOW bike ride was lots of fun and attracted mainly families, especially with kids in the 6-12 age category. Organising a ride meant that the whole family had bikes that were functional, they had found a new place to ride and all the bikes had lights......plenty of lights! (Being visible while riding was one of the key messages we were sending, in addition to the fact that riding is fun.

Everything is definately more fun at night time and families were creative in how they dressed up their bikes and local schools helped getting students excited about the ride.

In the first year we provided sandwiches but in the second year riders were happy with boxes of fruit, fruit juice and water.

Minimising the need for traffic management meant that the route stuck to the river foreshore path however many people were unaware of the shared path under Mt Henry bridge and also how great the views are.

The GLOW ride is definately something that the riders will remember for some time.

DSC_1560 GLOW RIDE 2017.jpg

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Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

Macrae Rd and bike safety

This story is related to Suggestions to Local Gov for pathway improvements

Macrae Rd, running parallel to Canning Hwy in Applecross has long been a Perth Bike Network route providing bike riders with a direct route through local streets while avoiding dangerous traffic on Canning Hwy.

As journey times on Canning Hwy increased drivers started to rat-run along Macrae Rd making Macrae rd at Ardross St the second most dangerous place to ride a bike in Perth. Crashes between bike riders and drivers were also very high along the length of Macrae Rd. (See photos below).

A pre-deflection was installed at Perth’s second most dangerous intersection (Ardross St at Macrae Rd) and this intersection has not seen a single bike rider crash in the 4 years since it was constructed.

A cul-de-sac of Macrae at Gairloch has further reduced crashes along Macrae from 9 crashes in the three years before the closure to 4 crashes in the three years since the closure.

The proposed cul de sac treatment divided public opinion however after a one year trial using rubber kerbing and extensive before and after traffic surveys the works were made permanent.

Evaluations continue to ensure safety remains a priority and interestingly some residents who opposed the works are now supportive because the quieter streets are much more family-friendly.

Macrae before and crashed bike.jpg (1)
Macrae Rd after people.jpg (1)
Cul de sac and pre deflection of Macrae aerials.jpg

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Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

Can positive stimuli improve driver behaviour?

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Melville, like everywhere, has many streets where residents complain about the speed of drivers. When 85th percentile speeds are 10km/hr or more above the posted speed limit traffic data is sent to the Police who consider using speed cameras to moderate speeds.

However we have many more streets where drivers are travelling between 1 and 9 km/hr above the speed limit causing concern for residents but not enough to trigger attention from the Police.

Speeding drivers impact on how residents use the street and has serious implications for road safety. A study of Western Australian car crashes showed that 32% of pedestrians killed would have survived if the driver was driving just five kilometres an hour slower, and one person in 10 would not have not been hit at all! (Source: Office of Road Safety

The 'Safe Speed Check' signs have an inbuilt radar allowing the sign to display each drivers individual speed, a corresponding smiley face or a frowny face and a reminder of the posted speed.

For engineering staff the Safe Speed Check signs record 2 speeds for each vehicle that passes. The V1 speed is recorded when the vehicle first enters the radar beam and a second V2 speed is recorded when the vehicle is adjacent to the sign after the driver has responded to the sign.

Like getting a sticker at school for good behaviour it seems that as adult drivers we still respond to positive stimul and reminders! Drivers can be seen to be reducing their speed to match the speed limit while the signs are in operation.

Currently signs are operating on Preston Pt Rd, Bull Creek Dve and Bateman Rd. In a few months we’ll relocate them to three new locations on some of our ‘speedier’ streets. The footings will stay in place and be re-used as needed.

The signs quantify driver speed reductions and we will also do speed / traffic counts along the roads while the signs are in place and after they have been removed to see if there is a residual effect on driver speeds after the signs have been removed. Typically we have been getting a reduction in 85th percentile speeds of around 4km/hr.

Already the signs have been valuable in terms of managing resident expectations for vehicle speeds in their street. At around $6,000 installed the signs are cost effective. If they prove to be effective in the long term there is the potential to replace traditional Local Area Traffic Management - being more cost-effective than chicanes / roundabouts and more palatable than speed cushions.

We’ll continue investigations however the Safe Speed Check signs appear to be doing a good job to date............. and we have ordered 2 more!

Safe Speed Check Sign Montage.jpg (1)

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Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

City of Melville Hires 3 electric bikes for 6 days

This story is related to BikeDr Bike Transit 101 workshop

In March 2018 the City of Melville (COM) hired 3 electric bikes from Spinway WA.

The trial was arranged so that staff could consider how useful they would be as fleet bikes and also so that staff could see whether they might also be an option for staff commuting.

One-third of COM staff live within the City and so many people drive 5 kms or less to work each day.

The Trial with Spinway WA was simple. They delivered the 3 electric bikes and explained how to use them to interested staff. The bikes are simple and easy to use and were used for our GLOW Ride that night.

The bikes allow you to maintain a speed of 30kms/hr and proved ideal to help check the 7 km GLOW Ride circuit for obstacles before the ride, for leading the ride and then later to collect any rubbish from the event.

These electric bikes were great for site inspections, taking a similar amount of time as using the work car while being far more enjoyable. However it takes a concerted effort to encourage staff who hadn't been on a bike for some years to use them. We hope to hire the bikes for longer periods in the future to help staff to get familiar with them.

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Ruth Behn
City of Melville

Walk Safely to School at Oberthur Primary

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We had a very successful first Walk To School morning regardless of the wet weather with over 250 of our 630 students participating in this initiative.

We held a fruit breakfast for them upon arrival and even did a tally for the winning class. Attached are photos. Enjoy!

Thank you very much for the $100 cheque which enabled us to provide a good amount of fruit for our children. They were overjoyed and we now have enough scraps for our compost! J



Jinnee Wong

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