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Subi does Bike Month 2019

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Although Bike Month caught us by surprise, Subi staff quickly got a little promo out to the community and signed up a City of Subiaco staff team.

Fourteen City staff participated in the WestCycle Bike Month Challenge. Many participating staff regularly cycle to work and a few new riders took up the challenge. Collectively, the team cycled 2,389 km during November and accrued 2,380 day points and 650 encourager points .The City came 10th in WA in our size category, and 2nd in the Government and Public Services subcategory. There were 189 organisations and 2,342 participants in the challenge across WA.

Well done challengers! Special Achievements:
• Top Riders (most kilometres) – Lucy (572km), Mal (565km) & Gloria (397km).
• Top Riders (most rides) – Jutta (34), Lucy (26) & Mal (24).
• Top encouragers were Amalia, Julia and Claire.

Subi staff had a fab time, with a little bit of cheeky competition and friendly encouragement.

bike month.png

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Bike Week 2019

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Better late than never! Subiaco supported and celebrated Bike Week in March 2019 with five fabulous engaging events and activities; Bike Breakfast, Ride to Market, Bike Maintenance Workshop, Free Spin Classes and an activity at the Race Around Subi event.

The Subiaco Bike Breakfast above the Subiaco Train Station was popular as always. About 500 cyclists attended and enjoyed free breakfast, bike maintenance and a selection of information stalls. WA Police and Cycliq were the most popular. The City also promoted our Lords Recreation Centre and Act Belong Commit. We added a few new things this year including some picnic bench seating and a piano accordion player for some Parisian vibes.

Bike Breakfast combined photos.png

The Bike Maintenance Workshop was booked out immediately again. Will consider running more than one in the future as attendees gain a lot of value from these.

2019 - Bike Maintenance workshop 15 Mar.jpeg

Ride to Market attracted a lot of families, many who dragged their old dusty bikes out of the shed to ride to the markets to collect a $10 market voucher, and some freebies (even some retro TravelSmart merch!). We also had free bike maintenance at this event that was very popular.

2019 - Ride to Market 02.JPG

Lords Recreation Centre ran a 'bring a friend for free' offer for all spin classes during Bike Week to give the community the opportunity to experience cycling for fitness. Many people took up this offer.

The biennial Race Around Subi event run by the City's youth advisory group, Subi Voice of Youth, also occurred during Bike Week. The City hosted a bike theme activity for race participants where they had to name the parts of the bicycle correctly to collect a stamp on their race passport.

2019 - Race Around Subi 1.JPG

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Safer roads for all users

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The City of Subiaco is supporting and promoting the Road Ribbon for Road Safety Campaign over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. As a part of this campaign we are promoting safer roads for all uses; walking, cycling, scooting.

To support this message, the City is giving out free 'Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids' bin stickers. The bin stickers are available from the Subiaco Library during the campaign, until the 4 January (and then upon request). Hundreds of stickers have also been dropped at local primary schools who are distributing out to their families.

So far the bin stickers have been very popular! We hope to see them popping up all over Subiaco on bin day.

Road Ribbon Display.jpg

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Riding with the community for better access

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The Technical Services team at the City of Subiaco is responsible for both building and maintaining infrastructure that facilitates active transport. When members of our community get in touch regarding issues to do with cycling and walking, our staff always head out for a look in person to make sure they understand the situation, and can respond appropriately.

Recently, a community member contacted our Sustainability and Transport Officer with an invitation for a bike ride to discuss some minor modifications to the City’s transport infrastructure that would help more people to cycle. The suggestions were helpful and doable, and included a range of actions like trimming bushes to allow for better visibility on Hay Street and fixing lumpy bits of the Fremantle PSP; we are working our way through the list.

One important item was the installation of a pram ramp at the Jersey Street end of Cardigan Terrace. The community member had noted that many people prefer to cycle on Cardigan Tce instead of Hay Street as there is much less motorised traffic, and it’s a natural route connecting Jolimont Primary, a group of shops and Lords recreation centre, amongst other things (pictured below). Our team met on site to see if a pram ramp was a good idea, found it was, and as a result it will be installed early in the New Year.

YM map cardigan.PNG

In Technical Services we understand that small changes like this can make a big difference to how people experience active transport, and in turn, how likely they are to keep travelling sustainably. At the City of Subiaco we welcome suggestions from the public about how to improve their local environment to support walking, cycling and scooting. We may not be able to do everything at once, but if it is a simple and logical request it can usually be fitted into the work schedule.

Author: Georgia Scott - Transport and Sustainability Officer

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Bike Week 2019: planning & grant application

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We've reviewed our 2018 Bike Week events, made changes based on participant and staff feedback, and planned our events for 2019. Subiaco will be holding similar events to previous years with some minor adjustments such as moving our Bike to Work Breakfast from Friday to Wednesday. We are continuing our support of the Ride to Market event at Subiaco Farmers Market and are planning to add a few new features. Other events during Bike Week will be confirmed with the hosting city branches early next year.

Key changes resulting from feedback:
- Moving our main event, Bike to Work Breakfast, from Friday to Wednesday. This is to enable more people to participate (many people take Friday's off), and also to enable more city staff to assist with running the event, and reducing 'burn out' in a event-busy week.
- Rearranging the event site for a more compact, festival feel.
- Free I 'bike' Subiaco t-shirts; given out on a first-in basis (no pre-order).
- Food and drink; issue tokens as participants check-in (no pre-order).
- Hire a couple more bike mechanics (hopefully) so there isn't a huge queue.
- Try a different type of bike parking.
- Hiring more and different types of tables and chairs.

After finalising out 2019 event planning, we applied for a Bike Week Grant are are pleased to say our application was successful! The Grant will go a long way to supporting our Bike to Work Breakfast which brings together about 500 cyclists of all levels and ambitions.

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Ride2Work Day in Subi

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Subi staff got into the fun of National Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, 17 October 2018. Some cycled to work, to meetings on their own or the pool bike, and some also joined over 1,200 like-minded people at the Ride2Work Breakfast held at Elizabeth Quay hosted by Bicycling WA.

The city ran a photo competition with some great prizes up for grabs from the Your Move shop. Alice from Commercial Services won the major prize of a TBE voucher; Alice rides to work most days and also uses her bike to get to meetings locally and in Perth city (pictured below returning from a City meeting).

Alice - I rode to work and then hopped on the bike to a meeting in town..jpg

A number of other staff also entered the competition. Pictured below is Gloria the Systems Analyst, Donna the Events Officer, Amalia the EHO, and Lucy the Librarian. About 20 city staff regularly cycle to work at the Administration Centre, Library, Community Centre, Lords Recreation Centre or the Operations Centre.

Ride2Word 2018 photos combined.PNG

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Ride2Work Day event promotion

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The city is promoting National Ride2Work day to staff and the community including BWA's Ride2Work Day Breakfast at Elizabeth Quay. The BWA event has been promoted in the city's internal staff newsletter and with posters placed in each workplace.

This year we are running a small Ride2Work selfie competition for city staff with some great prizes on offer for the best pictures!

The city will also be promoting Ride2Work Day more generally to our community through social media and posters on our noticeboards.

Promoting Ride2Work Day.PNG

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Promoting travel options with staff

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In September we re-promoted the staff Smartriders with all staff, new and existing, through the city's internal newsletter.

On the city's internal website, the hive, staff can access information on local public transport routes and also download the Your Move map for Subiaco. Hard copy maps and timetables are also available in each main workplace.

Promoting Staff Smartriders to all and new staff - 28 sept.PNG

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Sustainable Travel Allowance

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Since January 2006 the city has offered staff the option of the sustainable travel allowance (STA) instead of a staff parking permit. On average, each year 40-50% of eligible staff choose the STA instead of a permit. All employees on the city’s payroll, other than casual employees receiving the 25% loading, are eligible to receive the STA.

To claim the Sustainable Travel Allowance staff must travel to work in any mode other than car as the driver. On average, about 54% of staff use public transport, 27% walk, 11% cycle, and 8% car pool.

Currently, the STA is $9 per day (after tax) and is simply logged on the staff member’s timesheet. Staff have reported that they find the STA a great incentive walk or cycle to work, or to use public transport more often. Those that would ordinarily do this find it to be a nice reward.

When staff first start working for the city they are offered the two options of STA or parking permit. On the 31 December each year STA selection and parking permits expire and so again staff have the option to switch to the STA.

bus at subiaco train station.jpg

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Staff Smartriders

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Since they were still called Multiriders(!), SmartRiders have been available for staff for work-related travel such as off-site meetings, site visits, training, workshops, and conferences. Currently, four SmartRiders are available for staff use; two from city’s Administration Centre, and one each from the Library and Operations Centre.

Each card is used at least once or twice a week, sometimes for a few consecutive days. They probably could be better utilised however it really depends on the location the person needs to go to and whether or not they need a car to carry a large amount of equipment.

They are really easy to book out via Outlook; same as booking a pool car. They are also easy to administer; either when advised of low balance by staff or periodically, the CDO Health and Wellbeing takes the cards to the nearest participating newsagency for a top up - this is done about twice a year.

Staff smartriders.jpg

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Staff e-bikes - Nearly1 year on!

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In August 2017 the city launched its new fleet of three electric bicycles (Smart Motion eCity). Each bike is based at one of the city’s main places of work; the Administration Centre (also near the Library and Community Centre), the Operations Centre, and Lords Recreation Centre. The bikes are being promoted as an alternative to using a pool vehicle for work related trips when travelling solo, and even for lunchtime leisure activities.


Further information about training sessions and booking an e-bike is on the staff intranet page and is promoted to new starters. Bookings are made in the same way as booking a pool car via Outlook. The e-bike has a bike lock, water bottle holder, and paniers for storing documents and folders, there are also six helmets of varying sizes for staff to use or they can bring their own.

Before booking and using an e-bike staff must complete a fifteen minute training session with the city’s Transport and Fleet Coordinator or Sustainability and Transport Officer. So far, 42 staff members have completed their e-bike induction.

The Administration Centre e-bike is the most used; on average 4-5 times a week, sometimes as much as 2-3 times a day! Some of the most regular users of the e-bike are the city’s Environmental Health Officers who find the e-bikes an easy way to visit multiple locations for inspections, especially along nearby Rokeby Rd where parking is very limited. However, the e-bike stored at Lords recreation centre is not as loved; the city’s Sustainability and Transport Officer has some plans reinvigorate interest in this neglected and possibly forgotten asset including a communications plan and e-bike induction refreshers for all staff.

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Transport, Access and Parking Strategy

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On 25 July 2017, the city’s Transport, Access and Parking Strategy was adopted by council and advocates for better public transport, and safe, accessible streets for walking and cycling. It proposes changes to parking management with simplified controls and live travel information.

The city has begun implementing actions under local government control and is working with transport organisations and state government to gain support and funding for the strategy.

The city has, over recent years, developed a range of transport related plans and strategies that seek to guide the improvement of transport to and within the City of Subiaco. This suite of strategies and plans include the City of Subiaco’s:
• Sustainability & Resilience Strategy 2016-2021
• Strategic Community Plan
• Corporate Business Plan 2015-2019
• Integrated Transport Strategy 2015-2020
• Parking Strategy 2012-2016
• Economic Development Strategy 2013-2017.

In addition to these documents, the City has also progressed on a range of transport or planning related studies, strategies and plans that are also relevant to the transport network within the City. These include:
• Draft Bike Plan
• Draft Positive Ageing Plan
• Parking Management Precinct Plans for the Town Centre and Subiaco East
• Subiaco Activity Centre Plan, the North Subiaco Structure Plan, and various reports on transport matters developed as part of the review of the City’s Town Planning Scheme.
• Potential to convert Hay Street and Roberts Road into two-way traffic flow corridors.

We are also working on a Corporate Carbon Reduction plan which includes staff travel during worktime, and design guidelines for self-explaining streets that prioritise sustainable transport modes.

TAPS cover page.PNG

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Bike Maintenance Workshop

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As a part of Bike Week 2018, Subiaco Library hosted a bike maintenance workshop as their March BYO lunch and learn activity. Fifteen people attended many sharing bikes between them to learn the ins and outs of basic bike maintenance. Held on the grass outside Subiaco Museum in the shade, attendees were taught how to clean and grease their bike chains and how to fix a puncture. Positive feedback was provided by attendees and the workshop host, local Subiaco business Bike Dr.


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Subiaco Bike to Work Breakfast

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Around 500 regular and new bicycle riders attended the Bike to Work Breakfast at Subiaco Square near the Subiaco train station. Riders who pre-registered collected their free breakfast from one of the participating cafes (Louis Baxters, Croissant Express, or Café Café), and those that that registered early collected their free ‘I bike Subiaco’ t-shirt.

The event had a number of information stalls this year to provide participants with a range of cycling and healthy living information including four stalls from the City of Subiaco; sustainable travel, Act Belong Commit (mental health), a pop up library, and Lords gym. Other stall holders included the MRA with information on the Subi East project, WA Police (Ewatch and Neighbourhood Watch programs, and preventing bike theft), Healthier Workplace WA (including Live Lighter), and local business’s KX Pilates and Bikemore. This event was also the first day out for our new colouring board (pictured in the background below).

The event went really smoothly and even the weather played nicely. You can never over plan, however we did hit one little unforeseen hitch - a bike left attached to our temporary bike parking. Once the bike parking was dismantled and removed the owner of the bike could not be located so unfortunately (or fortunately) the bike was conveyed to the local police station for safe keeping. We'll certainly be putting clear signage on our bike parking next year.


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Supporting Ride to Market - Subi Farmers Market

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Subiaco staff had a fun morning at the Subi Farmers Market talking cycling and celebrating Bike Week with all the local families that frequent the markets. The first 100 who rode to the markets received a $10 voucher to spend at any stall. The weather did not deter people jumping on their bikes - all 100 vouchers were gone by 10am! The early birds attending the markets also received either a bike bell or a t-shirt. The 'Your Move' maps, new cycling brochures from WestCycle and some Act Belong Commit information was also popular. The City of Subiaco's new colouring board was also a hit with kids and adults alike!

Sorry - don't know why the photo's are sideways... an even upside down ?

IMG_7467.JPG (1)
IMG_7468.JPG (1)

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Ride to Work Day 2017

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On Wednesday 18 October 2017 a number of city staff participated in National Ride2Work Day. Those who completed the National Ride2Work Day Survey and pledged to cycle to work on the day went into the draw to win one of four prize packs.

Pictured: City of Subiaco Environmental Health Officer Scott collecting his prize pack on his way back from conducting inspections on one of the city's ebikes.

Ride to work day winner 2017.JPG

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