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Elaine Lewis

Fume Free Friday Fun 2

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 2

Last Friday our YM team organised another Fume Free Friday acknowledgement event. The team greeted all students who came to school in an active way with a choice of rewards - stickers, badges or tattoos. The students didn't know this was a planned event so they were rewarded for being active without the lure of a reward!


This FFF event went well and active students were very pleased to be welcomed to school with a surprise offering.

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Elaine Lewis

Walking Safely in Term 2 - Survey Results

This story is related to Hands up survey

Coolbinia Primary recorded interesting results for the Term 2 Walk to School Safely event. 361 students participated in Term 2, compared with 228 students in Term 1 Hands-Up Survey. There were less students at school on our Term 1 special YM day because of COVID 19 absences.

Comparing the April and June YM special days we found a 12% decrease in students coming to school by car, while there was a 47% increase in students walking to school in Term 2. Interestingly, there was a 19% decrease in cycling for the Term 2 event. Why was that? The day was a sunny day so it wasn't a weather issue; perhaps it was a COVID 19 impact with walking being viewed as safer?

Kindy to Year 1 students completed the survey using the hands-up model, while Years 2-6 participated using a QR code and digital form. The latter initiative is proving to be more efficient in time and decreases classroom disruption. Overall a great innovation for YM at Coolbinia Primary!


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Elaine Lewis

Walk Safely to School Day at Coolbinia

This story is related to Run a special event at your school - Term 2

On Tuesday 16th June, Coolbinia Primary conducted Term 2's special event, Walk Safely to School Day. This event was organised by the Year 4 Your Move team.

The day was a great success. We will report on the actual survey data within the week, however, from the amount of Your Move activity at our school gates the statistics will be am improvement on the Term 1 results.

Raffle tickets were given to students who came to school in an active way. Twenty winning tickets were drawn by the Your Move team - 5 1st prizes, 5 2nd prizes and 10 3rd prizes. We have a lot of prizes to support our promotion of Your Move.

The following photos show some of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes on offer, plus some of the happy winners!

IMG_6490 (Small).JPG
IMG_6493 (Small).JPG
IMG_6496 (Small).JPG
IMG_6497 (Small).JPG
IMG_6499 (Small).JPG
IMG_6500 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

Promotion for Walk to School Day

This story is related to Write an article in your School newsletter - Term 2

Coolbinia Primary School holds a special Your Move day each term, along with regular Fume Free Fridays. We use a range of strategies to promote these activities: posters, PA announcements, class visits, staff meetings, the weekly school newsletter, weekly staff bulletin and the school website. Here are some of our most recent very creative posters advertising last Tuesday's event.

DSCN4067 (Small).JPG
DSCN4068 (Small).JPG
IMG_6475 (Small).JPG
IMG_6476 (Small).JPG
IMG_6477 (Small).JPG
IMG_6479 (1) (Small).JPG
IMG_6480 (1) (Small).JPG
IMG_6481 (1) (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

Fume Free Friday Fun

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 2

Last Friday our Year 4 Your Team members held a surprise FFFF day! As children arrived at school they were greeted by YM organisers and offered a reward of their choice - stickers, badges or tattoos. This action proved a great success in promoting the benefits of YM.

YM_SCN3929 (Small).jpg
YM_DSCN4002 (Small).jpg

This week the YM team has been preparing for our Walk Safely to School Day event, to be held next week, on Tuesday 16th June. Members displayed posters around the school, and advertised the event in the School Bulletin and over the PA. Great prizes are on offer so students are keen to participate in this special day. More news about this event next week ...

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Elaine Lewis

Walking Safely in Term 2

This story is related to Schedule a regular planning session

Coolbinia Primary School's Year 4 Your Move team has been busy planning events for Term 2. Three main events are scheduled:

1. Surprise Fume Free Friday rewards on Friday 5th June;

2. Walk Safely to School Day on Tuesday 16th June; and

3. Surprise Fume Free Friday rewards on Friday 26th June.

The YM team is now working on the advertising for the Walk Safely to School event. We will be creating posters, Staff and Parent Bulletin messages, and PA announcements.

Term 2 is going to be an exciting and busy time for YM! Watch out for our next story reporting on the success of our events!

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Elaine Lewis

Unique Survey Results

This story is related to Hands up survey

The survey results for Coolbinia Primary's Term 1 special Your Move event, held on the 24th March, were very different to those anticipated! Firstly, roughly only half the students were in attendance due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Secondly, there was an increase in students cycling or walking to school compared to the March baseline data survey. Thirdly, we were trialling an online system for collecting the Hands-up survey data and this too was impacted by YM team members being absent due to the virus. So, like walking down a track, little obstacles arose in relation to the collection of our survey data ... but ... like the great adventurers we are ... we persevered and reached our goal in the end ... the survey results were submitted! Hurray!

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Elaine Lewis

Rainbows and Teddies

This story is related to Reflection

Coolbinia Primary is still sharing our 'active transport' message in these days of COVID 19! One of the heart-warming tasks undertaken by the students during the last days of this term was the creation of "Rainbow" posters. These posters were placed on the school fence so that community members passing by could view our positive messages.


While community members are out exercising they are also checking out teddies. In our local area, teddy bears were seen in trees, on balconies and in windows, all sharing the "we are in this together" message. This global teddy phenomenon again shares a positive, caring idea. So, while you are out and about, enjoy the experience so that 'active transport' becomes a way of being!


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Elaine Lewis

It's on the Board!

This story is related to Presentation ceremony for sign/accreditation


Coolbinia Primary has achieved Platinum status as a Your Move school, two years in a row! Our proud Year 4 Your Move students added the 2018 and 2019 Platinum stickers to the Your Move sign at the front of our school.

We reported this news in our online school newsletter as follows: "This is an awesome achievement as it means we are helping to keep our children healthy by encouraging active transport, reducing vehicular congestion around the school, as well as reducing carbon emissions. On top of these benefits, achieving Platinum means we are offered such opportunities as free bike education lessons through the Department of Transport. Being a Your Move school is clearly a positive action for people and the environment.

Congratulations and thanks to all Your Movers!"

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Elaine Lewis

Ride to School Day

This story is related to National Ride2School Day

Today is a very exciting day for Coolbinia's Year 4 Your Move team! We ran our first event for 2020 ... Ride to School Day! It was great fun.

Before the special day we prepared posters, PA announcements and School Bulletin notices to advertise the event.

DSCN3921 (Small).JPG
DSCN3922 (Small).JPG

We arrived at school a bit early on the Ride to School Day so we could be ready to hand out stickers and raffle tickets to children who came to school in an active way - walking or riding a bike/scooter.

DSCN3923 (Small).JPG
DSCN3924 (Small).JPG
DSCN3929 (Small).JPG

After the school bell went at 8.35am we drew out the 20 winning raffle tickets, supervised by our teacher. Two of our team members were winners. Amazing! One team member won a bike helmet and the other a silver umbrella.

DSCN3931 (Small).JPG

Early Childhood classes completed the traditional hands-up survey by 9am, but Year 2-6 are completing their surveys online throughout the day. Results will be tallied and submitted tomorrow. What an exciting responsibility it is being part of Your Move!

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Elaine Lewis

Baseline Survey Innovation

This story is related to Reflection

YM survey_IMG_20200310_095914.jpg

Year 4 students are managing Your Move at Coolbinia Primary this year.

As part of the Your Move program, students in Year 4 need to conduct a survey for all classes, K-Yr 6, to determine how students come to school - by car, walking, bike/scooter or bus?

The survey, conducted at the beginning of each year to collect baseline data, is done by the Your Move 4 students visiting classes and tallying the number of raised hands.

However, this year we did something different! K-Year 1 students supplied the information in the usual way; however, our Year 2-6 students completed the survey using our desktop computers in the Computer Lab.

Our Digital Technologies Specialist, Mr Wilson, guided the Room 9 students through the process of creating the digital surveys using Microsoft Forms which is one of the Office 365 apps. The idea behind this new approach is to be more efficient, save time and reduce disruption to lessons and is also a practical application of the ICT/Digital Technology skills.

Thank you, Room 9 students for doing a great job creating the digital surveys and collecting the baseline data!

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Hop, skip and jump start at Coolbinia PS

This story is related to Fume Free Fridays

This year our Year 4 students will be managing the Your Move program at our school. Meetings are being held with the teachers involved and so far we have resumed our Fume Free Fridays, written an article on Your Move for the School Bulletin to keep parents informed, advised all staff at a Staff Meeting about how the program will operate this year and started planning for the whole year. A jump start ... after a great Your Move year in 2019!

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Luke Erceg
Coolbinia Primary School

Bike Education and Platinum Accreditation

This story is related to Include Your Move as a Assembly item - Term four

Happy last day of school everyone!

One final post to sign off on 2019. 2019 has been not only a fantastic school year at Coolbinia in relation to our everyday school events but also in relation to our Your Move program. We were absolutely thrilled to receive an email right at the tail end of the term to let us know that we achieved platinum accreditation. The timing was absolutely fantastic as it culminated the hard work of the Year 5 students who participated in the program this year. We also managed to squeeze in a write up in the bulletin - it got emailed through just in time to make the final one for the year.

Last official duty for the year has also been completed. This morning the Connecting School Grant has been signed by our school principal which we used for our Bike Education classes in the later part of this term. We had our Year 6 graduation ceremony yesterday. Listening to the reflections of their time at Coolbinia, it was great to hear that a student learned how to ride a bike through this amazing education initiative. We look forward to hopefully running these sessions again next year.

Finally, a massive thank you to the Your Move team for their ongoing support for the program here at Coolbinia and a massive congratulations on their achievements as well. All the best for the holidays and here is to 2020! :)

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Your Move Lab contributes to success at FIRST LEGO League event!

This story is related to Attend Your Move Professional Development Session

Eleven Year 5 Coolbinia Primary students participated in a two-day Your Move Lab: Student Led Sustainability Conference. Some of these students were also members of our school’s Robotics Club. These Robotics Club members shared their Your Move Lab experience with the rest of their Robotics team members. Coolbinia Primary had two teams in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Morley regional event – Coolbinia Skyscrapers and Coolbinia Mechanics.

Nineteen teams took part in the FLL regional event on Saturday 7th December, including our two Coolbinia teams. The theme of this year’s FLL was City Shapers and was all about problem solving what solutions we need to help make cities thrive into the future.

The FLL teams took part in four activities over the event day which included the Robot Game (programming a LEGO EV3 robot to navigate, capture, transport, activate, or deliver objects around a city), Innovation Project (identifying a problem in cities, designing a solution and then sharing the solution with others and sharing it in a 5-minute presentation), Robot Design (10 minute interview about the robot design for the Robot Game) and Core Values (demonstrating how the teams have shown Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun through their FLL journey). The Coolbinia teams’ Innovation Projects were based on Your Move problems identified at the Your Move Lab.

The Innovation Project solutions were: 1. Micro:bit Sensor cycle helmet to repel swooping magpies from the Coolbinia Mechanics, and 2. Green Zone around inner city schools to facilitate walking, riding or scooting from the Coolbinia Skyscrapers. The attached photos show the team members in action before the judges. These two projects were judged as the best out of the nineteen on the day but the Coolbinia Mechanics just edged it to win the Innovative Solution Award.

The Coolbinia Mechanics were also placed in the top six teams on the day, across all the activities, and as a result will take part in this weekend’s State Finals at Curtin University! Many thanks to all involved in conducting the Your Move Lab and the resultant contribution to Coolbinia’s FLL success.

DSCN3740 (Small).JPG
DSCN3749 (Small).JPG
DSCN3752 (Small).JPG
DSCN3768 (Small).JPG

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Luke Erceg
Coolbinia Primary School

Term 4 at Coolbinia

This story is related to Kindy talk

With our school year to go, things at Coolbinia Primary School are beginning to wrap up, but we still have an action packed three weeks to go! Here's a brief snapshot of what we currently have on the go at the moment;

We had another successful Fume Free Friday event today! Developing a close working relationship with the staff member who writes and releases our school bulletin ensures that we have our fortnightly community updates. As it was our second last Fume Free Friday for the year, the Term 4 Your Move students wrote a brief piece that introduced themselves and advertised the event. Numbers were high due to the fantastic weather and a number of our classes are currently participating in Bike Education workshops during their PE classes. It was great to see the school bike racks to full.

The Year 5 teachers who run our Your Move program reflected on what we were able to achieve this year and set up what we are aiming for in 2020. It was great to be able to link the Your Move program into our PBS token system to increase the visibility of Your Move. We are looking to PBS into our Waste Wise program next year also. We are currently finalising which teacher(s) will be undertaking the Your Move program next year and making sure that we have one regular planning day set aside each term next year to maintain our achievements and ideas from 2019. The Term 4 Your Move students will soon be cashing in our points for some exciting new prizes for our 2020 events as they will expire by the end of this year. Having the students select the prizes makes the process all the more enjoyable and we can select prizes based off student interest and demand :)

Last week we had our Kindy Talk for our new parents. It's great to get positive feedback regarding the array of sustainability programs being run at Coolbinia. After the Kindy Talk, our student leaders conducted school tours to show parents the school facilities and some of the classrooms.

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Luke Erceg

Term 3 Reflection

This story is related to Reflection

I'm sure I speak for most people in that Term 3 often feels like the busiest term for each school, often due to the large number of sporting and athletics events. Last term was even busier in our classroom with the addition of swimming lessons and our class assembly. It's great to be giving an update, particularly as it's been so long in between.

The Your Move students have continued to promote active travel in an ongoing manner through our Fume Free Friday events. We created posters at the start of the year to promote these days (which take place on non-assembly Fridays). It's great to see these still around the school. While I was off for what seemed like an eternity (thank you flu season), the relief teacher guided the class through the process of creating posters for last term's Your Move event - World Car Free Day. Reflecting with our Cross-Curriculum Coach, we decided to scan and save examples of previous posters in order to provide students with examples. Often starting is posters is the hardest part! These quarterly planning and reflection sessions have been extremely beneficial and one contributing aspect to the embedding of Your Move within the school culture.

As it is was a new semester, the next group of students were able to partake in the Your Move program. We established the team and had our first team meeting. A large number of the students in this team are in my Year 5 class. These students decided that they would like to continue promoting active transport by conducting daily hands up surveys during our crunch and sip time. While slow at first, we definitely saw an increase in active transport rates in our classroom, particularly when we started an active transport challenge amongst the class. We set a target and negotiated a reward that links in with our classroom currency and whole school Positive Behaviour Support tokens. This role is shared between students through our classroom jobs system - which is linked to the aspects of the Sustainability Footprint and Ecological Handprint.

We conducted a hands up survey on World Car Free Day to great success. During our quarterly planning and reflection sessions we noted that it often took more time to enter the results into an Excel Spreadsheet and then enter this into the Your Move system after school. Last term we decided to enter the results straight in and then I would double check them after school. While a great idea in theory this doesn't account for power outages and unfortunately our results were lost. This term we will go back to the old system as it was a shame to miss out on the opportunity to reflect on the hard work that the students completed over the course of the term.

Having been in the Your Move champion role for my second year now I have developed a relationship with the creator and publisher of our weekly school bulletin. She often double checks if we have a Your Move event that requires promotion within the school and makes sure that the Fume Free Friday reminder goes into the weekly bulletin.

The next round of in-house PL for Your Move will take place this term as we have a large number of prac students in the school, particularly in the classes that run the Your Move sustainability program in the school (Year 5 and Year 5/6 classes this year). This in-house PL will be given in the lead up to the event for this term and during the upper primary Phase of Learning meeting to ensure that if there is any movement of teachers between year groups that they have the required knowledge and skills to continue implementing the program within the school. We are also in the process of writing a new school Business Plan. The Empowering Futures Commitee which focuses on Science, Technology, ICT and the Cross Curriculum Priorities are keen to see the sustainability programs (including Your Move) are listed as a strategy for developing student leadership within the school.

We also noted during our quarterly reflection one roadbloack that we have faced this year in relation to our class structure. As mentioned previously, each year level is responsible for a different sustainability initiative within the school - Year 4 (Waste Wise), Year 5 (Your Move) and Year 6 (Energy Smart and River Rangers). As we have a 4/5 split, a straight Year 5 class and two Year 5/6 splits. We have had to adjust the term teams several times to ensure that each classroom and student gets a turn at the appropriate sustainability program which has proven slightly difficult this year to the large number of splits. Some forward planning will be done to map out the 2020 year and improve on this process.

Lastly, we are just in the process of organising our bike education sessions. As we have a new PE teacher this year we have found this process has taken a bit longer to plan and navigate but will be quicker each time now that it is a more familiar process. The students are super excited to see the their hard work over the course of the year come to fruition in these education sessions.

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Kids Teaching Kids Conference

This story is related to Attend Your Move Professional Development Session

Our Year 6 students attended the Kids Teaching Kids Conference yesterday. The Conference was held at the Mandurah Sailing Club, with students from ten schools from the Perth and Peel regions represented. One of the workshops we attended was conducted by the Baldvis Secondary College Green Team. The title of their presentation was the "Effect of Your Move and Active Transport on a Healthy Lifestyle".

This Your Move workshop was extremely enjoyable. The Green Team had the audience up and active, playing different games that demonstrated the benefits of engaging in physical activities with others, that used a wide range of our senses. Laughter and movement were features of this workshop, leading to the take home message that active transport is fun, healthy and good for the environment. Congratulations Baldvis Secondary College Green Team!

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Luke Erceg

Your Move At Coolbinia Primary School Term 1 Update

This story is related to Write your first report in your School newsletter

Wow! 2019 has well and truly started and a lot has been happening at our school in the five weeks that we've been back. To start the year, new staff to the school were given a professional learning on the various sustainability programs being run at Coolbinia (Year 3: Water Wise program, Year 4: Waste Wise Warriors, Year 5: Your Move and Year 6: Energy Smart). Given that focus on sustainability at our school, the members of the Cross-Curriculum Priorities team thought it was crucial that new staff receive PL on the programs that will be running around them. On two occasions I have provided a further snapshot/update about the Your Move program at our weekly communications meeting to ensure that all staff are aware of any Your Move events for the week and are promoting them accordingly in their classrooms. As the Your Move Champion and program coordinator at Coolbinia Primary School, I drew up a manual and exemplar templates that contain all the relevant information for anybody stepping into the coordinator role in the future or for staff who need further support with integrating it into their classrooms.

Our first Your Move student team for the year was established in the first week of the school term given that we have Year 5 students across four different classrooms this year. We started off our meeting by discussing what Your Move program is about, what active transport is, why it's important and what can be done about it within the school community. We then used a calendar to map out the school term and identify the roles and responsibilities of the first student team. We discussed the need to integrate the learning activities into our regular learning activities so that they were embedded into the curriculum rather than 'adding another program on'.

The Your Move students published their first article in the school community bulletin this week (please see attached document). This year we decided to relaunch Fume Free Friday's as a regular active travel day, which will take place on a fortnightly basis on non-assembly weeks. To further integrate Your Move into the sustainability and leadership programs in the school, we decided to reward travel smart students with our PBS behavioural tokens rather than raffle tickets. Students will receive a respect token (for caring for the environment) and a character token (for actively participating in community events). Our first Fume Free Friday will be taking place tomorrow, which the students are very excited about.

The Your Move team also conducted our start of the year hands up survey two weeks ago. The hands up survey was integrated into Mathematics as part of the Statistics and Probability strand of the curriculum. After the survey was conducted, we used an Excel Spreadsheet to tally our results and convert scores to percentages to further analyse the data. Students defined the issues that were currently road blocking a higher number of active travel, which included recently hot weather, new students not knowing about active transportation and lack of promotion regarding Your Move for 2019. Students decided that the first action point on their plan is to ensure that adequate promotion is conducted this term. We looked at previous examples of Your Move posters from 2018 to see what was effective or ineffective about them. This viewing component of the curriculum was embedded into English, while the poster design and creation was conducted during Visual Arts lessons. Posters for our upcoming National Walk To School Day are almost completed and so are the Fume Free Friday relaunch posters. The students decided to have a soft launch this week without posters to generate a buzz around the event.

Overall, we are very excited for the upcoming year and can't wait to see what new challenges the new students rise to occasion on.

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Elaine Lewis

Fun Choosing Rewards

This story is related to Reflection

Our Your Move Team meet today to select reward prizes worth 350 points, before they expired! We chose prizes that were very popular with students throughout the year, such as, bike bells, mini torches, the $50 Rebel voucher, backpacks, reflective wrist bands and an apple slinky machine. What fun for 2019!

DSCN2056 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

Reflections on Your Move in 2018

This story is related to Reflection

Members of the Term 4 Your Move team completed a group PMI about Your Move in 2018. Some of the Positives were: Your Move is fun; getting more people involved; giving out prizes; less pollution; helping people to be healthy; making posters; and doing PA announcements. Only a few Minuses were identified: Your Move team having to get to school early on Your Move special days; suspicion that some children weren't truthful about using active transport or were confused when we did the HUS; and giving up our lunchtimes to do Your Move jobs. Some of the Interesting Ideas included: teaching people how to care for their bikes; having a bike race under controlled conditions for safety; and having different raffles depending on how far away from the school you live. Great reflections!

DSCN2058 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

New Kindy Parents Talk

For more information on how to do this, click here

At our recent New Parents Induction morning one session involved explaining the different ways our school is increasing our Social Handprint and decreasing our Ecological footprint. We explained that promoting active travel supports 'Student and Staff Wellbeing' (Social Handprint) and reduces our carbon emissions (Ecological Footprint). We encouraged new parents to support our active travel initiatives next year when school resumes.

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Elaine Lewis

Your Move ... Full on!

DSCN9681 (Small).JPG (1)

Two special Your Move events were held at Coolbinia Primary this term. We encouraged all students to come to school in an active way, whatever way excites them. We handed out raffle tickets at school gates and winning ticket holders collected their prizes from Room 7 at lunchtimes. We conducted HUS before and after the events.

Coolbinia has 350 reward points to spend before the end of the year. Our team will be meeting soon to decide how to spend the points and reflect on our achievements this year.

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Having fun at Your Move!

This story is related to Attend Your Move Professional Development Session


Today I attended a Your Move Forum, entitled "Building a Your Move School Team: Lessons from People Who Have". One of the things I found worked at my school was ensuring the student team had fun being Your Move leaders. Thus the crazy hair-do, to symbolise joyful engagement in the Your Move program. Another aspect we found effective was linking the Your Move program to our school's Business Plan and Operational Plan targets.

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Luke Erceg

Ride To School Day Reflection

Wow! Term 4 has officially kicked off and we are as busy as ever with swimming lessons, EDUDance, end of year concert, interschool and a whole bunch of other activities. Coolbinia Primary School held a Ride To School Day last Thursday. I just wanted to share some insights at how the event was organised and how it went.

As previously mentioned by Elaine Lewis on our previous post, we placed a notice in our weekly communications bulletin to raise awareness amongst the school community. I gave a brief run down of the days events during our weekly in-house staff communications meeting the day before during recess. This meant that staff knew what time they could expect the students from Your Move running the Hands-Up Surveys.

Students arrived early to hand out stickers to students and raffle tickets who took active travel on the day. We were expecting it to be busier than previous days with the change of season but the days' numbers were reduced a bit due to the forecast storm. The students were able to practice their public speaking by making PA announcements regarding the winning tickets and when/where to collect their prizes. We will also announce the classes with the highest percentage and most improved percentage at the next assembly, which also happens to be our class assembly.

I've attached a PDF scan of one of the posters that a group of students have designed for the event. Reflecting on the style of the Your Move program from this year (meetings during Thursday lunch times twice-three time a term), I have decided to integrate the poster design and development during Term 1 Visual Arts next year. Students can look at the elements of posters and create them in advance, leaving space for the dates to be put on there - which just need to be added to the term calendar later in the year.

While we do have another Your Move day towards the end of the term, we are also looking at running at least two Fume Free Fridays to finish off the year on a strong note, particularly when the weather clears up and has some form of predictability. We have also started the process of planning for 2019 in terms of classroom year levels and roles. It will be interesting to see if the Your Move portfolio stays with the Year 5 students or moves with teachers who have received PL and have experience with the program. Watch this space!

We are also in the process of working with the Physical Education specialist to run some of the Bike Education classes offered through Your Move in conjunction with PE lessons, which will meet the Bike Education component of the year 5 curriculum and will make a nice send off for the students' hard work over the course of the year.

Collbinia R2SD poster.png

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Elaine Lewis

2 Special Your Move Days this Term

This story is related to Fume Free Fridays

Coolbinia Primary is holding two special Your Move days this term. The first of these was held today. See below for a copy of the item in our Parent Bulletin, advertising the first event and our Fume Free Fridays.

Ride to School Day

Is tomorrow - Thursday

Hi, we are the Your Move students for Semester 2. We are here to help the environment by promoting travel smart methods to school, which reduces air pollution. Not only is it good for the environment but it’s good for your wealth and wellbeing. On top of that it’s totally fun!

We are running a Ride To School day event on tomorrow. We will be handing out raffle tickets to students who are being travel smart on the day. The winning raffle tickets will be announced at recess on the day. Come to Room 7 during lunch time if you’re one of the lucky winners, to collect your prize.

Also, don’t forget that every Friday is Fume Free Friday! We will be handing out stickers to travel smart students later on this term on a Fume Free Friday. Make sure you’re being travel smart to get an awesome sticker!

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Luke Erceg

National Walk To School Day

The Your Move students organised and ran another successful Your Move event on Thursday.


We were a bit disappointed to see a drop in the number of students taking travel smart methods to school. During our reflection time we attributed that to the recent shift in weather forecasts and the fact that a storm was scheduled to hit that day.


We are looking at running at least one Fume Free Friday this term and discussing how we could get some parents involved to help run the morning's events. We are thinking of adding a call for volunteers in our future bulletin posts, like the one that has been attached to this post.


During our next collaborative DOTT session, we will be looking at the other blog posts to get some inspiration from the other awesome events and initiatives being run by other Your Move schools.

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Luke Erceg

Your Move PL to staff

This story is related to Reflection

Last week one of our fantastic staff members attended a Your Move professional learning session and shared the valuable insights that were gained during it during one of our collaborative DOTT sessions. The students that participate in the Your Move program at Coolbinia Primary School are Year 5 students. We spoke about ways to effectively and seamlessly integrate Your Move into classroom programing, which is a huge bonus in NAPLAN terms. These ideas were then shared in our Phase of Learning team meetings.

Ideas for integration:
Persuasive Writing - The benefits of taking travel smart methods to school.
Persuasive Writing - Everyone should participate in (link to term Your Move day)
Narrative Writing - Using a picture of a bike as a narrative prompt with a shared writing session on how good people feel when they are riding.
Statistics and Probability - Creating the survey forms for the Your Move Days
Statistics and Probability - Graphing the survey results for each class and seeing which classes have improved the most (linking to percentages).

During our weekly communications meeting we were explaining what the roles and responsibilities would be for the Your Move students on the day and handed out the posters they have made to promote the event. We asked teachers to remind students over the course of the week about the event and remind students of that not only does being travel smart have health and environmental benefits but it is fun to do. We're hoping to build a lifelong interest in travel smart methods so that the students continue to be travel smart each day of the week and get all teachers within the school to get on board with the message!

We will post some photos of our National Walk To School Day activities later on this week. Here's a snap that we got this morning of our walking school bus at one of our school gates.


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Luke Erceg

National Ride To School Day

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Here are some of the photos from our National Ride To School Day events at Coolbinia Primary School. The students really enjoyed the responsibilities that came with their roles, including; doing announcements over the PA to promote the day, handing out raffle tickets who took Travelsmart methods to school, our Your Move Day survey and handing out prizes to the winning students.

IMG_0774.JPG (2)
IMG_0806.JPG (1)
IMG_0811.JPG (1)

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Elaine Lewis

What a ride!

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DSCN0294 (Small).JPG (1)

Year 6 students from Coolbinia Primary caught the bus back to school after attending an International Women's Day event in Perth. At Coolbinia we think this is an important way to promote confidence in using public transport. Clearly, from the photo, the students enjoyed their trip back to school. They played word games nearly all the way!

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Luke Erceg

Double Platinum achievement

This story is related to Reflection

Last week, the Your Move students were super excited and proud to put our school's double platinum achievement sticker on our Your Move board.

A huge thank you to our Cross Curricular Coach, Dr Elaine Lewis, for all of her amazing work with the Coolbinia Primary School sustainability programs!

We are incredibly lucky to have her at our school!!


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Luke Erceg

School Bulletin Post

This story is related to Fume Free Fridays

The Term 1 Your Move team met last week to write a short write up for our weekly school bulletin. I have taken a screenshot of how it appeared.

Download it here.

Students loved the process and were excited to be writing something for the school community to see. We spent a little bit of time talking through what they wanted to write about and then edited and revised at the end.

They can't wait for their next write up, which we will start working on this week!

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Luke Erceg
Coolbinia Primary School

Base Line Survey Data

This story is related to Reflection

Last week our Your Move students conducted their base line survey. The Year 5 students were both excited and nervous to conduct their first Your Move activity for the year. Twelve students will be running the Your Move activities at Coolbinia Primary School during term 1.

Students visited classrooms after recess to conduct the hands up survey and handed in sheets in before returning to our mathematics activity. We then analysed the survey results using an Excel spreadsheet. Download it here.

The students were very eager to see which classrooms had the highest and lowest percentage of students who were taking Travel Smart methods to school.

The Your Move students used this information to determine which classrooms they would focus on during the promotion of our upcoming National Ride to School Day.

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Planning for 2018

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Today, as the Your Move Coordinator at the Department's Training session, I reflected on the restructure of Your Move at Coolbinia PS in 2018. I set goals to facilitate a smooth transition for new staff. Detailed notes have been prepared to support staff in this role, as well as boxes of Your Move gear all neatly organised and ready for use. Roll on 2018!


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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

End of Year Survey

This story is related to Hands up survey

We conducted the end-of-year Your Move survey and the results show an improvement in active travel during 2017. A review of the program by the Your Move teams throughout the year was also conducted. To improve our results even more, team members suggested various ideas, such as: make a Your Move game for students, regular Your Move assembly items, promoting student drop off at a nearby park then walk to school and more promotion of the benefits of active transport.

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Elaine Lewis

PMI reflection of Walk Over October

This story is related to Wet Weather Initiatives

Coolbinia's Your Move team reflected on the planning and implementation of the recent special Walk Over October event. They used a Pluses Minuses and Interesting Ideas (PMI) format to guide their critical thinking about their effectiveness as a team and of the event. Some of the Pluses included making the posters, PA announcements, doing the pre and post surveys and handing out raffle tickets, stickers and prizes. Minuses included the challenge of getting all students to clearly respond to the Hands Up surveys. Creating a production for the assembly was one Interesting Idea, and another one was making more PA announcements about forthcoming events.

Team members also gave feedback about the most preferred prizes so more of these are ordered for future events. Favourite prizes were: gift vouchers, bike locks, apple slicers and wristbands.

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Elaine Lewis

We Walked Over October...

This story is related to Wet Weather Initiatives

DSCN9681 (Small).JPG
DSCN9685 (Small).JPG

Coolbinia held a Walk Over October event on Tuesday 31st October. It was a great success with ten percent more students coming to school by walking or riding bikes/scooters. The top photo shows members of our Your Move team handing out stickers and raffle tickets as students arrived at school. The bottom photo shows the bike bay filling up!

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Elaine Lewis

Ride on …

This story is related to Wet Weather Initiatives

All of Coolbinia’s Year 4s are participating in a bike education program during this term. The cost of this series of lessons has been paid for from our Your Move program using our reward points. The two classes of Year 4s were selected to participate in bike education lessons in preparation for being Year 5 Your Move student leaders next year. The photos show the students checking their helmets to ensure correct fitting, as well as learning how to identify the appropriate inflation of the tyres and to mount and dismount their bikes safely.

DSCN9617 (Small).JPG
DSCN9618 (Small).JPG
DSCN9619 (Small).JPG
DSCN9620 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

The word is out!

Coolbinia's Your Move team met again this week. We completed our advertising posters, writing our PA announcements and organising locations for team members to welcome students to school on our Your Move day. This will happen on Tuesday 31st October, celebrating the end of Walk Over October month. We have already completed our Hands-up pre-surveys for this event.

DSCN9615mod (Small).jpg

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Elaine Lewis

Kids Teaching Kids update

This story is related to Wet Weather Initiatives

Coolbinia Year 6s had a fabulous time at the Kids Teaching Kids Conference in September. We ran two workshops for students from other schools, showcasing four environmental scenarios using Sphereo robots. One of the scenarios was based on Your Move. In this story the sphero robots had cardboard cars attached to the chariots holding the spheros. The story was about the atmospheric pollution caused by driving cars and the health benefits of walking or riding bikes. The audience thought our presentation was great!
IMG_1471 (Small).JPG
IMG_1454 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

An exciting ride to the finish!

This story is related to Wet Weather Initiatives

We have an exciting ride ahead ... to the finish of the year! Our new Term 4 Your Move team has been selected. We have eight members in the team and we are all Year 5 students. We have been waiting for our turn to run Your Move events all year. Our team will be organising a 'Walk Over October' special Your Move event on Tuesday 31st October, as well as the regular Fume Free Fridays. Over the next two weeks we will be preparing for the pre and post Hands-up surveys and promotional activities for 31st October. More about our Term 4 ride later!

DSCN6903 (Small).JPG (3)

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

World Car Free Day ... Moving Success!

This story is related to Wet Weather Initiatives

DSCN8788mm (Small).jpg

Coolbinia PS's World Car Free Day was a success despite the rainy weather! We held it early because we had many events planned for the rest of this term. We conducted pre and post surveys and found a 12% improvement in students coming to school by walking or riding for this special event.

The photos show our Your Move team leaders handing out raffle tickets and stickers to children as they arrived at school. We had 24 winning raffle tickets, 7 first and second prizes and the rest were third prizes. Students won gift vouchers, shoe pets, wrist bands, and lots more! We also had a prizes for the most improved class. Every student in that class received a wrist band. Congratulations to all our students who made the move!

DSCN8786mm (Small).jpg (1)

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Elaine Lewis

Kids Teaching Kids

Year 6 students from Coolbinia Primary will be presenting sphero robot workshops at the forthcoming Kids Teaching Kids Conference in Mandurah. One of the workshops involves a sphero story about being travelsmart, encouraging everyone to engage with the Your Move initiative. We'll report more on this workshop after the conference. We are using Digital and Design Technologies to promote Your Move!

Sphero Image 2.jpg (2)

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Elaine Lewis

Planning Progressing ... World Car Free Day at Coolbinia

Last week our Year 5 Your Move team completed the pre-hands-up survey for this term, written scripts and posters for our World Car Free Day promotion. This week we are ordering prizes for our World Car Free celebration from the Rewards list.

We are all on track and enjoying the the Your Move role at our school.
Watch out for our next report on the results of our World Car Free special day

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Elaine Lewis

New 'Team Coolbinia' Starts!

Our Term 3 'Your Move' team has started planning. Each term we have a new group of Year 5 students who are our travel leaders.

Apart from our regular Fume Free Fridays, this term our major event will focus on World Car Free Day in September. We are looking forward to an exciting term in our new role!

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Elaine Lewis

Crazy Hair Day on Fume Free Friday

DSCN7866 (Small).JPG

Today is another Fume Free Friday at Coolbinia Primary. It is also Crazy Hair Day! The 'Your Move' student team piggy-backed onto Crazy Hair Day to remind students to be travelsmart. They stood at school gates and handed out stickers to everyone to promote Fume Free Fridays and coming to school by walking or riding bikes or scooters. The above photo shows two Your Move team members handing out stickers at the Early Childhood gate. The photos below show other crazy hair styles of Your Move students.

DSCN7862m (Small).jpg
DSCN7865m (Small).jpg

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Elaine Lewis

Winners are grinners!

This story is related to Walk Safely to School Day

At recess today our winning raffle ticket holders came to collect their prizes from last Friday's Walk Safely to School Day. There were 21 grinners, 7 winners each for first, second and third prize. Prizes ranged from helmets and gift vouchers in first prize, foot pets and bike bells in second prize, and wrist bands and pens for third prize.

DSCN7658 (Small).JPG
DSCN7657 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

Walk Safely to School Day Results

Last Friday, 19th May, was Walk Safely to School Day. Your Move team members waited at our school gates to hand out stickers and raffle tickets to students who came to school by walking or riding. Afterwards we visited all Year 1 - 6 classes and did the Hands-up survey.

The results of the Hands-up survey showed more students are making the 'move' and coming to school in ways other than travelling in the car. On 14th March, our Term 1 special day - National Ride 2 School Day, 41% of students walked or rode, while on our Term 2 special day - Walk Safely to School Day, 45% walked or rode. Our pre and post survey figures for this term also show an improvement: 38% walked or rode on Friday 12 May and 45% walked or rode on Friday 19 May. We are making steady progress!

Today the Your Move team met to select the winning raffle tickets, display the prizes and organise the PA announcement telling everyone the good news. Tomorrow, at recess, the winners will collect their prizes ... and what fabulous prizes these are! More on this tomorrow!

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Elaine Lewis

Singing in the rain ...

This story is related to Ride 2 School Day at Coolbinia

Your Move at Coolbinia has provided a box of shower caps and pegs in our bike area to help us to keep on singing in the rain! The shower caps go on the bike seats so they are dry when we want to go home. After using a shower cap students can peg the cap on the fence to dry.

DSCN7514 (Small).JPG
DSCN7515 (Small).JPG
DSCN7516 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

Keen to Start at Coolbinia!

We have eight students in our new Year 5 Your Move team. We will work together on Your Move initiatives for the rest of this term. We met Katy from the Department of Transport on Monday 8th May. Katy presented us with our first sticker for our new Your Move sign at the front of our school. On Wednesday 10th we met again to start planning for the term. We allocated tasks in preparation for the Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 19 May. We worked out who would cover which classes for the Hands-up pre-survey, who would create the advertising posters and write the scripts for the PA and assembly. We are excited about our new role as the Term 2 Your Move team!

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Elaine Lewis

The Bike Dr visited Coolbinia

This story is related to Bike Maintenance & Repair Workshops


In Term 1 we held 2 workshop sessions with Pearce, the Bike Dr. The focus of the sessions was 'Bike Maintenance & Repair'. Pearce guided all Year 5 students (over 50 children) in the care of their chains and how to repair punctures. All students were excited by this this hands-on workshop, which was undertaken as part of our Design Technologies program.

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Elaine Lewis

Reviewing our effectiveness

This story is related to Ride 2 School Day at Coolbinia

The Term 1 student leaders for Your Move at Coolbinia PS meet on the last day of the term to review that term's progress in encouraging students to come to school in a TravelSmart way. We used a PMI chart to record our reflections.

Some of the POSITIVES were: increase in walkers and bike riders for the Ride2School Day; it was fun; everyone in the team worked well and cooperatively; we were good at sharing the different jobs. The MINUSES included: several students wanting to go to the school gate where there are lots of people coming; we got muddled up on some days when doing the hands-up surveys; several students wanting to wear the best TravelSmart T-shirts; running after classes who weren't in their rooms for the hands-up survey. INTERESTING IDEAS suggested working through the jobs faster; finding a new system for the choice of prizes; developing a better way of advertising the prize winners.

This information will be used by the new Term 2 Your Move student leaders to guide their Term 2 activities.

Congratulations to Coolbinia's Term 1 Your Move leaders for doing an effective and thoughtful job.

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Elaine Lewis

More on Your Move Unwrapped!

This story is related to Your Move Unwrapped

IMG_1942_EL at Your Move.JPG

The Your Move Unwrapped event is already helping my school to be more active, for example, we have booked Year 4 bike education sessions. Your Move had a network of over 60 champions representing Perth schools and workplaces at the event. Numerous new and valuable contacts were established and 'old friends' revisited. It was great hearing what other schools are doing to rebrand TravelSmart to Your Move. I have made progress on this already and feel excited about the innovation whole systems initiative.

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Elaine Lewis

Bike Ed at Coolbinia!

This story is related to Your Move Unwrapped

DSCN6903 (Small).JPG

At the Your Move Unwrapped event I learnt about funding support for bike education. As a result of attending the event our school has now booked all Year 4s to participate in bike education. This is a fabulous outcome on many levels, such as increased student fitness, road safety and awareness of bike maintenance issues, and potentially reduced congestion around the school. Thank you to all the bike ed presenters at the event!

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Elaine Lewis

Ride2School Day at Coolbinia

This story is related to Ride 2 School Day at Coolbinia

DSCN6908 (Small).JPG

The Term 1 Your Move team met for the first time on Wed 22 Feb. We have 8 students in our team. We discussed plans for this term. Our major event was to promote Ride 2 School Day. We did our baseline pre 'hands up' survey on Tuesday 7 March. Our school celebrated Ride 2 School Day on Tuesday 14 March as our swimming carnival day was on the same day as the official Ride 2 School Day. We noticed many more students came to school by walking or riding on our Ride 2 School Day, as proved by our post 'hands up' survey results.

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Elaine Lewis

Coolbinia's Walking School Bus (1)

This story is related to Coolbinia's Walking School Bus

Our school has been operating a Walking School Bus for many years and it is running again this year. We have a route from the school to a local park where there is plenty of parking for parents. This not only reduces congestion around the school but is also an enjoyable fitness activity after school.

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Elaine Lewis

Coolbinia at Your Move Unwrapped

This story is related to Participate in online induction

Today I'm attending the 'Your Move Unwrapped' professional learning day. This re-branding from TravelSmart to Your Move is very timely as our school achieved Double Platinum last year and we are ready for new challenges! Elaine Your Move Coordinator

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Elaine Lewis

TS Day Success!

Coolbinia Primary School's special TravelSmart Day on 4th March was a great success. We improved the number of students travelling in a TravelSmart way by 10%, from 31% to 41%. We also enjoyed handing out the stickers and raffle tickets on the day. There were 20 prizes drawn from the raffle ticket bowl. These prizes included bike bells, locks, wristbands, shoe pets and TS drink bottles.

The term 1 TS team met today to calculate the % improvement as a result of our TS Day promotion, write notes for the ning and to develop a rap to explain the eco footprint and social handprint. We enjoyed this activity.

Our next TS meeting will be our last for this term. : ( Next term there will be a new TS team.
Angus, Aaron, Max, Emily, Claudia & Vivian

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Elaine Lewis

Walk Over October at Coolbinia (1)

Our special Walk Over October day ran smoothly. At the start of the day we wore our TravelSmart T-shirts and stood at all the school gates handing out stickers and raffle tickets to everyone who came to school in a TravelSmart way. All the little Kindies and PrePrimaries were given stickers anyway to encourage them to be TravelSmart in the future.

When the siren went we drew the lucky 21 raffle tickets - 7 each for first, second and third prizes. Just before recess we announced the winners over the PA and where the prizes could be collected. There was great excitement as students hurried to collect their prizes during recess.

That morning we also did the post-Hands Up Survey. Our special day resulted in an improvement from 35% coming to school by walking or riding on a normal day to 48% on the TravelSmart day. Yeah!

Term 4 TravelSmart Team


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Elaine Lewis

Walk Over October at Coolbinia

Hi Everyone
Our new Term 4 TravelSmart team met today. We created posters to advertise our TravelSmart Day and prepared for the Hands-Up survey. We will do this survey on Thursday this week.
We also discussed why it is important to be TravelSmart. Being TravelSmart is a great way to keep fit and it also helps to reduce GreenHouse Gases going into the atmosphere.
Our October TravelSmart Day will be next week, on Friday 21st October. We will organise a raffle and prizes for students who come to school in a TravelSmart way.

Kyle, Alexio, Daniel, Olivia, Isabella and Alessandra.

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

World Car Free Day actions!

Our TravelSmart Team meet today to plan for World Car Free Day.
World Car Free Day is on Thursday 22 September.
We made posters, worked out how to conduct the pre and post surveys, and make annoucements reminding students about being TravelSmart.
We are excited about World Car Free Day because there will be raffle tickets, stickers and prizes.


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Elaine Lewis

Being TS on National Walk to School Day

On National Walk to School Day lots of students from Coolbinia Primary School came to school in a TravelSmart way.

38% of our students supported this special TS Day. This was an improvement on our 'baseline or normal day'. The result was very pleasing.

To reward students we had prizes. All TravelSmart students recieved raffle tickets. Twenty tickets were drawn at random. These students received great prizes, like bike helmets, shoe pets and many more fun and fantastic rewards.

The best things about TravelSmart are:
• TravelSmart helps your health and fitness.
• You can win prizes and it energises children who want to win prizes.
• It reduces greenhouse gases.
• It is fun.

Term 3 Year 5 TS Team

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Elaine Lewis

Baseline Data for Cool Kids and Coolbinia

Today Coolbinia PS submitted the TS baseline data for 2016. At the start of the year, on a normal school day, 31% of students came to school in a TS way.

Our first big event for TS this year, on 4th March, saw a 10% increase in students being TS. We plan to make this figure grow even more during this year, and beat our final figure achieved in 2015: 53%. Roll on TS in Term 2!

Term 1 TS Team

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Elaine Lewis

Marching towards the 4th March!

Today we worked on our posters for the Ride to School Day on 4th March. We displayed the posters around the school.

We also looked at the results of our Hands Up pre survey. Only 31% of students came to school in a TravelSmart way. We are going to improve this percentage and our posters are a start to achieving this goal.

Yr 5 term 1 TS Team

Coolbinia pic 1.jpg

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Elaine Lewis

TravelSmart ... on a roll for 2016!

We are members of the new TravelSmart team for 2016 and met for the first time today.  We worked out how and when to do the Hands Up Survey for the start of the year.  We will go into classes tomorrow to find out how many children came to school in a TravelSmart way.

We will be on the TravelSmart team all term.  We are excited about our role.

Emily, Claudia, Vivian, Angus, Aaron and Max

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