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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

New Bike Map for Curtin

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Curtin Bike Map 2020 Internal_Print_HR.jpg

A new bike map that clearly shows where the end-of-trip facilities are located has been produced. There are 2 sides, the back side gives information on all transport modes and they fold up into a pocket size! It is hoped this will more clearly show new staff and students, as well as those thinking of changing commuting habits, that there are quite a few locations to securely store your bike.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Travel Survey Results

Capture.GIF (5)

There were over 800 respondents (76% staff) with 66% female, mostly aged between 20-40. Arrival time was mostly between 7:30am-8:30am and departure times of 4pm--5pm.

The results showed about 61% of respondents drive to Curtin University, 12% by bicycle, 23% by PT, 6% car pooling, 6% walk and 3% other means. In the last 12 months 20% of respondents had changed their commute mode and 42% are interested in changing how they usually commute.

The projects they would like the university to focus on in the future have similar priorities to the same questions asked 3 years ago. Curtin is creating information to show how many buses currently pass through campus, as well as information showing safer bicycle routes to campus. Smart Parking will be in effect in Semester 1 2020, car pooling will be promoted and EV charging stations should be on campus in 2020.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

E-Bike Lending Program

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Capture.GIF (3)

The staff lending program at Curtin University has been underway for a year. the program allows staff to borrow an eBike for 2 weeks to encourage behaviour change in their commuting habits. The fleet includes standard bikes, folding bikes, a compact and a trike.

After 100 people had taken part in the program a survey was conducted of their experience. It showed that 95% of participants found the program gave them a positive view of eBikes and 15% went on to purchase or lease an eBike. It also interestingly showed that 32% of people were riding their own push bike more often after the trial.

Feedback received included to increase the lending period and to offer more variety of styles of bikes. The survey shows that the lending program seems like a small initiative but it is helping to change people's habits and views of riding a bike for transport.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Ride 2 Curtin Breakfast

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A successful Ride 2 Curtin Breakfast was held on 16 October outside the new Cycle Hub facility.


A tasty spread was enjoyed by around 50 people as riders chatted, received free massages from physio students, and worked for a smoothie by riding Curtin's new blender bike.

Attendees were briefed on improvements to cycling facilities on campus, local government improvements, the Ebike lending program, and reminded to fill in the travel survey.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Travel Survey is live!

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Capture.GIF (1)

A travel survey is live at Curtin University until the 25th of October. Only a week in and there have been 320 respondents! This is the first time the university has undertaken a travel survey, which will now occur on a yearly basis. The results will assist with decision making on facilities on campus as well as looking at a strategic level at where the difficulties in commuting occur.

Incentives of Smartriders prepaid with $20 and a Rebel Sports Voucher are included, thanks to the Your Move Rewards Shop.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Maps to Curtin by Bike

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Route Maps to Curtin University


A barrier to riding is often not knowing how to get somewhere by bicycle. A thought isn't given if in a car but by bike you don't want to necessarily take the same roads. Therefore 3 route maps were created to assist people with getting from destinations surrounding the Bentley campus.

The maps show a direct route as well as a quieter route, distinguishing between on-road, shared, and residential streets, as well as showing traffic light and round about locations. These maps are now available on the Curtin website on the Cycling page.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

People on Bicycles at Bike Week Event

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Bike Week 2019.jpg (1)

It was such a busy event that photos were forgotten! Three sessions were run by People on Bicycles on riding and using eBikes and a variety of bikes were tried out by the participants. Four eBike vendors were also in attendance to let anyone have a go on a bike. It was hot and sticky but everyone seemed to enjoy getting up close and personal with an elusive eBike.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

eTrike added to the Fleet!

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An eTrike is the newest addition to the fleet of electric bicycles that staff can borrow for 2 weeks to test out commuting by bike. The trike is good for people with balance or stability issues and the basket can carry quite a bit (not necessarily kids!). It is hoped that this will make more people feel welcome to try riding to work.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Abandoned Bikes Get a Second Life

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Bikes that are abandoned on campus at Curtin University are held for months (this time it was over a year) and if they are not collected they are donated. Bikes for Humanity collect the bikes and take them to their warehouse where they will be given a new lease on life by volunteers. These bikes are then sent to remote communities, Africa, and some are sold at open days a few times a year to raise funds. It would be awesome to have a tag on a bike and know where it ends up.

B4H 2019.jpg
B4H 2019 bikes.jpg

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Ride2Curtin Breakfast

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Curtin University's annual Ride2Curtin event was this year held at the new Cycle Hub. The perfect weather and ideal location made for a successful and positive morning. Included in the events was the popular bike blender, free massages, eBikes to try out, circus bikes to ride,the Bike Dr repairing bikes, croissants and coffee, and an inspirational talk by prof netball player Larissa Willcox. Over 50 students and staff attended the event.

Curtin-university-bikehub 43.jpg
Curtin-university-bikehub 65.jpg
Curtin-university-bikehub 68.jpg
Curtin-university-bikehub 75.jpg
Curtin-university-bikehub 78.jpg
Curtin-university-bikehub 41.jpg

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

E Bike Trial at Curtin University for Staff

In order to see if some small opportunities would reduce barriers to active transport commuting, Curtin University has teamed with a local eBike shop to offer 5 eBikes for a mini 5 week trial!

Participants will maintain a travel diary for one week prior, five weeks during, and one week after the trial to see if any behaviour change occurs. This is to include trips outside the journey to work. The trial will include the option of a folding eBike to make multi-modal trips easier as well.

The trial will be launched at theRide2Curtin breakfast on 11 October.


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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Free trishaw rides on Open Day

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Curtin University Open Day was held on 29 July. In order to not only add some fun to the day but to have some awareness of bicycles on campus, Peddle Perth were brought in to offer free rides to destinations on campus.

they were busy the entire day taking people to different buildings and especially to the Curtin FM station. The trishaws were such a success that we will be having them back for future events!


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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Bike Parts Vending Machines

vending machine.jpg

Curtin University has 2 bike part vending machines on campus. They both contain spare parts such as bike tubes, lights, and U locks. One is located near the new cycle hub and includes items such as shampoo and other toiletries. The second one is located at the opposite end of campus that is quite popular for bike parking.

The most popular items seem to be the protein bars late at night! Nevertheless, at least people on bikes know there is somewhere to pick up a tube if they find themselves stranded with a flat on campus. They are both located near a bike repair stand as well.

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Bikes Allowed on CABS Buses at Curtin

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In order to facilitate the final leg of the journey, Curtin University came to an agreement with the provider of our CABS buses to allow bicycles on board. The CABS is a free bus service with four routes through the surrounding suburbs. After determining bike racks were not appropriate for the size of the bus (they are smaller than a PTA bus), it was agreed that if the bus was not too full that passengers could bring their bus on board.

It is hoped that this will assist students and staff with completing their journeys by active transport.


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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Free Bike Lock Swap at Curtin

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As an initiative to encourage students to ride to Curtin's Bentley campus, a small program to swap locks was implemented. If a student brought in a lock it could be swapped out for a U-lock. Theft is not a huge problem on campus but it does happen and most students use a very basic, easy to cut, lock. Forty locks were on offer with the offer being taken up quite quickly.

U lock.png
logo.JPG (1)

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