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Kelli Freind

Eden Hill's Your Move Team

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What a busy term it has been at Eden Hill PS. We have achieved many of our Your Move goals. We visited the Year 5 classrooms and discovered a high level of interest in our environment. There was lots of interest in the prospect of becoming a Your Move team member. In order to choose the inaugural Eden Hill PS Your Move team, students had to complete an application form. From this, we had the difficult job of choosing only eight Your Move team members.

The students were announced at assembly and presented with their Your Move team badges. They are thrilled to be a part of the team and are looking forward to their first weekly meeting and new roles and responsibilities.

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Kelli Freind

Eden Hill's Happy Feet Frenzy Festival

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Last Friday, Eden Hill PS participated in a whole school Your Move afternoon. Each class rotated through a range of activities.

The whole school had the opportunity to participate in a Bike Education session, a Skateboarding WA demonstration and workshop, Transperth 'Get on Board' Bus session, Constable Care Safety School Puppet Show and an Active Travel lesson from the Your Move Schools Team with support from the Town of Bassendean.

The students had so much fun! The Bike Shed was so full, we had to lock bikes up in the Sport's Shed! We look forward to hosting this event annually as we encourage and implement sustainable ways to travel to school.

As a school, we promoted public transport options, active travel and have continued to support and implement the Your Move message. This was further supported with an article in the school's newsletter which was well received by parents.

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Kelli Freind

Happy Feet Frenzy Newsletter

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The Eden Hill PS Happy Feet Team have now got a regular spot in the fortnightly newsletter in order to focus on sustainable ways to get school such as walking, riding, scooting and using public transport. Our first article was written to introduce our Crosswalk Attendant. This is to encourage parents and students to use the crosswalk correctly.


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Kelli Freind

Eden Hill's Active Travel Day - Happy Feet Friday

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Eden Hill Primary School has had a fantastic start to the year.

Each Friday, the whole school participates in the Hands Up Survey. We call Friday 'Happy Feet' Friday. We encourage students to use sustainable ways to get to school. Each class submits their data, we put in on the Your Move website and display the graphs at the assembly each week. Soon we will be setting up a team who will be responsible for collecting and organising the data.


To promote our active travel day further, a 'Happy Feet' sport bucket has been set up. The winning class (the most class with people who used their feet to get to school) wins the sport bucket for the week. They also receive a certificate to display in their classroom. This has created lots of excitement around the school.


We hope to keep using and improving our use of sustainable ways for getting to school.

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