On Friday 18 May, our Year 5 students watched a Bike Education introduction assembly run by instructors from Nedlands, Lets Ride. We applied for a grant from Sporting Schools Australia to run Bike Education. The instructors shared with us what they would be teaching over the next 4 weeks of bike education and reminded us of the importance of checking our bikes using the A,B,C,D,E,F checks. Air, Breaks, Chain, Drop test, End Caps and FUN! They also reminded us of the importance of wearing a good fitting helmet at all times. The photo below shows one of the instructors friends falling off her bike after her foot slipped off the pedal. She hit her head on the ground very hard. Luckily, her helmet protected her head! Even a small fall can be very dangerous!


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James (Your Move)

Well done in getting the grant! And thanks for sharing the details of the session - those details have earned you a bonus 10 points.

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