Walk or ride to school in crazy socks.... For hot chocs!

Mark Walters

On Thursday 24 May, our school took part in ride to school day... With a twist! Our Student Council planned the day to include fundraising for a local charity, Socks in the City, who support homeless people by providing them with clean, warm socks.

Students at Floreat, came to school by sustainable means while wearing crazy socks! When the students arrived at school, they gave a gold coin donation and received a cup of hot chocolate. We raised $719 for Socks in the City and a whopping 90% of students came to school by means other than a car!

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James (Your Move)

That's a really impressive effort - for both the active travel and the fundraising! You got 40 points for your event with the hot choc treat as well as a bonus 10 points for sharing the results breakdown.

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