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Lisa Rooke
Heart Foundation WA

Active Travel report goes back to school

Check out our brand new report that unpacks how active travel to school benefits communities – with costings and case studies to show how it can be done. We can take some great lessons from our school programs that would benefit other workplaces too.

Active commuting can contribute to Australians of all ages achieving recommended physical activity levels. Children who walk to school are likely to engage in more physical activity overall and are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines than children who travel by motorised travel. There are similar trends for adults who commute and enjoy great health benefits too.

Successful active travel programs in schools involve a suite of initiatives, including physical active travel infrastructure improvements, school promotion activities, staff training, and government support through policy and funding. The objective of this report is to explore opportunities for physical improvements in a school’s walking catchment that make active travel safer, easier, and more attractive. Planning for the most vulnerable members of our population makes streets safer for everyone.

Check out the report here or sign up for our e-news for more info like this.


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Lisa Rooke
Heart Foundation WA

Pedal power: The health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks (by far)

Now if you’re anything like me you’re a little battle-weary from defending your mode of transport in polite… and not-so polite… company.


Things like ‘you’re crazy!’ and ‘that’s so dangerous!’ or just some insult about ‘those guys in lycra’.

Being put on the spot can make even the best of us advocates struggle for words. Thankfully, there has been a heap of great research published this year to help us out. So the next time you’re lost for words - try some of these!

Here’s a few of the latest peer-reviewed articles and blogs that might help as you justify your choices at the office Christmas party or family get-together. Together we can come up with the best comebacks and avoid those awkward times you replay the conversation when you should be drifting off to a peaceful (activity-induced sleep).

Plus there’s a little fun with the last article. Merry Bike-mas!

Pedal power: The health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks (by far) https://blogs.bmj.com/bjsm/2018/12/12/pedal-power-the-health-benefits-of-cycling-outweigh-the-risks-by-far/

·Health benefits of electrically-assisted cycling: a systematic review https://ijbnpa.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12966-018-0751-8

·Associations Between Changes in Cycling and All-Cause Mortality Risk https://www.ajpmonline.org/article/S0749-3797(18)32010-5/fulltext

· Public support for bicycling and transport policies in inner Sydney, Australia: a cross‐sectional survey https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/1753-6405.12791

· Using alternatives to the car and risk of all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortality https://heart.bmj.com/content/104/21/1749

·A Cost Benefit Analysis of an Active Travel Intervention with Health and Carbon Emission Reduction Benefits http://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/15/5/962

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Layla Riley
Heart Foundation WA

PARKing Day 2018 - it's official

We have firmed up our events for next week. Very exciting. We are all looking forward to turning our car park into an active, creative and fun space for the morning to celebrate national PARKing day - an initiative that aims to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use other transport options for one day.

Get creative! Use that normal car parking space and turn it into something that everyone can enjoy. We have invited a few local organisations to come along and join in the fun.

People will be encouraged to leave their cars at home, use Smart Riders, bike in or simply walk. Car share if necessary!

We will begin with a gym circuit to get the blood flowing and our hearts pumping! There will be games, a chill out zone, outside meeting area, gardening and art activity. Our nutritionist Emma will be on hand to assist us all in creating our very own take away salad lunch. BYO container/jam jar!

We are finishing off the morning with a community free health walk, run by our Heart Foundation's very own Walking Project Office Russell Cox. All local walking groups are invited and encouraged to attend.

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Layla Riley
Heart Foundation WA

PARKing Day 2018

Watch this space, the Heart Foundation are currently planning 2018's PARK(ing) Day. It was very successful last year and we are hoping this year will be even better and innovative with collaborations and involvement from the DoT, Subiaco Shire and Cancer Council.

We are currently planning this years activities and hope they will include: a welly-throwing competition, jam-jar snacks/salads, a gym circuit and a creative art session.

I am planning on converting our Your Move points into prizes for the welly throwing comp! Next month I will upload a story with photos of the successful event! Hopefully this inspires you to do your own PARK(ing) Day. Forget the car for a day, have fun and be creative!

For those that haven't heard of PARKing day, here is some information:

In 2005, members of the San Francisco design collective Rebar paid an on-street parking meter for two hours. Rather than park a car, Rebar used the space to create a “park” with turf, a tree, a bench and signs inviting passers-by to sit and relax. Rebar then packed up and returned the space to its former condition.

While the event was not intended to continue beyond the initial two hours, photos and video were rapidly shared online. The images proved inspirational: requests quickly came from people asking how to create their own “parks”. Rebar responded by producing a how-to guide and decided to launch an event that would make a much bigger statement about the use of public space.

In 2006, the first PARK(ing) Day was celebrated with 47 “parks” in 13 cities across three countries. The event grew rapidly, expanding to more than 200 parks in 2007 and featuring in the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008. By 2011, PARK(ing) Day included almost 1,000 parks in 35 countries.

PARK(ing) Day has spread beyond the event itself. As well as parklet programs, the first of which was introduced in San Francisco in 2010, the day has inspired a number of other activities.

Turning a parking space into a park is a quirky idea, but even in 2005 it was not entirely new. Precedents can be found in many cities over many years: from the installations on California roads by Bonnie Ora Sherk in the 1970s, to the Parking Meter Parties held in Hamilton, Ontario, from 2001, to Ted Dewan’s road witching in Oxford, UK, from 2003, to Michael Rakowitz’s 2004 (P)LOT projects in Vienna, Austria, and Trento, Italy.

Yet none of these precursors succeeded in engaging or inspiring people on such a grand scale.

More than this, however, a key part of the event’s success is its connection to law. PARK(ing) Day was not presented as a protest, a plea for change, or a proposal for reform. On the contrary, PARK(ing) Day was expressly presented as something already legal. PARK(ing) Day provides a powerful invitation to citizens around the world to rethink the city and their place in it.

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Heart Foundation WA

Healthy meetings without the helmet hair!

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We had a meeting with our friends at Bicycling WA this morning to discuss #ridetoworkday - we didn't hesitate in strapping on the helmet and taking our 'pool bikes' for our 10 minute journey!

Finding time in the day to get the recommended 30 minutes or more of physical activity isn’t always easy. That's where active commuting comes in very handy.

By walking or cycling to meetings within the local area and/or from work daily exercise can be ticked off the 'To-Do' list.

Given the benefits to both individuals and employers, it’s surprising that more workplaces aren’t considering promoting active commuting for their workplaces.

Looking forward to our next meeting - maybe a walking one in this lovely spring weather :-)


About the author: Healthier Workplace WA staff member

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Lisa Rooke
Heart Foundation WA

Give cars the boot on PARK(ing) Day

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To promote PARK(ing) Day, we turned our carpark into a Pop-Up Parklet. We offered YourMove prizes with a promo to 'Give up your Bay for a Day'. Eight staff committed to carpool or catch public transport 🚌 and were rewarded with free public transport (thanks YourMove SmartRiders!), their own travel plan and other YourMove goodies.We turned staff car bays into an urban oasis with:
🌵 Plant-your-coffee-cup from the Wellness Committee
🍎 Hell's Kitchen healthy cooking demo
🚶 Healthier Workplace WA outdoor meeting space
⚽ our local gym did a pop-up circuit

PARK(ing) Day is a global event held on the third Friday in September every year. For us it was a fun way to engage staff and generate some positive media - parking's a hot topic in Subiaco!

Nearly 2 in 3 Australians use personal vehicles to get to and from work. That's a missed opportunity to get active, as 29% of public transport users achieve their recommended daily target of 30 minutes or more physical activity simply taking public transport.

For more info and ideas check out http://parkingday.org/

HWWA facebook post.jpg (2)

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Hannah Tarrant
Heart Foundation WA

Heart Foundation Travel Survey Results

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Heart Foundation Travel Survey Results

The Heart Foundation has recently reviewed the results of the travel survey distributed to staff in the Subiaco office. The findings have shed light on current attitudes and behaviours surrounding active travel to and from the workplace, and have inspired us to integrate more supportive activities and initiatives in the office!

Key findings from our survey show that the majority of staff travel to work via car – a statistic we are hoping to change over the next few months!


Team member Lisa summarised the qualitative feedback and we hope to use these infographics to spark discussion and brainstorming in the office.


Our immediate objectives are to share useful information with staff, such as the Transperth App, Your Move workplace portal, SmartParker information and local public transport routes in the area.

We also have an exciting active-travel oriented event in the works – keep your eyes peeled for updates!


The Heart Foundation team.

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Hannah Tarrant

Your Move at the Heart Foundation

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The Heart Foundation is excited come on board as a Your Move healthy workplace!

20170607 Your Move meeting.jpg

Here we are learning about the fantastic new features of the website with David and Kylie from the Your Move team.

We have been talking to staff about challenges they face getting to work, then out to community events and meetings during their work day. There are plenty of opportunities to help staff to get active for short trips during the day, and to avoid parking issues some have faced.

With our Travel Survey circulating, our next step is servicing our pool bikes so they are ready to roll!

We have been checking out your stories in the Workplace portal and look forward to sharing our active journey.

The Active Living Team.

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