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Rachael Roberts

Ride2School Day

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Our Hillcrest Primary School Your Move Team organised a fabulous school wide promotion for Ride2School Day on 13th March 2020. This included being the school chosen by the Road Safety Commission to publicise the event across WA. Signs went up in our school and social media got the message out there.

To add to the fun, we organised our first school bike course, across an old basketball court, through our Mallajba Vegetable Garden, across country under the trees and back. Years 1-3 took to the course at recess and Years 4-6 at lunchtime. Student leaders and teachers supervised.

A large number of students participated in the events for the day. The cross country bike course was a huge success. Students had a lot of fun and it was a great way to improve their bike skills and fitness. Due to this success we are now planning to open the bike course once a week at recess and lunchtime.

School On The Hill 13.3.20.jpg
Bike Track Through Vege Garden 13.3.20.jpg
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Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Walk Or Wheels (WOW) Day

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With music and bubbles and wacky socks, Hillcrest Primary School families and teachers celebrated walking or wheeling to school today. This is our first WOW day, where families can park their cars at the bottom of the hill and all walk together. The focus is to demonstrate that even if you live a long way from school or are busy, there are ways to build in a walk before school and after school. It is also a way to reduce congestion around the school.

Even with the wind and rain around this morning we had a great turn out. It didn't take up too much time and everyone could join in. We hope to hold this event regularly throughout the year.

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Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Two teachers from Hillcrest PS

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Hi! Rachael here from Hillcrest Primary School. We were lucky enough to get along to the Your Move workshop at 140 William St this week. It is always busy in schools, so it was fabulous to get the head space to think about how we all move into and out of our school with other inspiring individuals . Fiona and I caught public transport into Perth from our school in Bayswater. This was Fiona's first visit to Perth train station, so the day brought an added bonus. She is originally from Ireland but has been having a fabulous time in a remote community in WA for four years. It was a good reminder for a Perth local like myself that we can't take anything for granted, and it is great to have a buddy with you when you take on new experiences, no matter what your age.

Perth train station.jpg

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Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Planning Your Move Bike Rack

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Student Councillors were provided with a morning to plan Your Move activities in the school, following an agenda item requesting a bike rack that was protected from the rain.

Students worked in small groups to brainstorm ideas and then share them with the group.

One group took on the task of discussing the options for a location in the school to place a bike rack where it would be protected from the weather. This involved:

* Meeting with the School Handyman/Gardener;

* Measuring up the different locations;

*Identifying the pros and cons of their chosen location;

* Drafting the plan to present to the School Principal for discussion.

Students come up with an idea to offer a new service for students with their bike rack. They have thought of offering bike locks that can be borrowed from the school for the day - a lock library - as bikes and scooters have been stolen from school grounds. This initiative will now be investigated.

bike rack 4.jpg

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Rachael Roberts

Why Your Move?

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Hillcrest Primary School has joined "Your Move" as a result of an item raised by members of the Year 6 School Council.

Students who ride and scooter to school have a bike rack but no shelter for their bikes and scooters from the weather and rain. This is reducing the number of students who are willing to ride and scooter to school as parents do not want their bikes and scooters left in the rain over winter.

The School Council will work with the school to find an appropriate location and secure the funds to install a shelter and this will be their gift to the school community for future years.

While undertaking this goal, the School Council will be discussing at their next meeting different ways to promote non-car travel to the whole school community. They are planning to set up "Your Move" meeting points for getting to school and getting home; make short videos of student’s experience of riding to school; talk to the school about reducing access for car drop off and pick up for older students to ease congestion; having a scooter day; having a breakfast club for students who walk, scooter or ride a bike at least some of the way to school; and put out an ideas box for other students to contribute.

The next school newsletter will outline the coming activities and encourage non-car transport to school, because it is fun to travel to school with your friends from a designated meeting point.

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