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Germaine Whiteaker

Ride 2 School Competition

We have started promoting the Ride2Schol competition by including the details on our weekly newsletter and posting on our school’s Facebook page. We have put up notices throughout the school to generate further interest and have invited our art teacher and class teachers to get involved. We plan to use the student’s artworks to promote our own future ride to school endeavours

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Germaine Whiteaker

Asking for Help

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Due to my interest in the Travel Smart role in the P&F Committee, I invited Carol-Ann Prinsloo to our committee meeting on 10 October 2018 to present Your Move. The Committee was very interested in what the program had to offer and decided to create the Your Move role as part of the Committee, which I now coordinate. This is a great example of how we can utilise the services of the YM Program Officers to get a head start! Thanks Carol-Ann for your time and assistance :)

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Germaine Whiteaker

Holy Spirit's Onboard

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Ride2School 2018-1.png

Holy Spirit School City Beach is a wonderful education facility given life through the interest and enthusiasm of our parents, teachers and students. Our P&F commitee has previously been engaged in activities to promote active transport within our school community.

We participated in the annual Ride 2 School events. This year's event included a free breakfast for all the families thanks to the Town of Cambridge. We ran a raffle for all the children who particpated by either riding their scooters/bikes or walking to school. The raffle was drawn at our school assembly and prizes were given to the lucky winners.

We are now looking to the Your Move program to take us to the next level in raising awareness in active transport.

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Holy Spirit is a single stream, co-educational primary school catering for the families of Holy Spirit Parish and surrounding suburbs for students in Three Year Old Kindergarten to Year Six. We cater for boys and girls from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 where we aim to provide a safe, caring and loving environment for all our students. Our school is centred on the values that define our Catholic faith so all members can treat each other with respect and dignity. Holy Spirit is characterised by its strong sense of community and tradition with parents and teachers working hard to support our endeavours so that our students are provided with all they need to receive the best education possible. We are committed to the pursuit of Christian truth and excellence and all members of the school community are encouraged to develop their true potential and special qualities in an environment centred on Christ.

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