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Danielle Howton

Learning how to Safely Cross the Road in Kindy.

The Kindergarten children have been learning how to safely cross the road using our playground bike track.

This included using the designated crossings, learning what the colours meant on traffic signals and crossings and responding to stop signs.

This was led by the students who asked for help to regulate the track in response to some ‘accidents’ with bikes crashing into each other, and students crossing the tracks without looking.


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Danielle Howton

Identifying why Injuries Occur when Riding Bikes

The year 4 class completed a variety of activities to identify why injuries occur when riding bikes.

The first activity involved students working in groups brainstorming ideas as to why there are so many injuries while riding bikes. Students recorded their ideas onto a whiteboard.

The second activity involved a gallery walk where individual students were asked to record on paper around the room as to why there were injuries according to three different headings- unsafe behaviour, hazardous environments and lack of skills and knowledge.

The last activity involved students completing a whole class survey as to what injuries they had occurred whilst riding bikes.The tallies were recorded and the results discussed as a whole class.


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Danielle Howton

Bike Repair Station

This story is related to Install a bike repair station

In 2018 Honeywood Primary School was fortunate enough to reach our goal to open the grant to purchase a "Bike Repair Station".

The "Bike Repair Station" was installed at the school. This was done efficiently and the whole process ran very smoothly.

As we have "Wheels on Wednesday" at our school where students can ride their bikes, scooters or wear their roller skates during both breaks, the bike repair station is used regularly.


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Danielle Howton

Stop motion video showing road rules

This story is related to Promote active travel (1)

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The year 5/6 class have been learning about road safety rules.

The health and technologies curriculum were integrated and the students were asked to create a video using stop motion to demonstrate road rules.

The videos were then shared with with their peers in the class and discussed.

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Danielle Howton

Second Whole School Survey

The years 1-6 attended a whole school assembly in the undercover area.

We discussed that we weer going to survey the students again on how they got to school on that particular day.

We discussed the modes of transport to school and the students came up with walking, riding a bike or scooter or coming to school driven in a car.

Students were asked to think about how they came to school on that morning and were then asked to put their hand up for each category.

After the second attempt as some students put their hand up for two or three modes of transport and the process had to be explained again the results were calculated.

Individual class teachers recorded the number of students in their class for each category and the results were tallied.

It was evident that most students came via car that morning and we discussed why.

It was decided that the weather had been bad this week and there was inter-school jumps the day before and inter-school sports day the next day. Many students were tired and were also not going to risk the weather.

The results were calculated and changed to a whole school percentage.

90% came via car. 7% rode their bike or scooter and 3% walked.

As the results were disappointing we will instigate more days where we will promote and reward students who ride or walk to school. We also were very aware that the weather had been bad and there were two inter-school carnivals in that week.

As we do wheels on Wednesday every Wednesday it is unfair to do the survey on that day which limited the days we could do the survey. On Wednesdays 80% of students would ride to school or bring their scooters.

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Danielle Howton

Whole School Health Plans

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As part of the SDERA CHAT initiative the committee met for a day to create a whole school Health Scope and Sequence for all year levels.

There are 5 components to the scope and sequence. Semester 1 we focus on Wellness and cover- Protective behaviours and Sexual Education. In Semester 2 we focus on Physical Health and Well Being and cover- Road Safety, Nutrition, and Drug Education.

The committee went through the departments protective behaviour program and SDERAs Challenges and Choices for each year level and chose topics to ensure continuity of each topic and that all areas are not duplicated with each year level.

The whole school from PP- year 6 will be issued with the Scope and sequence for their year level with the appropriate resources in a kit.

I have attached a copy of the year 4 Scope and sequence.

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Danielle Howton

Road Safety

Today in our road safety investigation we made posters showing how to be safe around the road.

Some children chose to draw the road rules for cars and some the road rules for pedestrians.

They each orally told us what their picture was about, for example “red means stop, green means go and yellow means slow down” and we wrote this on their work.

They took these pictures home to share with their families and to support discussion about road safety at home.

Road safety 3.jpg

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Danielle Howton

Road Safety Rules

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Today in Pre-Primary we went outside to our bike path and practiced stopping, looking, listening and thinking before we crossed the road.

We talked about not standing too close to the road while waiting for a car to pass.

We also practiced crossing on the cross walk.

We learnt not to run across the road and to hold a parent’s hand while crossing.

PP Road safety.jpg
PP Road safety 2.jpg

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Danielle Howton

Road Sign Safety

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In Pre-primary as part of our ongoing investigation into road safety we looked up different signs you might see on the road.

We saw parking signs, stop signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing signs and speed limit signs.

We then walked the perimeter of our school looking to see what signs were around us and identifying what they were for.

Road safety.jpg

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Danielle Howton

Wheels on Wednesday Word Sleuth

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To promote the riding of rides, especially during "Wheels on Wednesday" the students in year one were asked to complete a word sleuth.

[Note from editor: You can easily create these using websites such as Discovery Education]

They discussed the importance of wearing a helmet, how to ride safely on the road,being safe and ensuring that their brakes are working.

Word search honeywood.png

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Danielle Howton

Decorate and Colour your Helmet

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To encourage students to wear their helmets at all times it is reinforced during "Wheels On Wednesday" and in class during health activities.

The students in A1- year one discussed the importance of wearing a helmet, why we wear helmets and how to fit and wear a helmet correctly.

The students were then asked to decorate their helmet as part of the health activity.

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Parent Survey Results

This story is related to Conduct a parent survey

During Open Night parents had to complete a Health Education Survey as part of their passport to be stamped during the night.

Each classes surveys were collected and the results were collated.

Results were collated into Kindy. PP, year 1. year 2/3, year 4/5/6.

Additionally the results were then averaged out to become a whole school data collection.

Road safety was indicated as the most important Health concept to be taught during health sessions.

The data will be used to help with future planning of the Health Curriculum as we have a clear indication of what parents views are on individual health topics. We have a clear understanding of what parents value and can build on this and a clear understanding of what parents need more knowledge and understanding about.

I have attached a copy of the analysed results.

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Bike Safety in Early Childhood

This story is related to Promote bike facilities

Students in Prep-Primary and Kindy have access to bicycles and scooters in the playground each day , and the use of a dedicated bicycle track.

The rules for using the track are introduced at the start of the year and reinforced with posters on the sheds where the bikes and scooters are stored. The track is marked with arrows so students travel in only one direction. The tacks have marked crossings for students, and all students are encouraged to use these, and taught to stop and look before crossing. Speed bumps on the tracks just before the crossing serve as a reminder to riders to slow down.

These rules are reinforced by duty teachers and by the students themselves, particularly the Pre-primary students who are encouraged to lead by example in the presence of the younger Kindergarten students.

The school values: Be your best by being kind, safe, respectful and responsible, are perfect for framing the rules, expectations and recognising positive behaviours in this part of the Early Childhood playground.

The track is also an ideal way of allowing students to gain confidence, and develop road and ride safety awareness in readiness for the Wheels on Wednesday initiative in the main playground which they can be part of when they move to year 1.

E4 Raod safety 2.jpg
E4 Road Safety.JPG

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

CHAT grant application

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Honeywood Primary school attended the SDERA conference earlier in the year.

One of the sessions explained about applying for a grant through CHAT.

CHAT offers intensive, step-by-step support to develop a best practice whole-school approach to resilience, drug and road safety education. It provides opportunity to examine the broader, holistic notion of student wellbeing. Consultancy advice, easy to use resources, professional learning and financial assistance are available as part of the program.

The application form was completed and sent off to CHAT (Changing Health Acting Together). I have attached a portion of the grant that states what we are applying for.

We will now patiently wait to see if we have been successful.

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

National Walk safely to School Day

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Honeywood Primary School participated in "National Walk Safely to School day" on Friday 14th May.

Parents were informed about the day and provided with information on how to walk safely to school according to their age via the Connect App.

The following information was sent home to all parents via the Connect App..

Honeywood Primary School May 11 · National Walk Safely to School Day. The event will be held throughout Australia on Friday 18 May 2018.

PARENTS AND CARERS Children up to eight years old should hold an adult's hand on the footpath, in the car park, or when crossing the road; an adult is defined as a parent, caregiver, grandparent, sibling in high school or older, other relative or neighbour, or other adult as advised by the child's parents/carers
Children up to ten years old should be actively supervised in the traffic environment and should hold an adult's hand when crossing the road.

More information for parents and carers can be found here: https://www.safetytown.com.au/parents/

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Parent Survey

This story is related to Conduct a parent survey (1)

As part of the SDERA CHAT process the committee created a parent survey to gather data on the views of parents as to whether they value Health Education.

The survey included questions on the importance of various health topics such as road safety education, sun safety education etc.

The surveys were completed during Open Night as part of the Passport the parent and their child had to complete on the night.

The surveys were given to the CHAT committee to collate and use as baseline data on parents views. This data will be used to help plan for 2019.

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Creating Posters on Why Students Should Ride to School

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The students in year 2/3 brainstormed and discussed why students should ride their bikes to school instead of driving in a car.

After the discussion the students created posters on why students should ride to school.

The posters were displayed for other students to view.

IMG_0074.JPG (1)

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Parent Information

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At Honeywood Primary School we use "Connect" as a way to communicate with our parents.

Parents can access Connect on their PC, iPad or phone.

All of our school newsletters and daily information is relayed through Connect.

A notice was sent out today to inform the parents about "Your Move". It also provided them with information about what our aim is this year and the fact that we will be posting small snippets of information that will help families become more active etc.

A copy of the information sent today is attached.

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Playground Fun

This story is related to Natureplay's Journey to School ideas

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As Honeywood Primary School is a new school opened fully in 2018 we are lucky enough to have amazing facilities.

Not only do we have a huge oval for students to play on we are extremely fortunate to have an absolutely amazing "Wandi Nature playground" attached to the end of our oval.

The students are not permitted to go the playground during school time but the Admin team with other staff members will announce once or twice every fortnight that we are walking to the playground and students are welcome to join us during their break.

When we announce the playground visit 80% of our students will join us.

We have also incorporated the playground into our faction rewards. When factions achieve a certain number of points the students from that faction are rewarded with half an hour of supervised play in the playground.

By incorporating the playground into school activities this has encouraged many students to visit the playground after school hours with their family.


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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Staff Knowledge and Understanding of Policies

This story is related to Attend non-Your Move Professional Development Session (1)

Admin wanted all staff to have a sound knowledge of all school policies, including Road Safety Guidelines.

This was to be achieved at a whole school staff meeting.

In order for the session to be interactive and a little bit of fun a quiz afternoon was organised.

All staff were asked to ensure they read all school policies and had a good understanding of them before the meeting.

Staff were placed in teams of 5 and participated in the quiz afternoon session. All questions asked were based on information read in the policies.

Traditional quiz night games were also played including- heads and tails, stack the plastic cup competition, raffles and throw a 20 cent coin to see who could get the closest to the voucher (cash in a duty for an admin member to complete it for them).

The information based in the policies was reinforced by staff answering the questions as a small group and the answers read at the end of each round.

The quiz afternoon was very successful and the outcome was achieved of all staff knowing where to access school policies, having an understanding of what is in each policy and revising the information.

The Road Safety Guidelines were reinforced and fresh in all staff minds. The questions asked also promoted discussion between staff such as hour many hours staff were expected to teach road safety over a year.

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Road Safety in Kindy

This story is related to Bike Education sessions (2)

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The students in Kindy have been learning about people who help us in our community this term.

In E4 we created a play village of buildings, including a hospital, ambulance station, fire station and skyscraper, as well as creating a range of ‘box vehicles’ for children to use. These props, which included puppets of community helpers, presented lots of authentic opportunities to discuss a range of safety issues, such as who to ask for help if you get lost, crossing the road safely, and general road user rules.

The classroom rules for the box vehicles included not speeding past activity tables where children were working, only ‘driving’ in one direction, and not ‘driving’ in certain classroom areas, such as the mat and block corner.

A discussion about crossing the road in designated places, such as zebra crossings and using crossing guards, also evolved as children negotiated rules. As times when some students became too enthusiastic in their play, classmates took it upon themselves to use the policeman puppet to issue warnings about speeding, and also to help classmates negotiate the ‘roads’ within the classroom, acting as crossing guards.

This play allowed the introduction and recognition of a range of road safety signs, including the red and green signals on pedestrian crossings, the meaning of the colours on traffic lights, stop signs, and what their parents should do if they are driving and hear emergency sirens.

IMG_2291.JPG (1)
t3 week 3 (29).JPG (1)

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Whole School RAC Incursion

This story is related to RAC Little Legends Incursion

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Honeywood Primary School participated in an incursion with the RAC from PP- Year 6.

The topics covered were as follows...Pre-Primary – Explore Road Safety-Pretend to be a Little Legends Club character and practise road safety. Year 1 – Pathways to School -Using a large road mat, we reinforce the ‘stop, look, listen, think’ concept. Year 2 – Crash Scene Investigation -Students become crash scene investigators to understand bike, pedestrian and passenger safety. Year 3 – The Wheels Go Round -A workshop around bike safety, from safety gear to building a bike. Year 4 – Seatbelt Safety Eggsperiment -Students become scientists and use egg crash simulations to learn the importance of seatbelts. Year 5 – Wheel of Consequence -Students develop knowledge about rules and laws in relation to pedestrian, passenger and bicycle safety. Using interactive keypads, students learn about decision making in relation to road safety. Year 6 – Being Green and Being Safe -Students learn about alternative sources of fuel and build solar-powered cars with safety features.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The PP class went to swimming lessons straight after their incursion. They were heard saying- "Stop, Look, Listen, think" on their way to get on the bus.

A31D4F1D-8437-42B6-9499-56DD2EF47F0A (2).jpeg

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Danielle Howton

Road Safety Videos Using ChatterPix

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The year one class brainstormed all the different road signs they have seen. They then discussed what each sign meant.

Using the App ChatterPix the students created a video of the road sign and described what the sign meant.

The videos were played to the other class members to reinforce the meaning of road signs.

Have a look at one example a video produced using the app Chatterpix.

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Danielle Howton

Jonathan Beninca Incursion

Honeywood Primary School booked an incursion for the year 5/6 class. Jonathan Beninca was coming to Perth to present to schools and youth organizations as one part of the wider Right Track program which is focused on educating young passengers about the importance of acting safely and responsibly on public transport. This is achieved through public safety campaign, Stay off the Tracks, community outreach events, and through this targeted education package. The program encourages students to become more responsible for their own safety and to make positive choices around the public transport system.

The incursion included complementary Right Track education resources and activities to run with the class. They reinforced the importance of rail safety, the dangers of risk taking, and the message of respect.

The rail safety DVD and the activity that relates to Jonathan’s story can be found on “Trespass and Risk-Taking Behaviour”, however the full range of activities can be found on the Right Track website www.righttrack.wa.gov.au. There is also a new video clip relating to Jonathan’s story which may be of interest and can be viewed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcPIjn67yNU .

The Right Track education program is endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and Jonathan included a strong focus on the importance of wearing a helmet and always putting their seatbelt on in a car etc.

jonathan 2.jpg

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Danielle Howton

Road Safety Guidelines

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The health committee created a document "School Road Safety Guidelines" using the template provided by SDERA.

The document included ethos and environment, curriculum and a parents and community section.

The document will be implemented to all staff and provided to the parents and community to view.

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Danielle Howton

Whole School Plan

After an initial meeting with SDERA representatives Honeywood Primary school signed up to join the CHAT initiative.

The first step was to form a Health CHAT committee which consisted of an admin member- deputy, a senior school classroom teacher and an ECE classroom teacher.

The second step was to conduct a whole school audit on - Ethos and Environment, Curriculum and Parents and Community. Each section of the survey focused on the three areas of Resilience, Drug and Road Safety education. The survey is used as baseline data for the project.

The next stage was to meet with the representatives from SDERA and plan outcomes and actions for the Bronze level of the project.

During the whole day planning session we developed our outcomes and actions - 1. To develop a scope and sequence from Kindergarten to year 6 for Protective Behaviours, Resilient, Drug and Road Safety education, nutrition and sexual health by the end of Term 4, 2018. 2. · To develop Drug and Road Safety school policies as well as review other mandated department policies by end of Term 4, 2018. 3. Share relevant policies with parents as well as provide information about our school health overview throughout 2019

Our next stage is to implement our outcomes.

There are 7 stages to each levle of the CHAT process- 1. Form a committee. 2. Conduct an audit. 3. Plan outcomes and actions. 4. Implement. 5. Monitor. 6. review. 7. Achieve outcomes and celebrate.

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Danielle Howton

Kilometre Club

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Honeywood Primary School has a before school Kilometre Club on Wednesday and Friday mornings before school for students in years 1-6.

Students can walk or run (or even skip) around the 250m track and their Kilometre Club card is marked for each lap completed.

Students receive a certificate at 50km and a badge when they achieve 100km.

Cumulative records of students’ running is kept throughout their time in the Honeywood Primary School Kilometre Club and badges awarded for every 100km milestone.

Whether you are looking to improve your overall fitness, or just enjoy being part of a group, HPS Kilometre Club is lots of fun, and a great way to kick start your morning!

The Kilometre Club is supervised by HPS staff and is an optional activity.

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Danielle Howton

SDERA Conference

This story is related to Attend non-Your Move Professional Development Session

On Wednesday 27th June a deputy and a classroom teacher attended the SDERA Conference- "Destination Well-being" at Rendezvous in Scarborough. As Honeywood Primary School is a brand new school opening from Kindy- Year 6 in 2018 we were in search of ideas to create a whole school health program. SDERA provided relief to release two staff members to attend the PL.

The conference "Destination Well-being" focused on expanding teacher knowledge and skills in delivering best practice resilience, road safety and alcohol and other drugs education with the purpose of keeping young people safer.

SDERA programs and resources build young people's resilience and empower them to make safer choices on the road and in alcohol and drug related situations. The programs are mapped to the WA Curriculum Health and Physical Education Syllabus and General Capabilities and supported by the Department of Education

While attending the conference we were informed of a program run by SDERA called "CHAT"- Changing Health Acting Together. When we returned to school we sent an email to SDERA asking for more information about CHAT.

A consultant from SDERA replied to the email and a meeting was organised to provide us with more information on the CHAT process.

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Danielle Howton

Bike Safety

This story is related to Bike Education sessions

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Year 5/6 students watched a video clip showing them how to correctly fit their bike helmets. This included the straps, the dial at the back, and position of helmet on the head.

The students then participated in a "think, pair, share" exercise of excuses they thought children would give in trying not to wear a helmet. They suggested complaints of a wet helmet, the helmet is too babyish, friend doesn’t wear a helmet and it messes my hair.
They then discussed how they could overcome these types of excuses. E.g. Keep your helmet with your school bag so that it doesn’t get wet.

The students were then given two stickers each and directed to choose what they felt was the best way for bike injuries to be reduced.
Once they all had a turn, they orally justified their choices, exposing how they thought their choice would lessen injuries.

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Danielle Howton

Whole School Survey

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During a whole school assembly the students were told about the hands up survey we wished to conduct on how students travelled to school.

The students were asked to put up their hand according to how they travelled to school that morning.

The categories were explained to the students- walked to school, travelled by bus to school, travelled by car to school and rode a bike or scooter to school.

Students raised their hand according to how they travelled to school that morning. Senior students helped to count the responses and record the numbers.

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Danielle Howton

Wheels on Wednesday

This story is related to Start a Regular Active Travel Day

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Students from years 1-6 are encouraged to bring their bikes to school every Wednesday. During first and second break students are allowed to ride their bikes or scooters in a set direction around the school.

Students must have signed permission form from their parents and must wear a helmet if they are to participate.

Students are also allowed to use roller blades or roller skates, but again only if they have a signed permission slip from their parents and are wearing a helmet.

The bike police also attended one break and joined in on the fun. At the end of the break they gave a brief talk to all students on bike safety and road rules.

Every Wednesday we have a high percentage of students riding to school to participate in Wheels on Wednesday.

A story and video about our 'Wheels on Wednesday' initiative was featured on the ABC Perth Facebook page. Unfortunately we don't own the content but you can view the story by following this link.

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Brand new school this year. Very high numbers in ECE. K-6 in 2018

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