Scooter at School

Prue Livesey
Kyilla Primary School

Once again we had a great lunchtime on the scooter track we marked out in the playground. Luckily, nobody got hurt! All the year 1s and 2s had lots of fun! We hope to continue this fun activity for the rest of the year as everyone enjoyed the track. Next week we will set up stop signs and give way signs to help the kids learn road safety rules.

By Marcus(Year 6)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Marcus - thanks for letting us know how your scooter day went this week. It's great to hear that it is going so well. You've earned a bonus 5 points too as we love it when we get a story written by young people!

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James (Your Move)

I have also just given you another 50 points as in your last story you were scored as if this was a one off event - but now it is clear that this as become a regular (weekly) event - so that is worth much more!

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