National Ride To School Day Comp

Amy Ham
Lakelands Primary School

Last week Mrs Ham received an email from the bicycle network with some information on a competition they are holding this term. Mrs Ham then forwarded this email to the rest of the school to see if there would be any interest in completing the comps with their class and the interest was astounding. Lots of classroom will be completing the poster competition. Mrs Ham placed a copy of the information and template into teachers pigeon holes and we can not wait to see what some of our students come up with. Fingers crossed there are some winner!

On the 12/10/2018 Lakelands Primary school conducted a hands up survey. In reflection we had some very bad weather during this day which we feel affected our results in a significant way and as a result we had a high percentage of decreases for active transport. Due to this result and bad weather factors we will be conducting one more hands up survey before the end of the year to see if there is any improvement. Next year our school will try and set goals to encourage students to come to school even if the weather is rainy/ stormy. On a positive note we still had a 33% decrease with students travelling to school via car.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Amy - I'm glad to hear you have had such a good uptake from other staff for the poster comp. I've given you 25 points for running the competition, plus 5 points for your reflection on your results of 12th October. Was this a special event day or a 'normal' school day? I'm a bit confused as to how you had reductions in active transport as well as car trips - it seems a large number of students just didn't go to school that day!?

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Hi Jame this survey was done during a non event day due to the weather being stormy our students were unable to stand at the gates to hand out raffle tickets without being blown away. I also

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I also think there were quite a lot of absences, however there were still a few classes that had sufficiently changed results with less using the car and choosing there bikes so this was quite interesting too. I look forward to comparing when we have a better weather day.

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