Hi everyone, We have just started up with Your Move. We are in the Rockingham Region and cater for students K-12. However, at the moment, our focus for this program is on the K-6 students. I am currently working with the Year 6 Leaders to get the “Hands Up” survey completed.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome Meg! I'm James and I review all the stories that are published to make sure that you get all the points you have earned. It's great to see you getting your first story published - I have linked it to the "Write your first story" activity which means you earned 12 activity points on top of the 4 points you automatically get for posting. I look forward to following all the fun stuff you get up to!

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Hello Meg! It's fantastic to have Living Waters Lutheran on board with the Your Move program and great to see you are involving the student leaders from the get go. Having students involved really helps in so many ways; from planning events, to collecting surveys, to spreading the word to about Your Move to their peers in the playground. The Hands Up Survey results will help you with setting goals for the year ahead. Shout out anytime if you need support or assistance. Cheers

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