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Stephanie V

Transperth Get On Board Incursion (1)

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On Thursday 6th December the Year 6 students at Loreto Nedlands enjoyed a visit from David McMahon from Transperth. The Get on Board incursion provided an informative session to educate our Year 6 class about public transport. The session was extremely timely as the students are really starting to think about the end of Primary School and the next step into High School in the New Year. Here are some comments from the students...

I found the excursion helpful because it explained a lot like how to plan my journey and what's happening around WA transport-wise. I know what to do if I feel uncomfortable on a train or bus. Isaac

I learnt that from Monday to Friday with the student Smartrider, it only costs 70 cents. I also learnt about what to do if I saw people doing the wrong thing on Transperth and how to put money on my Smartrider. I am definitely feeling more confident about catching public transport to school next year. Georgia

The top tips I learned during the incursion were; how to use a Smartriders, the rules of Transperth, the train rules and how to use the website and plan my journey. Sophie

I'm feeling more confident about catching public transport to school next year because I learnt about Transperth security, safety and how they charge you. I found the Get On Board incursion helpful. Henry

I learnt how to tag on and off of a bus using my Smartrider and how to act sensibly around adults and other students whilst travelling on the bus. I'll be going on the Transperth website so I know what bus I'm catching and what time it is arriving. Amelie

I found the incursion helpful because I now know how to top up a Smartrider through autoload and cash. I know more about train/bus safety and what to do if I drop something on the tracks. I will definitely be going on the Transperth website to plan my journey. Tatenda

The Loreto staff found the session to be so useful and relevant to the students that they have already requested that we book the visit again for the Year 6s in 2019.

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Stephanie V

Ride2School Term 4 (1)

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We held our final Ride2School Day for the year during November. At Loreto we have a regular crowd of walkers and cyclists who commute each week. Our Ride2School Day always incorporates a "walking bus" from a nearby oval. The aim of the walking bus is to provide the opportunity for those students who live further afield to get involved and experience the fun and benefits of walking to school.

IMG_5616 (2).JPG

Term 4 is a pretty busy time but we had a relatively good turn out. The mild weather at this time of year provided the perfect conditions. The children enjoyed the privilege of being allowed to ride around in the school pavilion (complete with background soundtrack) and practise a few "bike tricks" which are not usually permitted on the school grounds. Smiles all round! 😊

IMG_5612.JPG (1)

During 2018, our school earned enough points to receive a free Scooter Parking Rack. It has been highly utilised throughout the year and provided a super incentive for the younger children to start good active transport habits at a young age. Thanks very much Your Move. Loreto looks forward to continuing to promote and participate in active transport in 2019.

IMG_5619 (2).JPG

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Stephanie V

Ride2School Day 2018 at Loreto!

The sky was clear, the roads were empty and the bike racks were full! We just couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for National Ride2School Day 2018.

on the streets.JPG (2)

Students travelled from far and wide on their bikes and scooters. Our Sports Teacher also conducted a walk/ride group from a nearby park. Those that live further afield were able to "park and ride" which made everyone feel included.

boys arriving.JPG (2)

This year we kept Ride2School quite a low key event having previously done large breakfasts, raffles and prizes as incentives. These incentives do seem to work but our focus was on getting students to ride because they wanted to participate and enjoy the associated health benefits. Whilst numbers on the day may have been down slightly, the number of bikes in the racks on a daily basis is definitely increasing and this is fantastic to see!

Bike Rack 1.JPG (3)

Our goals for this year are to keep increasing the number of daily cyclists and also to try and earn enough points to purchase a scooter rack for our school.

morning peace.JPG (2)

There's just no better way to start the school day than on your bike! Happy riding everyone!

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Stephanie V

Autumn - A beautiful time to Ride2School

Ride2School (5).png (1)

On Friday 29th April Loreto Nedlands held a Ride2School Day. The autumn weather has been amazing - what a fabulous time of year to ride to school and enjoy the sunny but cooler days.

Students who do not live in close proximity to the school were able to join a walking bus at a nearby park. When the students arrived at school they were treated to delicious fruit and pikelets. All participants entered a raffle to win some fabulous prizes from the “Your Move” Rewards program. There was also a health quiz with questions about Riding 2 School with the prize being an apple slinky, again from Your Move.

The senior students took the time to promote riding and walking to school at the weekly assembly and encouraged all students to keep motivated.

We hope all the students will continue to enjoy using active transport to get to school for the rest of autumn and beyond...

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