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Diane Sims

MBS - Bike to Work

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Nothing like a brisk early morning ride to awaken the soul ahead of a stunning day. Our staff are actively engaged in MBS’s fantastic Frequent Active Travel (FAT) Scheme rewarding our employees who choose active travel. The Bicycle Network have proposed a new ride to work scheme for Australia (https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/newsroom/2019/04/11/pay-to-ride-to-work/) similar to the MBS Environmental FAT Scheme to promote and reward active transport to and from work. We think this would be fabulous, don’t you?

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Diane Sims

MBS - Biggest Morning Tea 2019 - Supporting Cancer Council

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Today MBS Environmental hosted the Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council Australia thanks to everyone who provided the delicious goodies. Cancer has impacted our lives in many ways and this is a way we can support a important cause. If you would like to donate online at http://wa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/MBSEnvironmental1 and a tax receipt will be emailed to you.

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Diane Sims
MBS Environmental

MBS Celebrates Bike Week

We are thrilled, over-joyed and ecstatic to announce MBS Environmental had 9 people ride to work today for Bike Week!! This beats our previous record of 8 people riding to work. How did we do it? We had a special lunch to celebrate Bike Week and encouraged everyone to participate. Riding isn’t for everyone, so some staff caught the train, bus or carpooled to work. Nine staff members riding to work out of 22 staff in our West Perth office is 40 % of our workforce and if we include people that didn’t use their cars, we had a whopping 60 % participating in some type of alternative transport to work today.

Cycling is good for your health, good for the environment and good for our communities. Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make change.

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Diane Sims
MBS Environmental

MBS - Preparing for Bike Week

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We are preparing for Bike Week here at MBS Environmental – are you? We are aiming to beat our previous record of eight staff members riding into work! MBS Environmental encourages active travel where possible. As well as our regular cyclists, we have several dedicated walkers, public transport and carpooling enthusiasts. Everyone can make a difference and MBS Environmental is proud to be part of the Your Move program.

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Diane Sims
MBS Environmental

MBS Travel Plan Meeting

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Our Health and Transport (HAT) Committee, Diane Sims, Jake Azzarello, Richard Olsen and Freea Itzstein-Davey, met with David Wake from Your Move (Department of Transport) on Friday 22 February. We discussed updating our Travel Plan and planning workplace activities for the next year, including a Bike Week morning tea in March

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MBS Environmental is an Australian consulting company specialising in the fields of environmental science, environmental engineering, geoscience, water resources and project management. In January 2013 the MBS Health and Transport (HAT) Committee, through its Health Initiatives and TravelSmart campaigning, identified a particular opportunity to alleviate the office parking congestion while promoting health and encouraging greener transportation choices for staff. As a result the Frequent Alternative Traveller (FAT) Rewards Scheme was launded where credits can be earned for using alternative transport.

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