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Staff from the Metropolitan Access and Parking Department (MAPD) held a display on all things Travelsmart on Wednesday 4/12/19 at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH).


The Travelsmart display was set up in the KEMH Staff Dining Room where staff could receive information on a variety of alternatives for travelling to work, while incorporating exercise in to their day.

This included:
- Staff survey to advise how they travelled to the site and give any comments on travelling to KEMH.

- Healthy Workplace WA and the Heart Foundation information was available to help educate staff on the importance of regular exercise, such as cycling and walking for good health.

- Use of the MAPD corporate smartrider, which offers staff a discount on their commute to and from work – 4 staff joined the program on the day of the display which was very encouraging.

- Information on the end of trip bike facilities located at KEMH – staff entered their details to show their interest.

During the day many staff attended the display to complete the survey and go in the draw for some great Your Move prizes!

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Novated bike lease (1)

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Most organisations that are a part of WA Health provide employees access to E-stralian who work with salary packaging providers, SmartSalary and Paywise. E-stralian will assist you with e-bike choice and organise the paperwork with your participating salary packaging provider. It is hoped staff will cycle to work in favour of taking their car to a hospital site, whilst enjoying the benefits of cycling.

E-stralian’s all-inclusive package includes insurance, servicing and repairs and is beneficial for new riders, families, mature aged cyclists as well as the most experienced riders. You can test ride and have your bike serviced at a participating local bike shop.

Through E-stralian you can novate lease an e-bike which means your salary packager will deduct the cost of your all-inclusive lease from your pre-tax salary. You can choose to have a 1-5 year lease and after 5 years, the e-bike is yours to own. On a 1-4 year lease, you simply return the bike. E-stralian will assist you by helping you choose an e-bike that will best suit your lifestyle. Because the e-bike is a fringe benefit it should primarily be used for work purposes but you can use it outside of work as well.

Local riders have relayed that the best benefit from commencing their e-bike lease is the time they save by commuting with their e-bikes. The fact that e-bikes are fun and you can do exercise (or not so much) on your commute is a huge benefit as well.

There are currently 14 E-stralian riders at WA Health that benefit from E-stralian’s all-inclusive tax benefit. Contact Megan at

Nick says "the bike is really amazing! Many thanks for all the help in making the whole process so easy. The cycling store has been really great - the bike was beautifully set up. They showed excellent attention to detail and a real passion for the brand. So I am really happy. The bike is a real head turner and conversation starter too!"

E-bike.JPG (2)

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On Wednesday 18 September 2019, MAPD held a large display on the "bridge" at Royal Perth Hospital. The purpose was to promote all things Travelsmart.

Approximately 60 people attended the display and were able to obtain information on getting to the site instead of using the car.

There was a survey on “how you got to the site” with other questions, however it was not a requirement for them to complete. A final count showed that there were 30 completed surveys. The majority were staff and overall the comments about commuting to RPH were that they were “very convenient”.

Transperth Education Officer, Louise Madden attended to provide information to staff, visitors and patients on the Transperth App and how to use it, also providing journey planning to many.

Nick Garland, Owner of South Perth Cycles provided 2 e-bikes on display which could be salary packaged through Paywise. Staff showed some keen interest in the bikes.

MAPD, received lots of interest @ 40 staff who left their details to arrange a corporate smartrider appointment. They also went into the draw for some great prizes.

The Department of Transport, Cancer Council, Healthy Workplace WA and the Heart Foundation were sourced for the merchandise and information that will help educate staff on the importance of regular exercise, such as cycling and walking for good health. Some great backpacks, drink bottles, recipe books, pedometers, coffee keep cups etc were prizes which we gave to those that completed a survey or signed up for the corporate smartrider, or our end of trip bike facilities.

The event proved a great success and RPH public relations department prepared a story about the event.

travel smart-1.jpg
RPH PR -excerpt.png

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Metropolitan Access & Parking introduced the Corporate Smartrider Program back in 2012. The program has been running successfully for 7 years, and encourages staff to use public transport, therefore reducing the number of staff driving cars to a hospital site.

The program's incentive offers staff an extra discount along with the Public Transport Authority's 20% discount, if they use transport to travel to and from their hospital workplace. There are currently approximately 1,200 staff using the program at 6 hospital sites across the metropolitan area.

The Corporate Smartrider Program won a "highly commended" Travelsmart Award shortly after it was implemented in 2012.

The program has increased the use of public transport to busy hospital sites by staff, and reduced the number of car trips. It has remained a great incentive for staff who continue to apply to be part of the program on a weekly basis.

PM catching bus.jpg

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Look after parking at particular Dept of Health hospital sites and organise corporate smartrider program to these sites to encourage using public transport usage.

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