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Renee Darbyshir
Millen Primary School

Schools Forum gives me a strong direction!

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Thanks to the team at Your Move Schools for organising an inspiring and ideas-generating session, I was able to develop a plan for starting up the Your Move program at Millen Primary School. Once Carol-Ann explained that it's helpful to start with what is already happening around active transport in the school community, I immediately identified a number of potential champions who may like to help, and have already approached one this morning. Celebrating what is already being done will be a key step in motivating and inspiring the Millen community to get on board with Your Move. Watch this space - 2019 is going to be great!

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Renee Darbyshir

Your Move Unwrapped

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I am at 140 William in a room full of teachers, enjoying a day of professional development for local government, schools and workplaces for the launch of Your Move central. Right now we are learning how to use the Your Move website and getting prepared to start our actions towards better transport choices at Millen Primary.


It's quite exciting to talk transport nerd speak with others who share a passion for walking and riding. Together I think we really can and will change Perth's transport culture. I'm happy to be on this journey and looking forward to reporting back on this day to the school's staff, students and other parents.

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