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Neil Brodie

Bike racks overflowing on World Bike Day

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Mount Lawley Primary School's P&C Traffic Group were keen to continue to build momentum after our successful bike education sessions and Ride2School events in term 1, so what better way than encouraging everyone to ride to school on World Bike Day on June 3?


Using our popular Facebook we reminded everyone the night before to get ready and let them know it would be a great weather day for riding!


On the day, another Facebook post reminder to get on ya bike and get to school, as well as let everyone know the many benefits of bike riding.

So what happened? The community response was amazing, so much so that bikes were pouring out of our parking area. Time to get more bike racks!!


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Neil Brodie

Traffic Management Group

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This story relates to the regular planning sessions to improve school traffic.

Like many schools, Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) has challenges with school traffic congestion, particularly at school drop off and pick up times. There was evidence of concerning and unsafe driving, and instances of antisocial behaviour towards neighbours of the school. In September 2018 MLPS P&C Association Executive agreed to create a Traffic Management Group (TMG) to address these matters.

This group meets at the start of term and review our plans and upcoming events, then checks in with School Principal to get started!

Towards the end of term we meet again to see how we went, review and learn from each activity we conducted and again check in with our School Principal to ensure we are on track.

These regular planning sessions work extremely well and ensure we keep the momentum going through the year.

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Neil Brodie

School Traffic Newsletter Articles

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Mount Lawley Primary School has a Traffic Management Group has a standing section the School’s fortnightly newsletter. This is used to promote upcoming events, send reminders on rules and guidelines related to school traffic, and support the School with their related messaging.

At the start of term 2 we choose to highlight the rules for kiss n drive and the informal one way system that helps traffic flow around the school.

MLPS kiss n drive.jpg

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Neil Brodie

Learning to ride with confidence

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To support our National Ride2School Day programme, our Mount Lawley Primary School year one students participated in Bicycle Education workshops. These workshops were proudly supported and provided by the ‘Your Move’ program and the City of Stirling.

The Mount Lawley P&C Traffic Management Group organised the workshops, which ran throughout March and prior to Ride2School Day. The aim of the workshops was to teach correct riding skills and bike safety.

In total, four workshops were held with 75 year one students participating. This was a great level of participation.

Before each workshop, parent volunteers checked that all bikes were safe, including checking tyre pressure, the chain and seat height.

Parent helper checking all bikes.jpeg

The students were very excited to participate in the workshops. The feedback from the school, students and parents was “it was a hit!”. It was great to see so many smiling, confident riders.

Year 1 Bike Ed Session 4.jpeg

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Neil Brodie

Riding with passion

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This story relates to National Ride2School Day 2020.

Our Mount Lawley PS students and community enthusiastically joined the 2020 Ride2School Day and activities leading up to the event. The Mount Lawley PS Traffic Management Group organised the programme of events with the aim to get the students interested in cycling and to encourage their participation.

Before the day, our programme of events included: - Creating a promotional display in the school library several weeks before Ride2School Day. Students and parents helped hang bicycle tyres and cycling attire from the ceiling, along with signage encouraging students to decorate their helmets in a freaky way in support of ‘Freaky Friday’. - Organising and running Bicycle Education workshops for our year one students. See ‘Learning to ride with confidence’ story.

Freaky Friday library promotion 1.jpeg (1)

On Ride2School Day, many students decorated their helmets to support the Freaky Friday theme. Students and parents also donated gold coins toward the World Bicycle Relief Initiative. Over $165 was raised, which will go toward providing bicycles to students in developing countries to assist them riding to school.

Ride2School Freaky Helmet 2.jpeg

As students arrived on the school grounds, they were invited to have a go around the supervised obstacle course. This was set up on the basketball court to allow students on bikes, scooters and skateboards to practice their skills before school started. This was a big hit with students and teachers alike. The queue seemed to never-end. Check out school Librarian Ms Brodie scooting the course before the students arrived!

Ride2School Obstacle Course queue.jpeg

Also, during the morning assembly students were addressed by two traffic Police Officers from the Western Australian Police Force about the importance of bike safety. MLPS is very grateful to have Ben and Glen speak so passionately to the students.

Ride2School Police 2.jpeg

The day was a great success, with strong support and participation from all students across all year levels riding bikes, scooters or skateboards to school. There was a real buzz about the event and it was fantastic to see the school’s two bike stations full with overflow of bikes stacked on the basketball court.

MLPS are looking forward to participating in the National Ride2School Day next year.

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Sharnie Stuart

Start of school, yay! "Hands UP" Survey

Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) conducted its FIRST ever "Hands Up" survey, yay!

A MLPS teacher from each class conducted a survey requsting students to put their hand up to determine how many students:

  • rode a bike, scootered or skated;
  • caught the bus or train;
  • walked to school; or
  • commuted by car.
  • A total number of 445 students participated in the inaugural survey;
  • 64% commuted by car;
  • 154 participants either walked, rode a bike, skated or scooted to school, representing 34.6% of the total number of participants;
  • 22.9% walked to school;
  • 1.3% of participants caught the bus or train.

In addition to this Hands Up survey, several teachers thought it advantageous to integrate their survey results into their maths lesson, e.g. graphs (pie charts, bar graphs), statistics etc...

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Sharnie Stuart

Road Safety Week 2020 - Start Planning

2020 Road Safety ribbon.JPG (1)

National Road Safety Week' is from 3 - 10 May this year! Let's start planning NOW to make 2020 a safe school commuting year 'Saving Lives Together'!

Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) Traffic Management Group (TMG) recently submitted an 'Event Grants' application to the Road Safety Commission. Did you know about this grant?

Road Safety Week 2020.JPG (1)

We submitted our event grant application aiming to do this:

  • Demonstrating the safety committments we have in place for 2020;
  • Re-activating 'Safe Routes to Schools' by repainting faded pavement markings on the best safe walking routes;
  • Deploying the City of Stirling's 'Speed Altert Mobile' trailer to reinforce 40km/hr speed limits; and
  • Hosting a morning tea to communicate to the school community (and others) the importance of safe commuting within our neighbourhood.

We are hoping to emphasise the importance of Road Safety Week and remind people that safety comes first! Let's all strive 'Towards Zero'

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Sharnie Stuart

"Move It" Competition!

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The P&C's school Traffic Management Group organised a school competition called 'Move It, Move It' to draw a picture and promote traffic safety and alternative transportational modes. These designs will then be used for the future stickers we intend to create to acknowledge those who are taking on board good traffic behaviours.

Look at these excellent 1st, 2nd & 3rd place competition winners. We were so thrilled with these entries. Excellent work MLPS students!

Move It Competition.JPG

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Sharnie Stuart

2019 has been POSITIVE

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The MLPS Traffic Management Group has undertaken so many traffic initiatives this year!

We'd like to thank:

  • Cavelle Monck (MLPS Principal) for her support, direction and dedication in helping the TMG
  • City of Stirling
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Transport
  • MLPS community for taking on board these initiatives...we can only improve from here onwards!

Here's a reflection of our 2019 activities, let's hope 2020 is similar!


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Sharnie Stuart

FREE Coffee!

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An initiative that has complimented the MLPS Traffic Management Group's 'Bob & Betty' campaign is the handing out of FREE coffees! Individuals receive free coffees by way of nomination. For instance, if someone walks to school regularly, or respects their neighbours' properties by not parking on the verge, or if a general good traffic behaviour has been noticied by another's a great positive method to get the community thinking about their actions and reinforcing good traffic behaviours.

Thank you to SeconDeli, Nexus Coffee and Bowie Kitchen for supplying these free coffee vouchers. This initiative not only reinforces good traffic behaviour, it's also a great way to promote local business!

Free Coffee.JPG

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Sharnie Stuart

Bob & Betty Campaign

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One of the MLPS P&C parents suggested the Traffic Mangement Group should use the 'Bob & Betty' campaign to spruce up promotion of safe commuting to school, walking/ riding/ scootering where possible, being respectful to the traffic rules and other good behaviours being adopted by the school community.

We implemented this campaign and it has been a positive way to spread the safe traffic messages.

Bob & Betty campaign.JPG

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Sharnie Stuart

International Walk to School Month - October

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To kick start term 3, MLPS Traffic Management Group organised an 'International Walk to School Month in October' event. We encouraged people to walk, ride and scooter. Plus we organised a coffee van operator at Hamer Park to entice people to park at Hamer, grab a coffe and walk to school. The aim of this initiative was to reduce traffic congestion around the school including encouraging the use of alternative transportation modes.

With the support of the City of Stirling and our coffee van operator Carol 'Little Retro Rascal' we managed to get more people out of their cars and walk/ ride/ scoot!

Here's our promotional poster!

International Walk to School Month.JPG

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Sharnie Stuart

Newsletters - Traffic Spiel

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Every fortnight the MLPS Traffic Management Group (TMG) provides relevant traffic information to the school community. Some examples include, reinforcing safe walking practices, i.e. walking on footpaths and not through car park areas, how to use Kiss N Drive properly, and respecting neighbours by not parking across their driveway.

Newsletter Spiel.JPG

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Sharnie Stuart

Conducted Survey

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In March 2019, the MLPS Traffic Management Group conducted a survey to understand the school community's thoughts about traffic and what strategies could be implemented to improve traffic.

FOUR main topics were identified

Survey - Group Discussion.JPG (1)

Check out one of our slide show pages for the Survey Workshop we held!

Survey - View of School Traffic.JPG (1)

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Sharnie Stuart

MLPS Traffic Management Group

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In September 2018 the Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) Traffic Management Group (TMG) was established.

The aim of the TMG is to inititiate positive traffic change amongst the school community, reinforce safe respectful behaviour, promote walking/ riding/ scootering to school, and other strategies to improve traffic congestion around the school.

We have been fairly busy since then:

  • introduced a traffic section in the newsletter
  • created a logo competion reinforcing safe traffic/ alternative transportational modes
  • Organised a Walk to School event
  • and much more!
Intro of TMG.JPG

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