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Andrea Smithson

New Bike Ed skills for Mount Lockyer

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Mount Lockyer Primary's Phys Ed teacher, Mr Small, recently took part in a Cycling Australia School Teacher's training. It was an action packed day - lots of riding and new skills learned. Next step is to see how those new skills can be put to use in the school and shared with the students. Working some bike ed into longer term planning is the end goal, but in the shorter term an after school bike club is on the cards. Another great string to the bow for Mount Lockyer's active transport efforts!

CAST training photo 4.jpg
CAST training photo 5.jpg

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Andrea Smithson

The results are in...what are the active transport challenges for Mount Lockyer Primary?

We've just wound up our active transport survey, and the results are very interesting! Some confirmed our thoughts, others are maybe a little more challenging, but also exciting.

While 63% of our respondents lived less than 5km from school, only 30% regularly walked and 15% regularly cycled or scooted to school. Two thirds of students arrived at school by car on 4 or 5 days in an average week.

The really interesting bit is the reasons why people drive, and the things that people thought would make it more likely for their kids to be able to walk or cycle instead of driving them to school. Some things we can't change (like the Albany weather!), but others we can - and these are the things we will keep front of mind in the next steps of our Your Move journey.

MLPS Active Transport survey results June2019 pg1.PNG
MLPS Active Transport survey results June2019 pf2.PNG

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Andrea Smithson

Active transport survey

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Here's hoping that this box is soon full with surveys from our school community!

It's been a fantastic start to the year at Mount Lockyer Primary, with a huge amount of support for our special events. Now it's time to dig a bit deeper, and find out some of the reasons why our students travel to school the way that they do - and what we might be able to do to make the decision to use active transport an easier one.

We've set up the survey online as well as in hard copy, and will be promoting via the newsletter and social media. Fingers crossed for lots of responses, and some new insights.


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Andrea Smithson

Class champions for Term 2

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Our Mount Lockyer Your Move student leaders conducted their Term 2 Hands Up survey last week, which found some great results. There was a 7% decrease in car trips compared to the last survey, and some very positive increases in cycling and walking.

The student team came up with the idea to award a prize each term for the classrooms who record the highest level of active transport - and so our Active Transport Champions Awards are born!

The Your Move team did a fantastic job at today's assembly in handing out the awards, and giving some really positive feedback to the school about our progress in active transport. Great job Charlotte, Matilda, Toby and Saige - and to our top 3 classrooms, Room 25, Room 11 and Room 3.

YM student team assembly presentation 23May2019.jpg

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Andrea Smithson

Albany YM schools network

Albany punches well above its weight in terms of schools participating in Your Move, and to keep that momentum going, we now have an Albany Your Move schools network.

This has come about as an unintended (but positive) consequence of hosting a remote site for the Your Move schools forum earlier this year, where the schools who attended found it really helpful to have the opportunity to share experiences and all the various ups and downs involved in promoting active transport!

The network is an informal affair - a once a term catch up for coffee, and email/phone contact in between if needed. So far, we have 4 schools involved (Great Southern Grammar, St Josephs College, Albany Primary School and Mount Lockyer Primary School) and look forward to welcoming any other schools to join us, no matter where they are on their Your Move journey.

Any local schools (in Albany or surrounding towns) who are keen to join us for our next catch up are welcome to contact Andrea Smithson on to link in.

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Andrea Smithson

Walk to School Day success

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Walk to School Day was a great success for Mount Lockyer Primary School - not only did we dodge the rain, we had an amazing turnout for the group walk and family breakfast! More than 100 students and around 20 staff and family members walked as a group from the local shopping centre - a brisk 2km walk to get warmed up on this chilly morning.

That group joined others who had walked from home in the hall for a Walk to School Day breakfast, which was made possible through a grant from Communities for Children. There was lots of yummy and healthy food to keep everyone going for the rest of the day.

A big thanks to all the students, families and staff who walked today, and to the Your Move student team who did a great job in helping with the breakfast.

MLPS Walk to School 10.jpg
MLPS Walk to School 2.jpg
MLPS Walk to School 5.jpg

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Andrea Smithson

Your Move student team gets to work

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The Mount Lockyer Primary Your Move student team have had a busy start to Term 2.

Last week, they did their first presentation at a school assembly, and despite a few nerves, they did a great job of letting the school community know about their role, and to promote the upcoming Walk to School Day.

This week is was time to conduct the Term 2 Hands Up survey. Now the YM team knows the drill, it was a seamless process - with some great results! Compared to our Term 1 survey, we have seen a 7% decrease in car trips, and a huge 29% increase in cycling and 20% increase in walking. Amazing stuff! The team have also come up with a great idea to give out awards to the top 3 Your Move classes, which we will work on presenting at the next assembly.

This Friday the students will also be helping out at the Walk to School Day event, which promises to be another great active transport day for the school. Congratulations to Matilda, Charlotte, Sage and Toby - you are doing a fantastic job!

MLPS YM team Hands Up survey Term 2 2.jpg

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Andrea Smithson

Ready to roll for Term 2

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The Mount Lockyer Primary School working group had their first meeting for Term 2 today, with lots on the schedule for the next 10 weeks. The first focus will be Walk Safely to School Day in Week 3, with a group walk planned as well as a healthy breakfast at school.

We will also be seeking more feedback from the school community through a family survey and suggestion box, which we hope will give us some better insights into the particular issues people feel are important.

Another busy term ahead!

Planning meeting.jpg

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Andrea Smithson

Your Move Schools Forum goes regional

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A big thanks to Carol-Anne and David from the Your Move team for making it possible for schools in Albany to take part in the recent Schools Forum from off-site. As much as we'd love to be there in person, a 10 hour round trip makes it pretty hard to justify! So it was great to be able to be part of the conversation and feel part of the network. It was also an excellent opportunity for the local school reps to connect and share experiences.

Now we know how to make it work - we'll look forward to being part of future events!

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Andrea Smithson

Mount Lockyer Primary School's first Your Move student team

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Four Year 5 students from Mount Lockyer Primary School have been selected to form the school's first Your Move student team - and they are raring to go! The team are already active transport champions, and they are ready to get involved in a range of events and activities that are planned in and around the school over the next term.

MLPS YM student team sem1 2019 Charlotte Matilda Sage.jpg (1)

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Andrea Smithson

Bike parade to celebrate Ride2School Day

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What a fun start to the day at Mount Lockyer Primary School! After a week of stormy weather, we managed to score an hour of no rain for our bike parade. And what a turnout! More than 80 decorated bikes, and another 20 or so in the racks. It was gridlock around the quadrangle, but we all managed a few laps before the judging. It was a difficult job, but we managed to pick 4 winners of Your Move prize packs for their creatively decorated bikes. Amazing work Mount Lockyer!

Ride2School MLPS Photo 2.jpg
Ride2School MLPS Photo 10.jpg
Ride2School MLPS Photo 5.jpg

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Andrea Smithson

Mount Lockyer Primary ready to make a move

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Mount Lockyer Primary School is geared up (pardon the pun!) for a great year in active transport. We had our first meeting this week, with a motivated team of teachers and parents on board for 2019 and lots of great ideas discussed.

Ride2School Day will get things off to a brilliant start next week, with a Bike Parade planned for the big day with prizes for the best decorated bikes.

That will be just the start, watch this space for some great activities coming up for the rest of the year. If this is the number of bikes in our racks already...can't wait to see where we can go!

IMG_0315.jpg (4)

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Kelly Patterson

Ride to School Day

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Friday 23rd March was Ride to School day and what a day it was. It had been raining all night and morning and it was looking like it wasn't going to stop any time soon.

But it takes more than that to stop the students and parents of Mount Lockyer Primary School. We had over 150 students and their parents brave the weather and either ride a bike, scooter or walk to school. A few groups got a bit wet but no one complained and the students thought it was great.

Every student received a sticker and a ticket into a raffle for some fantastic prizes that was drawn after lunch.

Luckily the weather cleared up and it was fine sky's for the way home after school. A huge thanks to Mr Small his help handing out stickers and raffle tickets.

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Carl Beck

Students Cycle Education

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Lockyer Primary School was the first school in Albany to take advantage of some free cycle education for their students provided by the City of Albany thanks to some funding from RAC.

Five sessions of approximately 50 minutes were run during the day by Albany Leisure Centre staff member and qualified Mountain Bike Coach Matt Walker with almost 80 students participating during the day.

Sessions focused on the basics of safe riding including how to conduct a basic bike check, the proper way to wear a bike helmet, hand signals and how to interact with traffic.

Matt will be returning to Lockyer PS on 15th March to run some more sessions for some additional students as well as visiting other Albany Schools over the next two school terms.

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Julie Passmore

Walk & Ride Prize Draw


Students who rode or walked to school over the last two weeks of term had their names put in a prize draw to win vouchers to Icky Finks and Orana Cinemas. There were six small prizes, plus a grand prize of a cinema voucher for two children and one adult including refreshments.

Mr Faulkner was impressed that some students walked or rode almost every day, even in the middle of winter! We were very glad to see the grand prize go to one such student.

The first prize draw took place at an assembly early on in the two weeks which promoted the competition and encouraged more students to join in. The final draw was made on the last day of term, when the bike racks showed that several hardy students had ridden to school despite plenty of rain that day!

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Julie Passmore

Ride2School Day

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IMG_0102 (2).jpg

Ride2School Day was a huge success at Mount Lockyer PS and the bike racks were overflowing. One hundred students rode bikes and 20 rode scooters! This was even more impressive given that the Year 6 students were away on camp. Enthusiasm was high and students arrived looking forward to the bike skills activities to be held throughout the day. Ride2School Day was advertised in the school newsletter, on Facebook and by announcements over the PA.

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Julie Passmore

Hands Up!

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We took our first Hands Up survey of students and were impressed to find that more than 30% had arrived by bus, bike or on foot. We have lots of students who live within 5km of school, but also many who live quite a distance away so it's great that the bus is an option. Looking forward to seeing that number grow during the year!


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