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Cherrie Fletcher

Be Our Best… Bike Education!

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The Year 4 and 5 students at MHPS have just completed a program in Bike Education.

2019-05-MHPS-Bike Ed -1.jpg

What did we learn…

2019-06-MHPS-Bike Ed-2.jpg (1)

· Use the two finger salute to check that my helmet fits correctly.

· Indicate using hand signals.

· Seat height needs to be right.

· Suitable clothing is important.

· Check driveways.

· Stay on the left and give way to the right.

· Look both ways.

· Maintain your bike.

…and lots more!

2019-05-MHPS-Bike Ed Mr Slee-1.jpg

This course is run annually for these year levels and we love Mr Slee our Bike Ed instructor.

2019-06-MHPS-Bike Ed-1.jpg

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Cherrie Fletcher

Way to go WES!!!!

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2019-02-MHPS-WES on scooter landscape-1.jpg

WES is leading the way at Mount Hawthorn Primary. He leads the way in our school’s approach to Waste Energy Sustainability. He is a model for our students and even rides his scooter to school. We have a competition in the pipeline where students are designing environmentally futuristic ways for WES to get to school.

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Cherrie Fletcher

Mount Hawthorn’s Helping Hand

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Mount Hawthorn’s handy How to get to School brochure has once again been distributed to all our Pre-primary families and new arrivals at our school. It is fantastic to support our community with safe travel to school suggestions. Our added 22 Wayfinding Panels have made it even more safe and fun getting to school.

Your Move Pamphlet Cover.JPG
Your Move Pamphlet Map.JPG

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Cherrie Fletcher

Crazy for Constable Care!!!

The students from Pre-primary to Year 2 went on a wild ride in Professor Tells-You-Stuff’s time machine to explore the ways they can travel to school safely all in one morning!

The incursion was a part of the school’s supporting parents with children heading towards a pre-independent stage in their school life.

2019-03-MHPS-Constable Care-1.jpg

You’re COOL Constable Care. Thankyou!!!

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary


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We are back for 2019 and have Platinum in our sights. The 22 Way Finding Panels recently installed in our community have been a great start to encouraging active travel to school. The panels include original messages created by our Year 4 students with smart, fun tips for students travelling to school.

2019-03-MHPS-Your Move Year 4 Kids-1.jpg

Our Monday Move it Marshalls and Footpath Friday Force are excited to start rewarding students who walk, scoot and skate to school.

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

We Like to Move it!

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Your Move Letters.jpg

The Year 4 students from Room 42 at Mount Hawthorn Primary presented their class assembly based on the Your Move Initiative. It included; a slight change of words to an old classic, The Pushbike Song, lots of information encouraging the community to move to school in different ways and an energetic dance to the tune I Like to Move it! The students even convinced their principal to ride his bike as part of the act. The crowd loved it!

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

Community Contact

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School Newsletter Article- 18 October 2018

The school has recently become involved in the Your Move Program. Your Move is a community based behaviour change program run by the Department of Transport that supports schools, workplaces and individual participants to reduce their car use and instead try walking, bike riding, and public transport to get around their city and local area.

MHPS Riding-9531.jpg
MHPS Riding-9506.jpg

The Year 4 students have become our Monday Move it Marshals. They can be seen at all the entrances to the school on Monday mornings, rewarding students who walk, ride or scoot to school.
Students are rewarded with faction counters, which they place in the tally tubes. The winning faction is recognised with extra faction points, which go towards the end of term results.
Through our involvement in the program we are hoping to; alleviate traffic congestion around the school, encourage health and fitness habits, reduce our carbon footprint and develop student road safety and awareness.
Stay tuned for lots more to come from our involvement in Your Move.

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

Start Spreading the News

The Year 4 Move it Marshals are spreading the news to the school community by making posters to promote Move it Mondays. They have also decided to add a Footpath Friday to their schedule.


Discussing and brainstorming, what makes a good poster, has been a focus in class and integrated across the learning areas.


The next step is to place our posters in prominent places around the school.

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

Monday Move it Marshals

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The Year 4 students at Mount Hawthorn Primary School are busy on Monday mornings rewarding all students who RIDE, WALK or SCOOT.


Students are rewarded with Faction Tokens which they place in their Faction Bonus Points Tube.


The Faction Bonus Points System is a major part of our School Wide Positive Behaviour Program.

The Year 4 Marshals are planning to be out and about, two to three days a week, next Term to encourage MOVING IT without a car.


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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

Bike Ed Busters

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Year 4 and 5 Students are bursting with new knowledge and skills from their recent involvement in Bike Education.

2018-09-MHPS-Your Move Bike Ed Kids Work-1.jpg

Over 200 Year 4 and 5 Students participated in the school annual Bike Education Program.

2018-09-MHPS-Your Move Bike Ed Kids Work-4.jpg

The students are enthusiastic about putting into practise what they have learnt which includes…

2018-09-MHPS-Your Move Bike Ed Kids Work-3.jpg

Be Safe and Be your Best.

We have increased the number of students busting to ride to school!

2018-08-MHPS-Your Move Post-1.jpg

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

We are on the way to Wayfinding!

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Mount Hawthorn Primary School will be launching their Access Map and Wayfinding signs very soon.

Our Year 4 students are currently creating their own messages for footpath panels directing students to the safest path to school.

We have been working closely with Francois Sauzier from the City of Vincent to identify the best locations for these panels.

Cherrie and Francois Planning.jpg

We are anticipating the new signs and access map will encourage more students walk or ride to school.


Our community will benefit from the Park and Walk points marked on our access map.

This will also help alleviate traffic congestion around the school during drop off and pick up times.

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Cherrie Fletcher
Mt Hawthorn Primary

Mount Hawthorn Primary "On The Move!"

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Our school is excited to have made Our Move in the Your Move initiative!

2018-08-MHPS-Bike Ed-2-2.jpg

This process started with applying for a grant from The City of Vincent and Department of Transport.

We quickly began “hands up” surveys with all our students to find out how they move to school. Traffic congestion is a very real problem around our school and we saw the need to encourage our students to walk and ride to school – hence our move in the Your Move initiative.

The funding we have received has enabled us to continue to include bike education for all our Year 4 and 5 students as part of our Health Curriculum.

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