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Leah Knapp

Earth Hour, Sustainable Development Goals, and Blue Skies

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MU celebrated a landmark event during our Earth Hour (29 March) by becoming the first WA University to sign the 'University Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals'. While active transport is not specifically identified in the 17 Goals, its benefits and impacts socially and environmentally are implicit in many of the Goals.

We asked staff and students to write down their Blue Sky ideas for implementing the SDGs at Murdoch and were pleased to note that of the 100s of comments left on our big campus aerial photos and the online survey, ongoing support for sustainable transport to campus figured very significantly. This info will be a great driver when we come to refine and update our Travel Plan later this year.

We offered these beautiful custom made cookies to people who contributed their ideas!

staff writing on board.jpg
EH ideas board 2.jpg
student with cookie.jpg

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Bike to Uni Breakfast fun

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MU's Bike to Uni Breakfast was on Friday 22 March. We had about 40 staff and students attend. A door prize was offered (randomly selected, though the winner's colleagues were sure it was a rigged process!)

To break the ice and have some fun, I developed a table game - teams were to draw their vision of MU's Bike Week heroes, Professor Granny Gear and Dr Derailleur. There was much hilarity and some very silly drawings, but everyone chose this one as the winner.

winning tandem.jpg (1)

Despite really implementing a very thorough outreach programme, which included posters all over campus, postcards with both the Murdoch Meander and the Breakfast collateral placed on bikes around campus, digital displays on big screens in the entry/ reception areas of Schools and Departments, and weekly posts in the staff intranet and Yammer outlets, I was surprised we didn't reach the target of 100 Breakfasters. I wonder if this is about the choice of day (a Friday)? If we do a Breakfast again next year I may try to do it on a Wednesday instead.

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Bike Week and Free bike repairs

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We hosted 2 free bike repair/ maintenance sessions on Bush Court during Market Days on the Thursday of Weeks 2 and 3 of the new semester, as well as an information stand to promote our Bike Week events.

Murdoch bike repair 2019.jpg

I put an A Frame sign out on the Wednesday before Market Days, at the location where we'd be set up. The first week no-one brought their bikes, but said they would next week, and in fact our friendly repair guy was run off his feet the second week!

Lesson learnt: put signage out the week before the 1st week the service is being offered, so that people are aware of the service and can plan accordingly.

We had on offer the usual printed materials for route planning etc but found most students in particular weren't interested in this, preferred to use their own devices to learn about routes etc. We also found that those who already ride are using Google Maps to plan their routes, so paper resources seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Can't upload the photos we took of our repair guy in action as they are jpgs. Can the 'Stories' page be amended so these can be uploaded?

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Murdoch Meander a success!

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We hosted the second MM this past Sunday. The Meander was inspired by the Giro d' Perth. We had a pretty good turnout with about 50 people braving the warmer-than- ideal temperatures- including a LOT of families with younger children. Riding around the MU campus was perfect for them, with smooth wide paths and little in the way of obstacles, and lots of interesting places to discover. The design of the Meander, broken into 2 options, ensured there was something for everyone- the longer route took about 2 hours to complete and went around Bibra Lake as well as the campus.

murdoch Meander 2019.jpg

We learned a few things: having an event ambulance service on hand seemed a bit 'overkill' but I am incredibly grateful we did in fact have one, as someone had an accident on campus and fractured her wrist. (She's OK!)

It was really hard to get volunteers, so big thanks to the 2 students who came and helped out, including Rowan who did a lot of postering in the local shops in the weeks ahead of the event (on his bike, no less!) From our face-to- face surveys, most people heard about the event from our display advert that ran in three editions of the Herald Newspaper, or Facebook. No one mentioned the posters at all, so I wonder if the days of using posters as outreach material are well and truly over- given they are expensive to produce and distribute, I won't mind that too much.

I can't upload the photo of the family who won our little competition- mum, dad and 3 small kids, all on bikes and all keen as mustard! They really captured the spirit of the day. I used the $50 Rebel voucher MU won through its Your Move Stories points to thank this happy family for joining in and posting about the event.

Attaching here the Murdoch Meander resource (map and clue sheet) and if anyone is interested in holding an event like this in their own area I'd be happy to talk about lessons learnt, etc.

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Bringing back the bike share to MU

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MU is investigating a partnership with Dismantle to provide share bikes for use by students and staff on campus and in the surrounding areas. It's early days yet but we're really excited to support Dismantle's vision and bring back our share bike project, which some Murdoch alumni might recall- those infamous 'pink bikes' that plyed the campus for many years.

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Murdoch Meander 2018

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Murdoch Meander 2018

Murdoch Uni gained a Bike Week 2018 grant to hold the Murdoch Meander, an exploration of Murdoch's South Street campus and interesting features in the neighbouring area. Riders were given a specially-developed map and clue sheet and had fun discovering hidden artworks, puzzles, and fast facts as they 'meandered' along dedicated cycle lanes and backstreets. The aim of the event was to inspire novice riders to discover how easy and safe it is to ride in this area. Our grant included funds to hire bikes but this option was not taken up by the 30 or so participants.

The event has the potential to be a great success. A report about the event, compiled by a MU tourism student, made a few key recommendations: - promotion needs to be multifaceted and widespread, i.e. posters in shop windows, contact with local schools, social media, etc. Social media in particular needs to be more strategically used. Timing is also important- Bike Week often falls during a study break, a time when students are usually busy with assignments or field work.

We may run the Meander again in 2019, depending on grant availability. Participants enjoyed themselves and there are many special places on and near the Murdoch campus left to discover.

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

Saving bikes from landfill

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For more information on how to do this, click here

MU ends up with a bunch of abandoned bikes at the end of each semester as students return to their home countries or cities. In the past these bikes were simply put in the metal recycling skips.

This September we donated 5 abandoned bikes to the Dismantle Bike Rescue programme, and with the end of the Uni year looming no doubt we'll have other bikes to pass on soon. It's great to know these resources are finding a new life and helping young people learn new skills.

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Leah Knapp
Murdoch University

bike week workshops

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Murdoch got Bike Week grant funds (thanks guys!) to run a Rusty Riders workshop and a Bike Maintenance 101 workshop. We got about 25 people along to each- I especially loved the RR workshop - so good to see people getting on their bikes and realising they could ride safely and in style, and enjoy it!

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