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On the path to success

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As mentioned in a story posted last year, the Noranda Primary School P&C Road Safety Committee, were investigating options to improve the pathways through the reserve that adjoins the back of the school and provides the safest entry point to the school for kids arriving on foot or by bike or scooter.

In December 2019, one of the parent committee members meet with the Deputy Mayor, Filomena Piffaretti, to discuss the traffic and parking issues at Noranda PS. Filomena was supportive of the committees' approach and provided the contact, Doug Pearson, the Director of Works and Infrastructure at City of Bayswater to help pursue the path upgrades at Deschamp Reserve. The parent met with Doug at the reserve in early January to discuss 2 sections of pathway- one from the clubroom in the middle of the reserve to the path that leads into the school bike cage and the other from the end of McCarthy Place to the pathway on Walmsley Drive (see map attached). Doug costed the project and encouraged the committee to write a letter to the Mayor and other Ward Councillors to seek consideration for the improvements as part of the 2020-21 budget.

Two letters later, one from the committee and one from the school Principal and we have received a very positive letter from Mayor Dan Bull stating that the City has looked into the request and is of the view that the upgrades would be beneficial for the area. While there is no current budget allocation, the request will be added to the budget deliberation meetings for 2020-21. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, the committee will continue to encourage parents to park at Deschamp Reserve and walk across the oval, into the school grounds. To help promote this message a map (see attachment) has been created and will be sent home in a note to parents shortly.

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Noranda Primary school

Student team up and running

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On Wednesday, our student team met to introduce ourselves and start planning for 2020. We hope to have a number of events throughout the year to promote riding and walking to school.
The team discussed having an obstacle course, wacky bike day, and celebrating world car free day.
These events will be run by the team with the support of Mrs Edwards.
As this Friday is Ride to School day and our theme is freaky Friday the team have made some posters and placed them around the school, hoping for as many as possible to ride their bikes.

Our plan is to educate students, parents and staff in safety around our school!

R2SD poster lily.jpg (1)
R2SD poster.jpg

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Noranda Primary school

Planning for Success in 2020

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Noranda Primary joined Your Move late last year to try tackle some of the car traffic and parking issues we are experiencing around drop off and pick up times.
At the start of 2020 we are still seeing a lot of cars around the school so we have a lot of work to do, to encourage our students to rethink how they get to school and consider walking, cycling and scooting where possible as an alternative.

To get the ball rolling, on Wednesday, thanks to the Department of Transport Teacher Relief Initiative, I spent half a day planning activities for the next few months to get Your Move really up and running at Noranda PS.
During this time, I meet with the student team over lunch, to talk through ideas and lock down a few firm dates to run events throughout 2020.
The time also gave me an opportunity to collect our Start of Year Hands Up Survey data, which reveals an alarming, but not surprising, high number of car trips to school. On the positive we have plenty of potential for change!
I also spent some time booking our excursion to the Constable Care Safety School, an excursion we received through the Your Move grants program last year. We should be attending the Safety School in late May, early June, and I am very excited to see our kids get an opportunity to visit the school, improve their bike handling skills and hopefully see more of these students then using a bike to get to school.
It was also a great opportunity for me to spend some time on the Your Move website reading other school stories to learn what they have trialled and what has worked well for them and exploring the resources.
All in all, I feel so much more prepared to get started with Your Move in 2020!

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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Second Meeting

Last week we made our first announcement over the PA to announce our second meeting. At the meeting Mrs Edwards told us she had taken, the logo designs created by the student team, to 9 random staff members and asked them to vote on their preferred design. There were 4 top designs but one got slightly more votes and will be the design we now use. A final version of this design will now be completed and turned into our new team badges.

We are all very excited to wear our badges in 2020.

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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Suggestion Box


Our Suggestion Box

 This box will be introduced at the first assembly 2020. It will be located in the school library for convenience for staff, parents and students. In the box there will be copies of school maps which show safe pathways that students can use when walking and cycling to school.

The student committee have spoken and in term 1 will be planning SMART goals that can be achieved. One of these will be information about parking at the rear of the school oval, and walking the rest of the way. This goal is our key outcome as the congestion that pick up and drop off times have become a huge concern for both staff and students. Posters and information will be sent home to encourage this with regular meetings with both student and parent committees.


Next year will be the first time this program will be introduced therefore we do not want to set too many expectations, and the students want to focus on the promotion through newsletters, assemblies and posters in first term.


Long term planning

The students have brainstormed ideas that include promoting walking and riding days and running obstacle courses later in the year. The obstacle courses would be set up for students to take part in at lunchtimes on set days. When able both a representative from the parent and student committee will be attending parent information talks. The students from Noranda are very excited and motivated to help keep our school safe.






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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Planning for 2020

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Bike Safety committee

The students have had their second meeting where it was discussed and a plan made to introduce the Your Move program to the whole school and students in Term 1 2020.

After communicating this with the Principal it was decided that the first day back I would explain and answer any questions staff may have about the student committee or program.

Students have now designed a number of logos that they want to have to represent their committee.

Students also have talked about a plan for meetings next year, and have decided that there will be regular lunchtime meetings to organise upcoming events.


First term

Introduce and promote riding and walking to school.

Make posters and do PA announcements when required.

Make announcements at fortnightly assemblies.

Help to organise and promote Ride to School Day in March. 

Students will work together with Mrs Edwards to achieve their outcomes.


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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Bike Safety Education


As a part of the year 3 curriculum and extension activities, students in year 3 room 7 have had the opportunity to partake in Bike and Riding Safety education this term.

Using resources from SDERA, the Department of Education, plus other Bike safety packs, the students completed worksheets, brainstormed ideas and worked in small groups to better understand the importance of knowing the area that you are riding in and the road rules relating to cycling. The students have also developed the basic knowledge required to maintain a bike and helmet correctly. Students completed a range of activities including problem solving situations they may find themselves in, relating to riding and bike safety. The bike education sessions ended with an art class, in which the kids drew bikes and wheels, to decorate the classroom.

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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Year 6 Transperth

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Grip Leadership Conference 2019

In term 1 week 8 Friday, the Noranda Primary School Leaders, Captains and Councillors, together with the faction Captains travelled by Transperth trains to the Perth.

The Grip Leadership conference was held at the Perth Convention Centre.

We took the Midland line from Bayswater and went to the Perth underground, when we got there a Transperth representative lead us to the Fremantle Line. We all got on the train and got off one stop later,

After attending the conference, we travelled back to Bayswater station where we were our parents were waiting.

The experience was a little over whelming but knowing that there was a representative waiting to guide us made the experience a lot better for us.

A safe enjoyable experience.

Onelee Year 6 student


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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Road Safety Committee connecting with Local Government

This story is related to Suggestions to Local Gov for pathway improvements

On Wednesday 13th, the Noranda Primary School P&C Road Safety Committee held their 2nd meeting. The meeting was again attended by the Principal, and interested parents and grandparents.

One strategy the committee has decided to focus on, to help mitigate the road safety issues around our school, is to work towards reducing cars around the school at drop off and pick up times. The committee understand however that if we want to encourage people to use walking, cycling and scooting to get to school, we need to ensure there are safe, accessible and connected pathways from the school catchment area to the school grounds. We also need to look further at how students are accessing the school upon arrival with the goal to keep cars separate from pedestrians and cyclists especially around the front of the school, near the staff carpark.

To investigate improving the pathway in our area, the committee invited the Engineering Manager from the City of Bayswater, Bryce Coelho, to come to the meeting. Bryce said many schools are facing the same issues that Noranda PS are in relation to traffic and parking congestion and are also looking for ways to improve this. He spoke with the group about an initiative of the City of Bayswater called ‘Safe Routes to School’. The Safe Routes to School plan aims to better connect all the schools in the City with their surrounding school catchments, by improving conditions and facilities for pedestrians and bikes along major access routes (including through new path connections, pedestrian-priority street crossings, speed limits and traffic signage).

The committee will continue to work with the City in 2020 to form part of this plan, as we have already identified areas where additional pathways and better connected pathways would ensure our students have a safer way to get to school when walking, cycling and scooting. These pathway improvements would also better encourage students to access the school from Deschamp Reserve, which directly adjoined the school, providing an access where kids and cars are separated.

The next step is to meet with our local ward representative from council to seek funding for these improvements. The student committee will work on ways to promote and encourage students and parents accessing the school from Deschamp Reserve in 2020, using a Park n Walk initiative.

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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Starting a student team and having our first meeting!

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Last week had our first student meeting and had 17 kids come along, however 2 decided to leave which left us with 15.

At the meeting we talked about what the Your Move Program is.

We came up with a name for our student team, which is Noranda Road Safety Committee. We also worked on creating a logo.

A day after that we had our second meeting. In that we did a draw out of a hat to create a final team of 12. Everybody is really happy with our group now.

Last week we also did our first ever hands up survey. We found a lot of people are arriving at school by car. Our goal is to get more people to walk and ride to school in 2020.

By Lily- student committee member

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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Noranda Primary School gets moving

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Recently Noranda Primary School started a Road Safety Community to address the parking and traffic issues around the school at drop off and pick up times. A suggestion was made to encourage more walking and cycling to school, to help reduce the amount of cars. The school decided to join Your Move to help make this happen. One student has written a letter encouraging kids to join a committee to help spread the word and make a difference to the congestion problem. Please see the letter attached. We will be back in touch with an update once we have formed the committee and had our first meeting.

Dear Parent/Guardians
This term we would like to introduce Your Move to the school. Your Move is a program about walking and riding to school. We will be building a student team to run the program. Thanks to Carol-Ann and Mrs Edwards for making this happen.
There is a Your Move Website where the team writes stories on their school page and our earns points with which we can buy lots of products with such as Slap bands, stickers, Bike bells and more.
We are introducing Your Move to the school because lately we have had a lot of people driving and that’s not doing anything to help climate change. We encourage people to park at Deschamp Reserve and walk from there if you live too far away.
If your child is interested in making a difference please get them to sign up to be a committee member.
Student name: _____________________         Room number: _______________
Why are you interested in Your Move?
Please return to Your Move box in room 7.

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