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Robin Gage

Walk Around Australia

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The students in Rooms 7&8 are taking part in Walk Around Australia, a Your Move initiative. The idea behind this activity is to virtually walk around the country while physically tackling the kilometres on the school grounds.

oval.jpg (2)

The students set a goal, learn to map the distance they cover, and virtually explore different parts of the country and the natural environment along the way. Our students are currently “walking“ the Bibbulmun Track.

bushland 2.jpg (1)
bushland 6.jpg (1)

Both classes are loving starting the day with a trek through the bush while learning about this unique and diverse WA track, right on our door step. Thank you Your Move!

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Emma Harris

Walking School Bus - Service Resumes!!

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Well 2020 hasn't quite gone to plan! Our Walking School Bus was cancelled towards the end of Term 1 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. However, this didn't stop our continued community spirit at North Morley. Our 'Green Team' students continued to plan and discuss sustainability goals (including Your Move) during virtual meetings over WebEx whilst we were all working and learning from home.


Then we got the all clear to get the Walking School Bus back up and running and recommenced on Friday 15 May. Just another small step back to normality!


As parents are still required to drop students off at the gates and not enter the school grounds, this has also been a great opportunity to develop independence especially for your younger students.

To ensure our returning families and new families know about our Walking School Bus recommencing we shared this information including our 'bus route' via Connect, our school Facebook page and school newsletter. We already have one new student signed up and eager to join us!!

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Emma Harris

Youth Voice - Dianella BMX Facility

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On Friday 13 March, Joshua and Mitch from the City of Stirling came to consult with our senior primary school students about the proposed Dianella BMX facility.

IMG_8153.jpg (1)

The proposed facility is to be located within the natural terrain of the Dianella Regional Open Space and will be developed in a staged approach. The first stage will include a pump track, viewing space and support infrastructure such as a shelter, drinking fountain and bike racks while Stage Two will include a jump track and skills trail. The City of Stirling was keen to get feedback from the community on the concept plans and was particularly interested to hear from young people about the proposal.

IMG_8267.jpg (1)

North Morley Primary School students in Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 had the opportunity to ask questions about the facility and identify positives and negatives about the proposed pump track, jump track and skills track. Our students were particularly interested in the materials that would be used to make the tracks, and the supporting structures that would keep the adults who accompanied them to the track comfortable, such as chairs and shelters.


It was fantastic to have our students’ voices heard on a local bike facility that they will directly benefit from and that encourages active transport in our community. A huge thank you to Joshua and Mitch for being so pro-active in engaging with our local youth as part of their community consultation.

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Emma Harris

NMPS Ride2School Day!

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WOW!! North Morley Primary School really nailed National Ride2School Day on Friday 13 March. Over a 25% of our school rode bikes or scooters to school. Not to mention the students who walked! From our Hands Up surveys usually 5-10% of our students ride to school - so this is a huge increase. Our Walking School Bus even became the Wheelin' School Bus for the day!

Wheelin School Bus.jpg

We encouraged students to decorate their helmets and bikes to get in the Freaky Friday spirit. Spot prizes (from our YourMove rewards) were handed out to students who made a great effort.


We have never seen our bike cage so full and colourful!! We are so proud of our students' commitment to healthy, active lifestyles and sustainable living.


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Emma Harris

Constable Care Safety School Excursion

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On Friday 6 March 2020, Rooms 7 & 8 went on a road safety excursion to the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands. The students had the opportunity to ride bikes through a simulated streetscape to learn about signage, road rules and road safety. Thank you Ms Davis and Ms Everall for taking the students and to all of the parent helpers who assisted.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 9.42.42 AM.png

This opportunity was given to us through our participation in the Your Move program. Last year North Morley Primary School received a GOLD level rating for all of the active transport that takes place at our school and became eligible for a Connecting Schools grant worth up to $2499!

Thank you to our Walking School Bus parent volunteers and all our wonderful students who remain committed to being healthy and leaving a sustainable world for the future. We look forward to another wonderful year ahead and hope we will unlock another Connecting Schools grant in 2020! Let's go North Morley!!

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Emma Harris

Promoting our WSB 2020

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Hi! My name is Leon and I take the Walking School Bus every Monday and Friday morning. At our first assembly of the year, Sasha and I talked about our WSB to encourage new families to join.

WSB Assembly.jpg (1)

We are really proud to be part of our whole school's sustainability plan and are passionate about encouraging others to take action too!

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Emma Harris

Crazy, busy Term3...but still walking!

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Can't believe Term 3 is almost over! Not sure where the time has gone, but our Walking School Bus has not stopped despite the winter weather and lots of sporting events this term.


We always have keen students who never miss a Walking School Bus even if the weather is wet - check out those smiling faces! We walk twice a week every week....and we have only had to cancel twice this term due to very bad weather. In glorious Perth - you really can run a Walking School Bus easily whatever the weather!!


Even so, we are looking forward to the sunshine and warm mornings in Term 4. Have you started a Walking School Bus yet? The students absolutely love it and parents get some great exercise too!!

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Emma Harris

Active Transport - Part of our Sustainability Journey

This story is related to Your Move presentation to external network meeting

North Morley Primary School had the pleasure of hosting the East Metro Sustainability Network Meeting on Wednesday 26 June. We had the opportunity to share all of the sustainability initiatives we are implementing at school to inspire other local schools and organisations.

Our participation in the Your Move school's program forms a large part of our journey to reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore, as our school's Your Move Champion I was lucky enough to present how our school is involved in the program.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11.03.23 AM.png

The presentation included information about our Walking School Bus, including a short video from our students about the benefits of a WSB to the environment and to them personally.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11.03.39 AM.png

Our sustainability initiatives certainly inspired the members who attended our meeting and I hope those who haven't already signed up to Your Move will consider doing so!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.48.09 AM.png

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Emma Harris

Working together to improve parking issues

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At North Morley Primary School parents, local citizens and our local government - City of Stirling - work together to keep our children safe. This is especially important in regards to parking and flow of traffic around the school at the busy drop off and pick up times.

Like most schools, parking around our school is an ongoing issue. But last year when we were due to have building works commence we anticipated the increased dramas that may ensue and approached the City of Stirling to work with us to reduce parking issues during the construction phase and into the future. This involved updating parking restrictions on one street, requesting more pathways around the school and updating our parking notice to include a 'park and walk' option.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 3.40.49 PM.png

The parking signs were updated almost immediately by City of Stirling following an onsite meeting, we are now on the waitlist for funding for our footpath and the whole process initiated our Walking School Bus which is still in action today! When there is teamwork and collaboration - great things can be achieved!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 3.57.55 PM.png

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Emma Harris

Walk Safely to School Day 2019

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Well the blue sky was out for Walk to School Safely Day at North Morley Primary School. Our Walking School Bus walks every Friday and this term we have started Fume Free Fridays so it was the perfect event to encourage all of our students to get active, save the environment and foster the community spirit! We celebrated with stickers and yummy homemade muffins for all our walkers. Thanks to our super mum volunteers for baking.

Walk to School.jpg

Our students didn't just stop at the walk to school either. It is the start of early morning laps with our PE Teacher to practice for cross-country and we had a fabulous turnout! The kids should definitely be focused and ready to work in the classroom today...

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Robin Gage

Bike to School Day - Term 1, 2019

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To celebrate WA Bike Week, we encouraged our students at North Morley Primary School to ride to school on Thursday 14 March 2019.


Physically active students are healthier, happier and more socially connected. Not to mention bike riding is a pollution-free mode of transport.


It was great to see the bike rack full! Now we look forward to introducing Fume Free Fridays in Term 2 to keep this momentum going!!

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Robin Gage

Clean Up Australia Day and our Walking School Bus

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North Morley Primary School is excited to be part of the City of Stirling’s Living Green Schools Pilot Project this year! All our efforts on Your Move will help us work towards our goal of reducing our school’s carbon footprint.

We kick started the year with our Walking School Bus students and parent volunteers participating in Schools Clean Up Australia Day 2019 on Friday 1 March. The students were really invested in this cause and made a great effort picking up all the rubbish - including all the cigarette butts - on the way to school. Did you know it takes 10-12 years for a cigarette butt to break down?

Clean Up WSB 2.jpg

Our parents then continued this effort cleaning up rubbish in the school grounds. This all leads up to our school’s big waste audit taking place on Friday 8 March.

Clean up - parents.jpg

We are so proud of our WSB crew!

Clean Up WSB 1.jpg

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Robin Gage

Walking School Bus Launch at North Morley

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In preparation for launching a Walking School Bus at North Morley Primary, we surveyed the school community to determine if there was any interest. We had a terrific response and established 3 routes throughout the neighbourhood to accomodate those families that wanted to participate.

Our WSB committee created guidelines for our school, and the number of volunteers we needed to run. One of our families generously donated high vis vests that were printed with our school logo and 'Walking School Bus' on the back. Not only great from a safety perspective but also for promoting this initiative.


On the morning of the launch we were greeted with the first sunny morning for as long as anyone can remember and 18 eager students ready to walk.

We are only in our second week but we already have more families wanting to participate and looking to increase the numbers of days a week that we operate in Term 4.

We are proud to say that there are 15 less cars making the journey each Monday and a growing number of students and parents choosing this healthy alternative of getting to school.

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