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Walk to School

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During the year, we have been trying to promote walk/ride safely to school. We have hosted a fruit breakfast as an initiative to encourage children and families to partake in this event. It has been a hit and children can’t get enough of the juicy fruits!

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Hands Up Survey (1)

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Our student committee created survey forms and distributed them to each class. They were to tally up how many students had walked or cycled/scootered or drove to school that day. They also had to keep this survey slip until our Walk to School Day so we could collect the results and compare the data.

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Dress Your Bike Up

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We ran a Dress Your Bike Up to school day in Term 4 when the weather was better. We had many entries and opened the competition up to all the Kindy - Year 6 students. We held three separate competitions: K-Y1 , Y2 - Y4 and Y5 - Y6. It was a successful day and we managed to get some really creative designs with dressing up bikes. We did also allow students to dress up their scooter too. Every child who participated went into a raffle to win a handful of prizes.

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Student Sustainability Committee

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We developed a student committee to organise and present this year's events. At our first meeting, we created a Connect group with all the teacher and student members to ensure that we had communication outside of face-to-face contact. Next, we decided on our main events we would target this year.

1) Tidy Classroom Award
2) Assembly announcements (fortnightly)
3) Sustainability tips in the newsletter (fortnightly)
4) Whole school announcements over the PA system (weekly)
5) Walk to School Day (join this with Ride Your Bike Day)
6) Include a Dress Your Bike Up

We planned a schedule around who would announce at assembly and over the PA. We each received a schedule and posted this onto our Connect group.

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Getting Started 2019

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Defining our strategies and issues was our first step.

Issues include:

  • Families living out of zone, hence longer travel distance
  • Safety of riding, walking or cycling to school
  • Parents feeling it is unsafe
  • Weather may not permit
  • Sufficient storage facilities for bikes and scooters
  • Students unsure of their path to school

Benefits include:

  • Children travelling to school together (walking, cycling or riding) to ensure safety
  • Building our YourMove points to redeem more storage shelters
  • Children learn mapping skills through mapping their path to school

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