Golden Sneaker

Maria Clapsis

We have a "Golden Sneaker" award presented at each assembly. The team collect data on random days and any child who walked or rode to school has their name entered into our next draw at the assembly. The winner gets to keep the "Golden Sneaker" in their classroom for the next fortnight, pick a prize from the container of goodies as well as being the person to draw the next winner in a fortnights time.

I gave the "Golden Sneaker" a make over this year - check it out in our photo!


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What a brilliant idea!

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Thanks Julie

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Such a good way to get the whole school thinking about active travelling on a regular basis!

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Thanks for sharing Maria! I so love that the Golden Sneaker is still going strong at Phoenix Primary School! Love the comfy cushion it sits on too. What a prestigious trophy to win! Maybe all schools should have one?

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Thanks ladies - I've taken a better photo of the Golden Sneaker. Katy - it's base is from a cat scratching post!

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