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QEIIMC Active Commuter Breakfast '18

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Another year, another Active Commuter Breakfast at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre! Along with cyclists, we invite all active commuters. Walkers, runners and llama riders are also encouraged to join us. Disappointingly however, none of the latter attended, despite our designated llama parking spaces. We live in hope.

We had a fantastic turn out with around 170 registrations, boosted this year from welcoming staff from the new Perth Children’s Hospital and Telethon Kid’s Institute to campus. Combined, they accounted for 31% of registrations so made a great showing for their first year joining us! As usual our largest tenant, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, dominated with 39% of registrations.

It is always great to have such a mix of tenants and departments in one room. These staff wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to interact despite sharing the common interest of cycling, walking or running. We always get to see a great representation from every corner of the medical centre from nurses and physios, to cardiologists and pharmacists, to pathologists and research scientists, to engineers and technicians, to communications and finance staff!

Staff mingled, raffle prizes were won, food was eaten, coffee was downed (somewhat desperately as the long work day loomed) and some of the people in the above photo felt so virtuous about participating they apparently dissolved into heavenly light…

And now we look forward to next year!

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Spot the difference at the QEIIMC (hint: it’s a bike shelter!)

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Bike Shelter completed.jpg (1)

Can you spot the difference between these two sets of photos? Zero points for ‘the cars have changed’, ‘the weather was nicer’ or ‘an analysis of the image metadata and the shadow patterns have led me to conclude that the earlier photos were taken at approximately 08:34:16 AM, while the later photos were taken at approximately 10:43:32 AM a full 7 months later’. Ok points if you said the last one...

An abandoned shipping crate and desolate sand patch have been transformed into a spectacular new bike shelter! These 46 spaces will soon accommodate some of the bikes overflowing into garden beds at nearby locations where existing racks are quickly at capacity (as evidenced in my last, thrilling external QEIIMC bike parking update). The shelter is located close to UWA buildings on campus where bike racks see a lot of student use, and is also near to the PCH entrance.

If you have your glasses on you might be able to spot one, lonely bike already enjoying the shade. Hurrah! Since these photos were taken we have also had solar lighting installed to ensure the shelter is nice and welcoming, even through the swirling grey mists of dawn or creeping shadows of sunset. Our next step is to ramp up advertising and wayfinding to redirect people from the full racks to the new shelter.

I am also happy to report that on Wednesday, 21/03/18 we held a Bike to Work Breakfast with over 60 staff from a diverse range of tenants and department on the QEIIMC campus. No photos sadly, as the food was eaten and the guests long gone before I was awake enough to ponder the notion of documenting the event!

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

The QEIIMC Trust is Against Toast*

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Bike rack location 1.jpg (1)
Bike rack location 2.jpg (1)

Against toaster bike racks that is! We have been mounting a gradual campaign against the archaic toaster rack scourge on our campus in order to provide improved external bike parking options as the warmer weather sets in. Although many of the tenants at the QEIIMC have secure, internal facilities for staff, we still have a large number of visitors and students who cycle to the campus. In order to better facilitate and encourage this we are upgrading our racks. The new racks are more supportive, allow for more secure locking, have provided an increased number of bike parking spaces, facilitate a greater variety of bike styles and are fixed to the ground.

Anecdotally (and photographically), there does seem to be an increase in use since installation, perhaps partly due to users now flocking to these shiny new racks over other, toast rack blighted locations. We’ll get them all one day!

Photos of the two, newly toast-free locations included above.** You can see we are also having issues with the racks already being over capacity and nearby garden beds, signs posts, benches and fire hydrants (yikes) are suffering as students find admirably creative solutions. More to come soon on an in progress solution to that problem…

*No discrimination towards toasted bread products intended. Especially this close to lunch.

**Please note that these images may have been slightly manipulated in order to foster an enhanced sense drama.

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

QEIIMC Active Commuter Breakfast '17

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2017 breakfast montage.png

The annual Active Commuter Breakfast was held at the QEIIMC this morning with a fantastic turn out of around 70 keen (and hungry) staff. These breakfasts are held in the spirit of Ride2Work Wednesday however the invitations have recently been expanded to include staff who walk or run to campus. This event a fantastic opportunity to both reward, and engage with our passionate active commuters, as we provide updates and receive insightful feedback regarding pedestrian and cycle infrastructure on and around the QEIIMC. We also encouraged guests to mark their route to the QEIIMC creating an interesting map of active commuters from every corner of Perth. Our guests enjoyed some yummy breakfast options and much needed caffeine, along with an opportunity to win prizes and snaffle up some great active transport themed merchandise. A big hit this year were some snazzy Your Move water bottles!

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

TravelSmart Coordinator

QEIIMC TravelSmart is pleased to announce that our existing bike hire scheme has been expanded. Due to popular demand, we have added an E-bike to our Home Commuter Scheme. All staff at the QEIIMC interested in trialling an e-bike for their ride to and from work can add their name to the waiting list. Each interested person will be offered an opportunity of a two week hire period. Nothing to pay, only a deposit, which is fully refundable.


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