Every day, thousands of people around Perth are swapping car trips for walking, riding a bike or catching public transport.

They're finding they can fit more physical activity into their daily schedule, find extra productive time, spend time with their family, and save money while arriving less stressed and ready for the day.

The space required to fit a full bus, compared to the same number of people on bikes and in cars.

More and more people are choosing to beat the traffic and plan ahead to reduce how much wasted time they spend stuck in the car. For more detailed info on using public transport in Perth, see our guide on Getting Around Perth with Public Transport.

With regular bus routes servicing many suburbs in the metro area, getting to the train station, the shops, or work has never been easier.

In the Perth metro area

  • 15% of car trips taken are less than 1km long (a 10 minute walk)
  • 42% are less than 3km long (10 minutes by bike)
  • 78% are less than 10km long (usually to centres served by public transport)

Beat the traffic trap

You can avoid congestion while helping to reduce it. The more we switch trips to walking, riding a bike or public transport, the more we will ease congestion on our roads and contribute to a healthier, more active community. As you can see from the picture below, travelling by bus, bike or on foot takes up much less space than cars do.

Boost your health

Choosing to walk, ride your bike or use public transport is a great way to fit some exercise into your day while getting where you need to go. Every minute counts, so a walk to the bus stop or ride to the local shops can get you on the path to better health.


Studies have shown that time spent stuck in traffic is a major cause of stress in people’s lives. Not only can avoiding traffic help you de-stress, walking or riding your bike at the end of the day can help you to unwind. You can also relax on the bus or train by reading a book or browsing on your phone, or even use it for productive time and prepare for meetings.

Save time and combine trips

When thinking about how you get around, add up how many car trips you make. How could some of these trips be swapped for active travel options like walking, riding a bike or using public transport? You might be able to pick up the milk and paper while visiting the post office, or perhaps do some food shopping on the way back from work, saving you time and money.

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