Please note: This case study refers to the TravelSmart program, which is now re-branded Your Move through which we continue to support workplace action.

“Our main focus is to drive the culture change required to get people out of cars and into active modes of transport, making sure we have the policies and infrastructure to support the change. The benefits to our students and staff are not only evident in the fitness and wellbeing of our community, but also allow the financial savings to our students, and reduce pressure on our car parking.”

– Hamish Cotton, Chair of the Active Transport Management Group


Edith Cowan University’s Transport Management Group is made up of key stakeholders from across the organisation who aim to influence the travel behaviour of students and staff by enabling the use of active and sustainable transport modes.


Implementation of the University’s Integrated Transport Plan (2003) and Workplace Travel Plan (2013), including:

  • Education about the University’s active and sustainable transport options through events, publications, and internal staff promotions.
  • Changes to student and staff orientation, training and induction processes to include active and sustainable transport information.
  • Planning and provision of active and sustainable infrastructure, including end-of-trip facilities, bike fix-it stations, safe bus shelters, pathways, bicycle lanes and Corporate SmartRiders.


The 2014 Active Travel Survey indicated that students have been active travelling to and from campuses at least half of the time since 2012.

  • 26% of all staff trips in 2014 made by active transport modes.
  • Use of Corporate SmartRiders (as an alternative to fleet vehicle booking) increased 50% in 2014.
  • End-of-trip facilities included in all new buildings at the design phase.
  • Entrenchment of an active transport culture within the broader ECU community.
  • Winner of the TravelSmart Achieve Award category in 2014.

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