With more and more people moving to Perth every day, our roads are struggling to keep traffic flowing. The good news is you can save money on fuel and parking and avoid sitting in traffic by taking public transport instead of driving. It’s usually easier than driving a car, especially in congested areas like the CBD where parking is limited. Plus, you’ll get more exercise along the way and have more time to read, relax, chat with a friend or catch up on the latest news on your tablet or smartphone.


Transperth App

The free Transperth App for iOS and Android shows the latest bus, train and ferry information within the Perth metro area. Download the Transperth app here.

Free SMS service

Transperth offers a free SMS service to send you the next train, bus or ferry services near your specified location. Just SMS the five-digit stop number to 13 62 13. For Trains, SMS the stop number or the first three letters of the train line (e.g. FRE), followed by the first three letters of the station (e.g. SUB).

Tag on or buy your ticket

Transperth uses a zone system – basically, the distance you travel between zone bands determines the cost, and the integrated ticketing system means tickets can be used across all modes. There are two types of ticketing for Transperth services - Smartriders or cash tickets. With a valid ticket you can use any combination of bus, train and ferry services for up to 3 hours of travel.

Using a SmartRider ensures you have the lowest possible fare for your trip and you even get an amazing..

25% discount if you register it and set up ‘Autoload’ – a direct debit from your bank account or credit card.

You can buy a SmartRider card from any Transperth InfoCentre or SmartRider retail sales outlet. For more information and FAQs click on the ‘SmartRider’ tab on the Transperth website, or call the InfoLine on 13 62 13.

Transperth also offers a special FamilyRider for unlimited travel for up to seven people during evenings, weekends, public holidays, and after 8:30am on school holidays.
Click here to find out more information about fares.

Getting to the train station

We’ve found many people come from homes less than 3kms away, a distance that is easily travelled as a relaxing ten minute bike ride or a 25 minute walk. An earlier start, a connecting bus, walking, or riding your bike to the station are all great ways to avoid parking hassles, save money and find time to be active.

Perth Free Transit Zone

Transperth CAT bus services in the central area are free. The Free Transit Zone logo on bus stops identifies the boundaries of the zone, and if you start and finish within the zone, you can ride the bus without buying a ticket. See a map and find out more about the CAT bus network here:

Bikes and public transport

There is secure bike parking at most stations. At most times, you are welcome to bring your bike with you anywhere on the train network. The exceptions are the three city stations during morning and afternoon peak times, inbound trains during the morning peak, and outbound trains during the afternoon peak.

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