The Heart Foundation has two pool bikes for staff to provide an easy way for staff to get more exercise in their day as they travel for work. 

“The pool bikes have been great in kick-starting conversations about active travel,” said Hannah Tarrant, Heart Health Officer at the Heart Foundation. “We’re in a central location here, so there’s plenty of times when jumping on a bike to get to a meeting is a quick and easy option.

“We make it really easy to take the bike instead of a pool car. The pool bikes can be booked through a calendar on Outlook, the same as the pool cars. The bikes are stored in secure bike facilities, with lockers and showers available if people need them after longer journeys,” said Hannah.

Each bike comes with the accessories needed to jump on a pool bike easily: helmets, locks, lights, panniers and local maps. Staff can use the bikes to travel to nearby meetings, to the Subiaco train station, or to events.

The Heart Foundation has also run bike maintenance workshops to build confidence in bike skills. A local bike shop provides discounted servicing to ensure bikes are always safe to use.

“We want them to feel comfortable in jumping on the bike and knowing the procedures to follow if there are any problems,” said Hannah. 

The Heart Foundation is running a Health and Wellbeing incentive, with monthly incentives for staff who choose active travel. Each month a workplace champion is rewarded for their commitment to active travel. They are invited to log-on to the Your Move Rewards Shop and choose a prize.

PARKing day, where all staff parking bays are turned into a miniature park for the day, is another innovative way that Heart Foundation promotes awareness for active travel.

“We create a dynamic environment for a day that supports active living, and encourages using pool bikes instead of pool cars,” said Hannah.

The Heart Foundation also continues to promote the pool bikes through monthly incentives and staff promotions.


Read more if you are interested in setting up pool bikes at your workplace.

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