A SmartRider easily enables you to travel on any Transperth bus, train or ferry service and will take the guess work out of fares by calculating the lowest fare for each journey. All you have to do is tag on and off every bus trip and at every train station or ferry jetty. Using a SmartRider is 10% cheaper than a cash ticket, and if you sign up to Autload that discount jumps to 20%.

Transperth recommends registering your SmartRider.

It only takes 5 minutes but by doing so you can:

  • Set up Autoload and save up to 20% on fares
  • Register for access to secure bike shelters
  • Protect the balance on your SmartRider if you lose it
  • View your transaction history
  • Pay for car parking at any Transperth train station using ‘SmartParker’.

Download our handy guide below for step by step instructions on How to register Your SmartRider.


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