We are so lucky in Perth – our fair weather and generally flat landscape makes cycling a great option for many trips. Local streets, bicycle lanes on roads and shared paths provide a network of cycle routes.

So it is unsurprising that more and more people in Perth are choosing the bicycle as cheap and active way to get to and from work. Would you have guessed that the average ride to work trip is about 11km - an easy 45 minute ride (going at a leisurely pace of 15-20km/h)? It may be even shorter for you!

Great ideas to get you started

Get the gear and stay safe - If your bike’s been gathering dust, take it to a bike shop and get it serviced. Make sure you have a helmet, pump, repair kit and use a bike light if riding at night. Always keep left on shared paths and roads and clearly signal your intention to turn or stop to others.

Check out Choosing the Right Bike and Staying Safe on Your Bike for more info on this.

Talk to co-workers - Ask the regular riders at work for advice about which paths to use, where to park your bike and where the lockers and showers are. Perhaps take some clothes in a backpack or leave an outfit, shoes and towel at work.

Ease into it - Set yourself a realistic goal by starting off riding in a day or two a week. By building up over time, you're much more unlikely to burn yourself out.

Plan your trip

If you’re new to cycling and interested in riding to work, try testing local cycling routes over a weekend. That way, you can find the route that’s best for you and see how long the trip takes.

In the meantime, check out our Journey Planner to see how your bike can get you there!

Be a Champion

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