Please note: This example refers to the TravelSmart program, which is now merged with the Your Move program through which we continue to support workplace action.

“The uptake has been phenomenal. Previous cyclists are cycling more frequently and there has been a take up of new cyclists (as well as joggers/walkers) and public transport users such that over 75% of the MBS staff are participating. At the office there is definitely more car parking spaces available and healthy, happy looks on the faces of our aspirant cyclists and joggers.”

- Lance Bosch, Managing Director of MBS Environmental


MBS Environmental joined the TravelSmart Workplace program in 2013 and ran a series of TravelSmart events before developing a workplace travel plan.
The travel plan included a range of measures designed to encourage staff to use active and alternative forms of travel to work.

The Frequent Alternative Traveller (FAT) Rewards Scheme developed out of the recognition that for the plan to be successful, MBS needed to provide incentives and support to encourage staff to get on board with TravelSmart.


The FAT Scheme was implemented as part of the workplace travel plan and rewards participants through a points credit system for different modes of transport as follows:

  • Cycling /running/ walking 3 points (one way)
  • Public transport 2 points (one way)
  • Motorbike / scooter / powered bicycle / carpool 1 point (one way)

Each point has a value of 50c and accumulated points can be redeemed in a number of ways, with the focus on promoting smarter and healthier travel e.g.:

  • Purchasing something health related (equipment, apparel, servicing, gym membership, etc.)
  • Purchasing and credit loading SmartRiders for public transport.
  • A contribution towards a charity, that MBS will match.

MBS has supported the scheme through a number of other initiatives, including:

  • Taking out Personal Journey Insurance for all staff which covers for any accident or injury that they may incur whilst travelling to and from work.
  • Providing additional end-of-trip facilities and bicycle tools.
  • Regular information given to staff on cycling routes, public transport news, etc.
  • An up-front bicycle purchase offer that can be repaid through redemption of points.
  • Bonus points in wet and cold winter months.
  • A bike breakfast event attended by the Dismantle Bike Doctor service.


  • Significant uptake by staff – over 75% of staff currently participate.
  • An increased awareness and experience of the benefits of active and alternative travel options.
  • A reduction in the commute times and stress levels of some staff who are cycling.
  • In the last financial year over 10 charities benefited from FAT participants who elected to donate $1,500 worth of points which was then matched by MBS.
  • Car park congestion issues addressed.
  • Happier, healthier staff.
  • MBS continues to embed active and sustainable travel practices into the way they do business through the successful implementation of the Workplace Travel Plan.
  • Won the TravelSmart ‘Innovate’ Award for 2014.

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