Looking for some inspiration to get started on the Your Move journey? We have picked our Top Five activities to build momentum for walking, bike riding, public transport and carpooling in your workplace.


  1. Start a Your Move working group (50 points)

A Your Move working group is a great way to get others on board to run activities to encourage people to make more active travel choices in your workplace.

If you can involve people from different work areas (such as environment, human resources, wellness, building management), you will be able to have greater impact across the organisation.

Read more about how to start a Your Move working group in your workplace.


  1. Run a breakfast event (40 points)

Breakfast (or morning tea, or lunch!) events are a great way to celebrate and reward people who are already commuting by active travel. It demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to an active travel culture, as well as inspiring newbies to give it a go.

Workplaces often hold Bike Breakfast events, there’s no reason that walkers or public transport commuters shouldn’t be invited along. You could hold a one off, annual, or monthly active commuter breakfast – either catered or homecooked!

Breakfast events could be linked in to active travel awards or spot prizes to boost the fun factor.

For some great tips check out our resource running a great breakfast event.  


  1. Provide business SmartRiders (50 points)

Providing business SmartRiders makes catching public transport to meetings easy and can help reduce transport and parking costs, while also helping staff incorporate walking into their day.

Autoloaded SmartRiders ready to go that can be booked (the same as a work vehicle), and returned after the meeting are an easy hassle-free way for staff to use public transport for meetings.

Regularly promoting SmartRiders as a great option for business trips will help keep them front of mind for staff.

Check out our resource on providing office SmartRiders for business trips and our policy template for business SmartRiders.


  1. Promote active travel options to new staff (30 points)

New staff need information about their transport options, such as: details about nearby public transport, end of trip bike facilities, office SmartRiders, and any relevant policies or incentives schemes.

You can include this information in emails, induction packs, presentations at induction sessions or face to face meetings.  

Accrued Your Move points can be used to make an access map for your workplace, which promotes the local walking and cycling routes, and public transport options.


  1. Run an active transport challenge (50 points)

Harnessing people’s competitive spirit is a great way to encourage staff to give active travel a go.

You can tap into existing challenges such as Get On Track, 10 000 Steps, win incentives with Heart Foundation Walking, or create your own challenge for your workplace.

Challenges could be monthly or annual, and can be mode-specific (walking, cycling or public transport only) or across the modes. Challenges can be for things like number of days people left their cars at home, steps walked, or journeys cycled. 

Providing incentives and rewards help engage people in the challenge. Read more about offering incentives in the workplace. 

Check out City of Vincent’s story about their active transport challenge. 


If you’re after more inspiration, check out the activities page for our comprehensive list of suggestions.

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