SmartRiders are a really tangible way that workplaces can provide employees with an incentive to get to work by public transport.

Offering a SmartRider (electronic ticket for Perth’s public transport system) with credit can make public transport a much more attractive choice for employees (grab and go, no cash fares) and can reduce business costs (parking and fleet costs).

By registering their SmartRider card for Autoload (a form of online direct debit) staff receive a 20% discount on fares compared with cash equivalent.

If you are considering providing SmartRiders at your workplace, we suggest you think about your goals and what would meet your workplace needs.

Tips for providing SmartRiders


One-off or time limited incentive

Extended or ongoing incentive


  • Offer a SmartRider with credit to staff when relocating near frequent public transport to assist with the transition
  • Offer staff who drive a SmartRider for a week to try public transport commuting
  • Offer a SmartRider to people with a change in vehicle entitlements
  • Workplace to offer a reward scheme where staff can earn points based on how they get to work. Points can be converted to SmartRider credit. 
  • Locations where parking charges apply can offer staff access to subsidised public transport to and from work if they forego parking privileges
  • Offer a SmartRider with ongoing credit as an alternative to a vehicle entitlement as part of a salary package

How to

  • Determine who can use, what value to offer, how to manage, consider Fringe Benefits Tax liability
  • Purchase cards from retail sales outlet, add value, register and monitor use
  • Seek feedback from users on their trial trips
  • Decide what benefit to offer and to whom, consider administrative arrangements and FBT liability
  • Contact the Public Transport Authority (PTA) if considering regular value add and billing: email 


Meeting all or part of the cost of employee commuting by public transport can incur a tax liability. We suggest seeking expert advice when designing any commuter incentive

  • Include information on taking public transport and SmartRiders in staff inductions and in salary packaging information pack.


  • Keep track of uptake of public transport use through the workplace survey
  • Monitor ongoing users of SmartRiders and the ROI for this option
  • Review at the end of the first year to see if there are any improvements you can make.

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