Small workplaces with twenty employees or less are the largest total employers in Australia.[1] Small organisations can play a big role in encouraging active travel and boosting the health of Western Australians.

Small workplace success factors  

While small organisations may have limited time and resources, they have some great advantages when it comes to encouraging active transport. The flexibility to implement changes, to be responsive and make quick decisions, means small workplaces can get ideas off the ground quickly. Easy to access communication channels and the sense of community create opportunities to influence staff behaviour.

What can smaller organisations do to make a big difference?

Top tips for Your Move success in smaller workplaces:

  1. Consult with your staff. If they when they feel part of process, they are more likely to be engaged. You could add Your Move to your next team meeting agenda and brainstorm what might work at your organisation, or put up a brainstorm poster your staff to add to. Or why not kick start with an active travel morning tea where you can introduce Your Move program.
  1. Start off with the quick wins. While Your Move is a great opportunity to tackle big challenges like parking and fleet management, it’s a good idea to start off small and get some easy runs on the board. You could start with simple activities such as promoting public transport options to staff, travel to your next team meeting together by bike, bus or train, have an Active Travel breakfast, or have a prize draw for all those who travelled by active transport. (Check out all our ideas for activities on the Your Move website.)
  1. Focus on your strengths. Incentives can be a powerful tool in encouraging active travel choices. With fewer staff, maybe offering SmartRiders loaded with $20 or $100 is something to consider, to make it easier to give public transport a go? Could you offer a monthly prize or lunch to those who are walking, riding, or taking public transport?
  1. Build a culture that supports active transport. Workplace culture is easier to influence in a smaller organisation. Have a walking group every Friday, or bring in morning tea once a month for those who use active transport. Perhaps encourage your workplace to have a team in annual events such as HBF Run for a Reason or Ride2Work Day. Small initiatives demonstrate your commitment and build a culture that supports and rewards active travel.
  1. Ensure senior leadership. Senior management leadership for active transport initiatives is essential in a small workplace. Leaders can demonstrate that active travel is a priority in your organisation by taking time to attend Your Move events, handing out certificates or prizes and by walking, cycling or taking public transport to work themselves.

Check out what's happening at Svelto Bikes to be inspired about what a small workplace can do!


 [1] Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015

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