Svelto Bikes, a small company that produces electric bikes, joined Your Move at the beginning of 2018.

After attending their first Your Move forum and getting some inspiration, they organised a pool bike for staff to use for commute and business trips.

Kat Sherwin of Svelto Bikes said they were so enthused after the ‘On Your Bike!’ forum that they organised a pool e-bike for the workplace the next day.

“Without the hassles and red tape of a larger organisation we were able to organise this quickly and easily.”

“Spreading the word about bikes always just comes down to a conversation for us. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.”

“Brad joined the team recently, and he had never been a bike rider. I talked with him and told him how fun I found riding, and he said he’d give it a go. Now if he doesn’t get to ride to work for any reason he feels grumpy and misses his ride.”

“Encouraging riding fits with our core goal as a business. The cooperative is focused on sustainability and changing habits and providing a workplace that increases wellbeing and nourishes people,” said Kat.

When Svelto Bikes staff attend meetings or trade expos they make a point of arriving by bike to endorse their product and to get the word out that bikes are a viable form of transport.

Kat said that the more people that arrive at meetings by bike, the more normal it becomes. For trips of 5kms or less, the e-bike is the obvious choice.


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