The Transperth App provides a really innovative and intuitive user interface that allows you to easily find the next bus, train or ferry from any stop, plan your journey and view it on a map. It has a ‘Watch’ your journey function which graphically counts down to when your service arrives and even allows you to save your favourite journeys for quick access to timetable information.

When planning a journey you will see the time it will take, the exact bus or train connections you need to make, how far you need to walk and fare information with what it will cost you (either cash or SmartRider – 15% or 25% discount). If your not yet set up with SmartRider autoload (a 25% discount) you can still get your SmartRider balance. This is an amazing app, download it today.. and best of all it’s totally free! (and stay tuned for the new version coming soon).

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