Planning a classroom excursion? Looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way of getting there? Transperth might be the answer! Using Transperth’s buses, trains and ferries can significantly reduce travel costs, leaving more money for more class excursions each year. Using public transport also provides other great teaching and learning opportunities around sustainability, safe travel and rights and responsibilities. Visit Get on Board for great lesson ideas and resources.

How can it work for me?

If you can get to your destination via public transport, then the Transperth Education Team can help make the experience easier

Starting Point

Jump onto the Transperth Journey Planner now to find out if your journey is possible via public transport

Option A: You can reach your destination on public transport

If the journey looks doable, the next step is to submit an online Excursion planning help form to engage the services of the Transperth Education Team. The team will get in touch to assist with the following:

  • Provide advice regarding the best journey options to get you from your school and to your excursion destination.
  • Check service capacity to ensure your class will fit safely and comfortably onboard (this is especially important when your journey involves catching a bus).
  • Provide information about the best ticketing option for your outing.
  • Alert network staff of your travel plans so you will be assisted along the way on the day of travel.

Option B: Your journey won’t work on public transport

If you discover that your excursion destination isn’t feasible, but you are still super keen to get your class moving on public transport, below is a list of excursion venues that are within walking distance of the train or ferry.

  • State Library of Western Australia – Perth Station
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia – Perth Station
  • Perth Concert Hall – Perth Station
  • Bell Tower – Elizabeth Quay Station
  • Perth Zoo – Mends St Jetty Ferry Service
  • Western Australian Maritime Museum – Fremantle Station
  • Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum – Fremantle Station
  • Fremantle Prison – Fremantle Station (CAT bus)
  • Spare Parts Puppet Theatre - Fremantle Station
  • Scitech – City West Station
  • Barking Gecko Theatre Company (State Theatre) – Perth Station
  • Subiaco Arts Centre – Daglish Station (10-minute walk)
  • Constable Care Safety School – Maylands Station (8-minute walk)


Travelling by train or ferry only? Then you can purchase a Group Ticket ahead of time. All Group Ticket enquiries must be submitted at least two weeks before your date of intended travel.
Catching a Transperth bus as part of your journey? You will need to purchase cash tickets on the day of your travel, from the bus driver or Ticket Vending Machine. The Transperth Education team can provide you with costing for your journey.

Want to get smarter? Then explore the possibility of getting SmartRiders for your students. You will need to make sure you start the process of getting a SmartRider at least one month before your intended date of travel. See the ‘Excursion, Excursion- The SmartRider Version!’ activity to see how you can go about getting your class SmartRiders and earn points for doing so!

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