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Kaye Henning

Meet Our First Winner!

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Our student leaders were busy during the week leading up to National Ride 2 School Day. They ran a colouring in competition during lunchtimes with the downloadable Freaky Friday poster. The submitted entries were displayed on a board for all to see.


And the winning entry was...


Congratulations! We hope you love using your new ‘Your Move’ water bottle.


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Kaye Henning

Our Soaring Survey

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Wow, the whole school community really has embraced the student leaders Your Move promotion of Fume Free Friday.

The student leaders conducted a hands up survey for March. Our results are improving, yet we still have room for improvement.

Comparing our survey results from February, we have seen a 21% decrease in driving. We have had an 18% increase usage in public transport. We have increased the number of students walking by 21%. We have also witnessed a 62% increase in cycling.

It's amazing to witness the student leaders embrace the challenges associated to making changes in our community. Congratulations Team Rocky Beach!

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Kaye Henning

National Ride 2 School Day

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National Ride 2 School Day was embraced by our community at Rockingham Beach Primary School this morning. We had a lot of students riding to school to receive a raffle ticket.

We also had broadcasting live 98.5 Sonshine FM which partnered with Youth Care who provided free coffees for parents and staff members when they arrived at school.

It was a fabulous atmosphere and Kirste, Mike and Corey were all very taken by our school and commented on numerous occasions about just how joyful the vibe was, how great the kids were and how much the kids enjoyed being at school. Very sincerely, they commented that we were one of the best schools they had been to in a long time and how we had a "special thing going on here".

They loved Stella and Blake's on-air song about Rocky Beach to the tune of "We are family" - how lucky we are to have such enthusiastic students who truly love our school. They articulated all the wonderful work our students do and both were incredibly charming. It was such a delight to listen.

Beaming with cheerful smiles our student leaders greeted their peers and handed out stickers and raffle tickets to our active travellers as they wheeled their bikes and scooters through the school gates.

At lunchtime, the student leaders wrapped up the colouring in competition and chose a winner. The winner entry will be announced at next week's assembly.

Such a fantastic way to start a Friday!

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Kaye Henning

Preparing for National Ride 2 School Day

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Our student leaders have been preparing for the National Ride 2 School Day.

At last week's assembly, we had our first Your Move's winner for Fume Free Friday. Rainer won one of the fabulous Your Move stainless steel drink bottles for walking to school. Our student leaders also announced our participation in the National Ride 2 School Day.

In preparation and advertising for Ride 2 School Day, our leaders have been running a colouring in competition during lunchtimes. Throughout the week, children have been opting to come and join the leaders in the school library.

In hindsight, if we were to do a colouring in competition again, I would give the teachers a copy of the colouring in page so they could distribute it to their class.

There seems to be some very competitive 'colouring-iners' at Rockingham Beach Primary School. Hopefully, they will all be on their bikes tomorrow! Student leaders will announce the winners tomorrow.

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Kaye Henning

Your Move Maps

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After our first Fume Free Friday, our student team placed local Your Move maps of the Rockingham area in staff pigeon holes.The students decided at their previous meeting that they wanted to encourage everyone at RBPS to walk or ride to school. The response from staff was very positive. They were pleasantly surprised at the detail and information on the local map. On reflection, I think that the team need to run a staff hands up survey just to see if we can make a difference and encourage staff to choose to use active transport too.

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Kaye Henning

Fume Free Fridays

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The stormy weather didn't put off our fabulous Your Move Team and students at Rockingham Beach Primary School as we launched our first Fume Free Friday.

Our student team advertised the event by creating posters and putting it across the PA system in the days leading up to Friday. Students handed out raffle tickets to children who battled the storm and rode or walked to school.

The students wrote their names on the tickets and dropped them into the special Your Move box in the library. Lucky tickets will be drawn next week at the school assembly for prizes.

All in all, it was a great start to our Fume Free Fridays. We are so proud of our students at Rockingham Beach as they embraced our new initiative. Keep walking and riding kids!

Rockingham AT day.jpg

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Kaye Henning

Rockingham Beach P.S. Team 2020

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As Rockingham Beach Primary School celebrates it's 125th year this year, we reflect on the growth and embrace the challenge of change. Launching our Your Move student leader initiative has highlighted just that. During our third week of first term, we have formed a Your Move team with Mrs Henning and our student leaders.

Our Your Move team consists of our 12 student leaders and our deputy principal. Our student leader group were concerned with the traffic congestion when they were leaving school during the first week of the school year and brought it to their deputy's attention. After making some enquiries and brainstorming ways to combat this, Your Move program was suggested. The student leader group wanted to run it as so the team was formed.

At the planning meeting, the students discussed how they were going to conduct their first hands up survey. They have divided the classes amongst themselves to collect the data. It will be interesting to see the results of our base line data. Many ideas were discussed and the students decided that they would like to start to promote Fume Free Fridays.

The team is looking forward to a fun filled and active year.

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