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Kate Sampson
St. Benedict's School

St. Bene's Walk to School

Walk 2 school 2018, the best way to start the school day supporting the National Walk to School day and the MOB (Men of St. Benedict's). Perfect conditions allowed 25 families to walk through the early morning Applecross coffee community on the 30 minute walk up ardross street from the Applecross foreshore to the school. A special thankyou goes to those members of the MOB who acted as traffic wardens in the morning and made sure that everybody arrived at school safely.The purpose of the walk was to allow the children to answer some question about their own relationships with their parents and get some exercise as a way of fostering better relationships. An awesome morning by all as you can see by the photo's included. Definitely an initiative that the MOB will continue into next year.


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Kate Sampson
St. Benedict's School

St. Benedict's Student in fundraising ride.

With the Perth Bike Week and Bike Ed taking place at St Bennies, here's a story that may inspire us to get outside and go for a ride.

St. Benedict's Year Five student, Alexander, has just completed Tour de Gracetown on 3/11/18 raising money for the Ladybird Cancer Foundation. Alex was the youngest rider to ever take part, giving up his weekends to train really hard in the lead up to the 60km hilly terrain ride. He rode alongside Australian and Italian professionals who were also supporting this great charity.


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Kate Sampson
St. Benedict's School

Bewdy, it's Bike Ed!

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Our year four and five students at St. Benedict's were very excited to be commencing their Bike Education program this week.

The year five students spent the first part of the lesson demonstrating riding competency. They then moved on to some challenging activities to practice one handed riding skills which will progress into hand signals for stops and turns

IMG_9889.jpg (1)

Our year four students learnt how to complete safety checks on their bikes and demonstrated how to dismount and mount bikes safely. Students then participated in cycling activities to practise balancing and safe stopping


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Kate Sampson
St. Benedict's School

We're Collecting Bikes for Bike Rescue

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St. Benedict's School is collecting old bikes to donate to the 'BikeRescue' Program. In this program participants fully strip and re-build old bikes. Many of the re-built bikes are donated to charity and participants learn valuable skills whilst being supervised by mentors.

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Kate Sampson
St. Benedict's School

Bike Education at St. Benedict's School

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St. Benedict’s School is more bike aware and street smart now that their Year Four and Five students have completed a Bike Education program.
The four week program run by ‘Let’s Ride’, provided a fabulous grounding for students giving them practical experience and knowledge to not only be competent riders but also street wise when it comes to riding on roads and in traffic.
As cycling is an important life-skill that is great for health, fitness and the environment, it is important that the learning continues and is supported at home. That is why parents were invited to a pre-course information morning and were sent regular emails regarding course content and things to try at home.
As a school, we really did encourage children to bring their own bikes to ensure skills and knowledge transferred to everyday situations. A bike mechanic from ‘The Bicycle Entrepreneur’ was provided to ensure all children had safe bikes to ride. One of the great things about this program was that fleet bikes and helmets were provided for those children who were unable to bring in their own equipment. This allowed all children to be equally involved in the program.
Children participated in challenging skills courses to practice things such as emergency breaking, bike balance, power pedal position for quick starts, scanning the area, signalling to other road users, reading traffic signs and understanding road rules. We finished off the program with a fun-filled triathlon and license test to end on a high. We are confident that children came away with valuable life skills that could be used in a variety of settings through-out their whole lives and not just in the classroom. It’s great that children are learning a healthy, safe way to travel that contributes to environmental sustainability.

IMG_0444.JPG (1)
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